Officialtoddler Photos & Videos

3 days ago

Isabella turned 1 😍 Mummy can now relax and have a normal nights sleep 😅

6 days ago

The moment Izzy was done with the cake 😅 • Crown, Bracelet, Necklace @sweetgigglygoo use SGG10 at checkout 💕

9 days ago

BIRTHDAY QUEEN 👑 You’ve only been in my life for 2 short years but I can’t even imagine life without you now. Full of so much sass and happiness, you fill my world with pure joy. I love being your mommy 💕 HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY BABYGIRL! 👸🏽 #officialtoddler at Austin, Texas

1 month ago

She is officially a toddler 😭 Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet little girl who was born at 5:18 am in our jacuzzi tub at our last home and was 6lb 6oz/19 in!!!! Harmony-joy has brought so much joy to my life and has enriched it more than I could imagine! She is a walker, so goofy, her smile is contagious, and she definitely acts like a toddler 🤣 #HarmonyJoyPriscilla #officialtoddler #oneyearold #birthdaygirl

2 months ago

#reasonsmykidiscrying She's mad that I'm eating my own pb&j after she got done eating hers. 😑.. *stares longingly* ............mmmmMMMm! 😂 she's ridiculous. And the dramatic fall when I wouldn't give it to her. Yeah, Lilyanne's officially a toddler. #toddlerproblems #officialtoddler #funnykids #funnybabies #funnytoddlers #funnybaby #funnybabyvideos #cutebabies #cutetoddlers #14monthold #14monthsold #1yearold #babygirl #funnykid #tantrum #angrykid #angrybaby #throwingafit #madkid #madatmommy

2 months ago

It's official... My wee man is 18 months... He no longer uses bottles of pacifier and we're trying to interduce him to the potty..I can't 😭😭❤️ #officialtoddler #18months #bigboy #myweeman

2 months ago

Happy 1st Birthday Mi Amor 🎈 "Todos te estaban esperando El viento cantaba bailando Las olas se levantaron de sus sillas Y los caracoles te esperaban en la orilla También te esperaban en la arena Desde los animalitos más chiquitos, hasta las ballenas Las estrellas se veían a plena luz del día Porque te esperaban para hacerte compania" Thank You Lord : Kenjii Luani 12 Months ❤ #KenjiiLuani #MyBlessing  #KenjiiBaby #Loved  #Kenjiito #HappyBirthday #OfficialToddler #Grateful #12Months #TeAmoMillones #LetGo #LetGod  #LyricsMilo #Calle13 #Residente  #BabyPicsApp

3 months ago

Today is this amazing little man’s 2nd birthday!!! being a mama to this sweet soul for the past two years has been the greatest blessing I could have ever asked for. I honestly didn’t know the capacity of my love until Micah was born and now it’s like a burning fire that keeps me fully fueled and warm. • One of my greatest dreams growing up was to be a mama, to show my kids unconditional love and acceptance, to be their rock and their superhero. Now I really get to do that, and the coolest part is that Micah gets to benefit as I get better as a human and better for him as a parent. • Happy birthday little man. The world is a better place because you are in it. ♥️🌹 #babybean #twoyears #officialtoddler #happybirthday #ilu

6 months ago

Unser Sonnenschein, vor einem Jahr bist du auf die Welt gekommen und hast unser Leben auf den Kopf gestellt! Du bist das Schönste Geschenk des Lebens mit all' den wundervollen, lustigen aber auch traurigen Momenten. Wir lieben dich so sehr und werden alles tun um dich immer Lachen zu sehen! Happy Birthday, kleiner Mann! #nofilterneeded #birthday #officialtoddler at Krankenhaus Böblingen

6 months ago

PJ-from-the-blog has brought us much excitement this weekend as she took her first steps. Every time it happens, we whoop and cheer and she looks at us like we're complete and utter nutters But, less of that because I promised more food talk today, even though I'm still struggling with my friggin wisdom tooth. I'd like to pretend today has been full of fine food (like last Sunday at @thistledowncafe which is where this picture was taken) but I'm far too open and honest to do that No, today started with breakfast baps at Cafe Boho in The Suffolks before getting absolutely sodden wet at the street market (there's something about The Suffolk Street Market that nearly always curses the weather). And then after doing the food shop we put a couple of Chicago Town pepperoni pizzas in the oven and wondered if they would taste as good as our student days. They did. Might try a pasta in sauce packet next week with a slice of toast, buttered and sprinkled with garlic salt 🤣. What was your go-to student meal? #food #foodie #fdblogger #honeybourneline #cheltenham #studentfood #studentmeal #unidays #chicagotownpizza #pizza #macncheese #walking #toddler #officialtoddler #foodnostalgia #nostalgicfood #cheesypasta #baby #thistledownfarm #nympsfield #pastainsauce #garlicbread #familyday #wisdomtooth at Thistledown Farm & Café

6 months ago

You guys! This guy is 14 months old today, and he’s walking! He says lots of words, he’s eating like a pro, walking, and he can point to his nose and his eyes. I love my little buddy and enjoy our time alone during the days when Amelia is at school and daddy is at work. He’s so funny I can’t even stand it 😜 . . . . . . #williamgunner #momswithcameras #toddlersofinstagram #cameramama #momtogs #magicofchildhood #candidchildhood #letthembelittle #letthekids #thehappynow #puremichigan #14monthsold #walking #officialtoddler

6 months ago

Today my baby boy turn 2. Two years of cheeky smiles and manic giggles. Two years of hugs and kisses. Two years of watching my tiny baby grow into a cheeky, kind hearted little boy. I love the way being outdoors fills him with such spirit. I love watching him sit back and relax, guitar in hand and just sing whatever is on his mind. I love watching the way his face lights up whenever he plays with other kids. I am so proud of him and the person he is becoming each and every day. There’s nothing I love more than being his Mama. Happy birthday little man! You are so incredibly loved 😘 #birthdayboy #proudmummy #officialtoddler #myworld

8 months ago

Birthday Note from Momma, when we were both down with a cold and stayed home all day. Dear Thea, i pray that your little feet take you far in life, pray that your chubby hands do you good work, pray that your mini eyes see deep beyond, pray that your cute ears hear the birds chirping and your tiny nose smells the roses by the many roads that you will take.. Pray that your heart will be as gold as can be... Momma loves you dearly, happy first birthday, my little girl. #officialtoddler #babynomore #2.5teeth #firstyeardown

8 months ago

From baby to toddler overnight?!? How does this even happen?? 😭😭 We had our 12 month checkup today... Sweet boy had to get three shots and a finger prick 😢😢 But we made it and we’re just thankful for a perfectly healthy one year old! Gavin weighs 21 lbs, has 4 teeth, can stand up on his own but hasn’t started taking steps yet, he can wave bye bye, play pat-a-Cake, and peek-a-boo. So far he is saying bye bye and boo. Oh and he can shake his head no, which I think is the cutest thing ever! 😂 He loves to eat, literally anything and everything that you will let him... He is developing such a personality... He is very determined, brave, and curious.. He loves to jump, climb, and explore... He is all boy! 💙 He loves playing outside, loves all animals so far, and loves his momma most of all... 💗 He is growing and changing so much, every single day! #oneyearold #frombabytotoddler #officialtoddler #growinguptoofast