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15 minutes ago

Happy Easter from us to YOU! 🐰 at Mentor, Ohio

2 hours ago

#TheFix is really out here changing lives! This just made my whole day. One of my clients bought some for her mom and look at the difference in a MONTH! 😭😭😭😭 I have no words 😢😢 • • • • • • • • • • • • • #Ohio #ohiohair #ohiostylist #ohiohairstylist #ohiobraider #ohiogirl #Columbus #cleveland #cincinatti #Toledo #columbushair #clevelandhair #cincinattihair #toledohair #toledohairstylist #columbushairstylist #hairgrowth #naturalhair #growthserum #frontal #closurewig #closuresewin #frontalwig #frontalsewin #closure #mensbraids #menshair #passiontwists at Toledo, Ohio

18 hours ago

Today was “self care Saturday” in my team page and I took my self care V E R Y seriously 👏🏼😍 Ready for this? By 12pm I had ↓ -ran 12 miles which not only increases my strength and endurance, but also helps me defeat mental hurdles -enjoyed a hot cup of coffee -showered and self tanned, which makes me feel more confident -had a coffee chat with the coaches I mentor, which is a giant bucket filler (all while in a fluffy monogrammed robe because #bougielife) -treated myself to chik-fil-a for brunch How did you take care of yourself today? at Madisonville, Cincinnati

1 day ago

Last year, our little roof deck garden provided us with herbs, tomatoes, and yummy strawberries. Even though hubs tried to talk me out of it, I am going to attempt growing sweet corn in the city this year. 😂😂 (he does know his wife is an Ohio girl, right?) Considering that I have a black thumb, blacker than the depths of Mordor, this’ll be a fun challenge. 🌽 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #roofgarden #growingthings #growyourown #peacebewithyouplants #ohiogirl #cornycorn #kneehighbythefourthofjuly #staytuned at Ranelagh

2 days ago

would like to take a moment and thank the genuis who said put a gas station every few miles because im pushing it to the limit im ready for bed #NC bound #Ohiogirl

2 days ago

“Things you are passionate about are not random. They are your calling.” - @msrachelhollis . 🙌🏽🙌🏽 at Ohio

2 days ago

Taco Chicken is a healthy go to in our house. This recipe is so so simple and can be used in tons of dishes throughout the week for meal prep. Tonight we’re making chicken enchiladas, but it can be used to top salads, stuff tacos or just eat by itself! Ingredients: ▫️Chicken breast ▫️1/2 Taco seasoning packet (I used Mrs. Dash) ▫️1 jar of salsa To make: ▫️Spread a little of the salsa on the bottom of your crock pot (just enough to cover the bottom) ▫️Place chicken breast on top ▫️Sprinkle about half of your taco seasoning packet on chicken, then add the rest of the salsa ▫️Cook on low for 6-8 hours ▫️Shred with fork 🍹Make margaritas & live your best life

2 days ago

〰️Make income while making an impact〰️ . Literally working my coach business here on the coach and reading this fantastic, motivating book by @keithdcallahan . . If I can inspire others to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle I’ve accomplished so much, but the fact i literally get paid to do it is the icing on the cake! . Adding 10 new boss babes to our squad if you are interested fill out the link in my bio, or DM me! . #bossbabe at Ohio

2 days ago

This chocolate bar is the size of a laptop and weighs 10 times as much. I break some off when I am making hot chocolate, desserts, or just need some self love 😂 at Tremont, Cleveland

3 days ago

I’ve never wanted shots so bad in my life. Or have I ever been excited to get them. Praying these allergy shots give me some relief.

3 days ago

‪Client Results Alert 🚨: a friend of mine edges were ripped out after using lace glue from her frontal and since then has been using #TheFix for the last month and a half to grow them back and literally I cannot even say anything because I’m completely speechless but happy my product was able to help! Preorders for #TheFix end Sunday! ‬ • • • • • • • • • • • • • #Ohio #ohiohair #ohiostylist #ohiohairstylist #ohiobraider #ohiogirl #Columbus #cleveland #cincinatti #Toledo #columbushair #clevelandhair #cincinattihair #toledohair #toledohairstylist #columbushairstylist #hairgrowth #naturalhair #growthserum #frontal #closurewig #closuresewin #frontalwig #frontalsewin #closure #mensbraids #menshair #passiontwists

3 days ago

These are the days off I live for. Warm, slight breeze and a book ✌🏻🌤 at Mentor, Ohio

3 days ago

I woke up a half hour past my alarm, which is like 8 hours in morning talk. I had the choice to do my hair or get my work out in and CLEARLY you can see I chose my hair. . . Kidding... Got that sweat in! Goals don’t work unless you do! 👊🏻 at Columbus, Ohio

3 days ago

Yep made them take a pic ... 📸 . They are my reason “why” + their dad (not pictured) The reason I wake up early and workout. The reason I choose to coach and work hard and dream big 💎 . I have big plans for my team and for my future bootcampers. . Are you ready to dream big with us?! Follow the link in my bio and fill out an application or DM ! . #believeyoucan #fitishmom at Ohio