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How do you honor YOUR space? It looks like I will be living on a sailboat this summer in the Hamptons. The amazing man who is leasing me the boat said this sailboat saved his life. All I can think about is how I can give this abode all of the love it deserves and preserve its magic. A throw pillow here, a conversation over rose’ there, my book that begs to be written on the stern, a night sleeping under the stars at the bow. BUT... to truly honor anything, you must start with your most prized home, your body. Come to Project by Equinox today at 1:30pm for some DAMN GOOD YOGA and we can re-decorate your interiors and your exteriors so you can sail through your Sunday! #damngoodyoga #damngoodyoganyc #byoga #byogahive #nyc #yogagirl #maderaslife #thefuturehasnoformat #pinchamayurasana #pincha #showgirlyogi

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They say great things come an end, and unfortunately this weekend is no different. One trip. One city. One huge adventure. One group of people. One amazing time! But most importantly, One “Family”... The Foster’s!! This weekend was One awesome experience!! #WereTheFosters #NYC #TripOfALifetime #Family

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Get your tickets now! From the Classic Gangster Movies Scarface and Carlitos Way. The hilarious CHI “CHI GET THE YAYO!” @angelsalazarchichi Wednesday March 21st Edwardo Infante Product Of evolutions & Latin Kitchen Present POE Comedy & a one night only special event! Hosted by Super funny @marshallbrandon_ (comedycentral/ BETComicView) featuring a Special guest @omarthecomedian (Apollo/One Mic Stand BET) Seating starts at 8pm showtime at 9pm Tickets will be available at @latinkitchenbx @productofevolutions Pre sale $20/ $25 at the door Two drink minimum Tickets on sale now call or text 347-241-4774 #productofevolutions #latinkitchen #comedyshow #angelsalazar #chichigettheyayo #scarface #carlitosway #betcomicview #march #poe #bronx #standup #nyc #queens #manhattan #brooklyn #statenisland @ewa27 @delisious @stevegold_ve @mzdimples1969 @alexandria_rojas_722 @madisonsproductions @amaretto69 @djluchony @latinkitchenbx

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A king showing off his double strand Hematite bracelet by QB ✨ Thank you for your support 💜

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"England Get Out of Ireland" - the Fifth Avenue at St Patrick Day #nyc

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Thanks for having us NYC ... it was amazing as always. New YouTube video will b up shortly. Give it a watch and thumbs it up. Happy Sunday

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Welcome back.

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Thinking of what to #cook this Sunday evening? Why not try our freshly made #ravioli? We guarantee our #pasta will make the entire family wanting more!

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So excited to join the lovely @mintyogini once again in this challenge that derives from the Yoga Sutras. 🕉🙏🏻💗 ||| NEW CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT ||| #yogasutram | March 18-24 . We're proud to announce we're partnering up again to bring you a challenge that dives deep into yoga philosophy! During this challenge, we will explore a daily Yoga Sutra we found especially relevant to the essence, practice, and aim of yoga, and we'll pair it with an asana or practice that we feel illustrates the daily topic. . This challenge is open to all levels and we'll cover a variety of content including philosophy, asana, pranayama (breathing techniques), and dharana (concentration) to enhance your experience and take your yoga practice to the next level! . No prior knowledge of the Yoga Sutras is required. However, you are most welcome and encouraged to read up on the Sutras and share your daily thoughts on the selected sutra (we will be reading!). The Yoga Sutras, compiled by the sage Patanjali prior to 400 CE, are considered to be the foundational text of classical yoga philosophy and they cover the topics of enlightenment, yoga practice (ashtanga, or the eight limbs of yoga), results, and liberation. . . How to play: 🔸Follow and tag all hosts: @sakshiguptayoga @mintyogini . 🔸Follow and tag all sponsors: @onzie @dharmabumsactive @liforme @morpho_jewels @narabellabrand @inspiritcollective . 🔸Repost this flyer and tag a few friends along to play - the more the merrier! . 🔸Make sure your profile is public so you show up in our gallery and we can see your daily posts. Use the #yogasutram hashtag. . 🔸Have fun interacting with your fellow participants! . 🕉For those who like to plan ahead, here's the list of asanas/practices we'll be covering (there will also be a daily sutra to discuss!): 1. Natarajasana (Dancer) 2. Camatkarasana (Wild thing) 3. Sama vritti pranayama (Equal breath) / Nadi sodhana (Alternate Nostril breathing) 4. Inversion of choice 5. Parivrtta janu sirsasana (Revolved head to knee) 6. Japa / Trataka 7. Meditative pose with mudra of choice . . . . @igyogachallenges

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- feels like you’re dining in a cool trailer car & the menu is on a long piece of paper 👌🏼 @dinernyc | 85 broadway, brooklyn

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Primeiro vinagre de caldo de cana do Brasil.... distribuição exclusiva pela A Oliveira Pastas, São Paulo e toda a grande São Paulo!!

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☀️️ ~ 📸 Adeline Neveu

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