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Portrait of cormorant fisherman on his raft close to Xingping, China. Cormorant fishing is a traditional fishing method in which fishermen use trained cormorants to fish in the rivers. Come and join us later this year and we can enjoy it together! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ China photoworkshop 17-28 october 2019 En www.masterphoto-tours.com Sv www.masterfoto.se 📸 © Patrik Lindqvist 1/400 sec at ƒ / 4,0 at ISO 800 - 150 mm • • • • • #loves_china #wonderful_places #wonderfulworld #amazingdestination #beautiful_world #LonelyPlanet #travel_drops #loves_united_world #magic_marvels #earthfortravel #natgeotravel #guilin #yangshuo #liriver #sunset #goguilin #xingping #guangxi #ofhumans #ig_global_people #splendid_people #igworldclub_people #portraitgoodshot #best_worldportraits #humanity_shots_ #people_infinity #ig_humanplus #insearchofchina #portraitsfromtheworld at Yangshuo

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THE REAL YOU VS INSTA YOU | How much of your 'true self' do you really share on Instagram? I think I'd put it at around 40% for me (although it's hard to quantify). By which I mean, I only share about 40% of my life & myself on here. Whilst I believe I do behave as my real-life self here, I suppose, being honest, it's still through a bit of a filter. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I rely on my words on Instagram. Photography is not my thing. But the thing with words is they allow me a little distance from my emotions. Some time to think before I share. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Conversely, having the time to think whilst I write means I speak in a way I don't in real-life and allows me to voice thoughts I perhaps wouldn't otherwise. There is so much more to me (and you) than it may appear here. My mind and life (and yours) is an incredibly complicated jumble of thoughts and feelings; worries and plans; opinions and emotions. It's a bit like when you overthink an email or message - once you take out a person's body language, it's often hard to tell the true meaning of their words. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I think if we met in real-life, you'd see I am as I appear here, but I hope you'd also find me to be so much more. Because, after all, this app is only about 2% of my day-to-day life. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ How much of your true self do you share? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #fridayfacelessportrait #selfportrait #memyselfandportrait #ofhumans #postitfortheaesthetic #darlingdaily #photosinbetween #slowandglow #slowlivingforlife #embracingaslowerlife #theartofslowliving #themindfulapproach #livemoremagic #aquietmoment #capturequiet #everysquareastory #morningslikethese #insearchofjoy #thatauthenticfeeling #calm_collected #verilymoments #hashtagauthenticbook #hashtagauthentic

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HAPPY FREAKIN FRIDAY! I hope your day is filled with smooshy face kisses, a burrito, and a hot bath because honestly that’s all I can think about after this hellish week 😂🌯🛀🏻 — What do y’all do to destress? I’m taking any and all suggestions!! at U.S. Botanic Garden

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THE HERE BETWEEN Here's to the in-betweens, the here between, to the unknown, to new beginnings. Here's to this space where you were and you're about to be. That moment of transition where you cannot really see where is the bridge to the new you, to your next adventure, without realizing you're already in route. You're already in motion. Here's is to intermediate states. These terrifying spots where you're clearly already far far away from your comfort zone. Here's to all the scary thoughts coming when you are in such places. Here's to the space you're creating to allow new beginnings. To let life breathes and surrender to the great unknown. A place where you control NOTHING but know great changes are ahead. Here's to these moments that require an almost insane trust to truly surrender, to face your fears and let it all out. Here's to that whirling compass that makes your head and heart spinning. Here's to the doors opening to a new world, to the next chapter, to the new version of you. Here's to you following your heart, your bliss. Here’s to rollercoasters. Here's to you feeling your heart beating furiously again. Here's to the Phoenix in you. Here's is to a new series of shining moments. Here's to LIFE. at Death Valley National Park

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Van a hacer 3 meses desde que le hice esta foto a mi hermano y hoy - pensándolo con perspectiva - parece que haya pasado vida y media

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Hello this is @danielkeysphotography taking over portrait salon this week. Today’s images are from a series called astriction. This project is an ongoing series of diptychs dealing with suburban angst, societal anxiety and scenes of a domestic nature. Each Diptych consists of one constructed portrait and one tableau still life. The full essay can be found here: http://www.daniel-keys.co.uk/Astriction1.html#filmisnotdead #filmfeed #shootfilm #theanalogueproject #thefilmcommunity #keepfilmalive #buyfilmnotmegapixels #analoguevibes #sharefilm #filmphotography #fineartphotography #picoftheday #photooftheday #analogphotography #photographylovers #featuremeofh #fstopmagazine #ofhumans #portraitpage #n8zine #discoverportraits#portraitphotography #contemporaryphotography #phornography #oftheafternoon #somewheremagazine #urban #suburban #portraitsalontakeover #pstakeover at London, United Kingdom

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GIVEAWAY!!!!! 💙 To commemorate the World Water Day this year 💧@waterwatch.co will be giving away 50 of their Water Cuff bracelets in order to spread awareness of how crucial it is to have clean, safe water. 10% of the original retail price will be donated all over the world to help the cause of giving clean water to those in need 🌍💙💚 To enter: 1. follow me and @waterwatch.co 2. tag 2 friends in the comment section below! Giveaway ends in March 25th, 2019. Winners will be notified via DM #itstartswithone at Horseshoe Bend

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Lixiang ♡

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(Nothing but) Flowers.

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Tengo ganas de visitar pueblecitos🌿 ¿Alguna recomendación cerca de Barcelona?

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We are super-heroes of our own 🔥

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this picture was taken a year ago (@gingeredspice ) and feels like a decade.. Semester after semester, I eagerly awaited my graduation because I knew what I wanted for my next chapter - to fully integrate my heART and make a life out of my visions. When the time finally came, I felt very frazzled in how to make it as an artist in the real world. Discouraged, I worked an office job for a bit constantly feeling as if I was wasting my time. Luckily it didn’t take long for me to realize that I wasn’t on my path 🌈Great things manifest when you take risks and follow your calling. This past month, I’ve been on a full on heART journey - traveling across the country, trusting the wind.. following open doors and letting it take me where I am supposed to be going. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the loving support of the IG family 🙏🏽♥️✨ thank you all so much for feeding my soul with confidence to spread love and light 🦋⚡️and a special thank you to @luke_schroeder_art for manifesting this journey with me. You all remind me that everyday is a blessing and that life is sweet 🍀💕🔮 • • • • • • #featurehighlight #portrait_mood #portrait_planet #discoverportrait #lovethelifeyoulove #portraitsociety #personalpath #flamgu #earth_portraits #portrait_vision #globe_people #hvmansouls #ofhumans #pr0ject_soul #followyourheart #portraitvisuals #portraitpage #portraitfeed #portraitheart #shineyourlight #findthegood #followyourdreams #portraitgames #lawofattraction #lightwarrior #visionaryartist #motherearth #gratitude #spiritualjourney #theportraitpr0ject at Las Cruces, New Mexico

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Проблемы-это жизненная константа. Попробую объяснить: Счастье приходит от решения проблем. Ключевое слово здесь- «решение». Поверьте действительно счастливый человек не будет внушать себе перед зеркалом, что он счастлив. #fuckmotivationbook . . . . . #vsco #theanalogclub #filmfeed #filmisnotdead #dreamermagazine #tendermag #photocinematica #cinematic #film #apricotmagazine #analoguepeople #etczine #ofhumans #photographsouls #girl #style #streetfashion #ufw #fashion #fashionweek at Kyiv, Ukraine

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Hand Mirror (Reflections I) ••• A bridge of present wonderments, a river of rhythmic memories, distant city lights reveling in the future, God’s tender voice a perpetual wind, all wrapped in reflections; she observes the truth clearly at her palm.

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spent sunset last night running around the hilltops of san fran with luke and @annaaelizabeth 💛 i love that even though we’re both from boston, social media allowed anna and i to connect and meet up for the first time out here in her new home. i have allll the feels lookin’ through these sneak peeks this morning! ☺️ at San Francisco, California