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3 hours ago

CALLED BLACK CHILDREN N-WORD AND PULLED A GUN OUT. ALL OVER BIKES, ON THE ROAD. MAKE THIS GO VIRAL FULL STORY IN BIO WARNING ⚠️ - This video contains vulgar offensive content (but must be posted for awareness) ----- The actions of these people are disgraceful. These were children on bicycles on a movement to bring awareness of putting guns down and these racist ADULTS acted as scum of society. This is not ok. These adults should be found. That man should be charged for pulling his firearm on children. Where’s law enforcement? Arresting innocent bike riders instead! This type of person needs to be addressed and held accountable. Reposted from @simmi.di.teacha #wheelsupgunsdown #micsupgunsdown #racism #nword #wsvn #news #breakingnews #racialslurs #racist #miami