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1 day ago

Save The a Date! Next Friday at noon EST, @realfoodliz is going to talk with our team about how she has incorporated safer skincare and better beauty into her nutrition business. Want to join the call? Send me a DM or email and I’ll set you up. . If you’re an NTP or future NTP you won’t want to miss this! . #nutritionaltherapy #ntagrad #futurentp #ntp #nutritionaltherapist #nutritionaltherapypractitioner #nutritionaltherapystudent #nutritionaltherapyconsultant #ntc #nutritionist #healthcoach #wellness #nontoxic #workathomemom #workfromhomemom #cleanbeauty

2 days ago

The best thing about spring/summer is an abundance of fruits. 10 mile cycle ride followed by healthy lunch. Getting fitter by the day 🚲💪 Chicken, King prawn and mango salad with dollops of raita. #lunch #spring #nutrition #chicken #chickensalad #mango #eatwell #norwichfoodie #bridetobe #weightlossjourney #slimmingforthewedding #fruit #salad #healthysalad #healthylifestyle #diet #weightwatchers #weightloss #nutritionaltherapystudent #healthyfood #eat #instafoodie #eatwelllivewell #kingprawns #prawns

3 days ago

CALM * * Without sounding too profound, this week I've felt a real sense of calm that I haven't experienced in quite some time. I can't put my finger on it, I can't explain it, but that's the only way I can try & describe it. I don't know that last weekend was intended to be therapy as such but it's felt like something finally made sense (only taken 32 years ay! 😂) * * Moral of the story...don't ever give up trying & don't ever lose faith...and when you think you might have, take a weekend away in the woods with a group of fabulous ladies to help inspire you & realise that it's ok to be you ☺🤷🏻‍♀️ * * Happy hump day peeps 😘

6 days ago

The photo on the left popped up in my “memories” and my jaw dropped. It’s such a mix of emotions seeing old photos. Partly shock that I had gotten so big, partly pride for the progress I’ve made. I’m never going back. That’s for sure. I’m excited to learn more about health and sprinkle nutritional wisdom everywhere I go. . . . . . . #keto #ketoaf #ketoworks #ketolifestyle #ketogenicdiet #lchf #lowcarbhighfat #lowcarb #ketotransformation #weightlosstransformation #healthyhappygirl #goaldigger #nutritionaltherapystudent #may2019ntastudent

8 days ago

• I’M BAAAAAAACK!! • . I’ve been a little MIA. The stress of work and studying for mid-terms really shot my adrenals. Like, really. . • I didn’t want to get out of bed • Slow starter in the mornings • Couldn’t do simple things like delete junk email • Didn’t want to cook food • Wasn’t giving my plants love • Tired all the time • My apartment looked like a tornado ran through it • Couldn’t think of one idea for social media • You get the idea... . Its crazy what stress can do. I really felt like a different person. My body was giving me plenty of signs to slow down and try to relax but ultimately I wasn’t listening. . Finally, 2 weeks after my midterms, I’m FINALLY feeling normal and motivated to do things! It feels so good! . This all makes me reflect. How will I manage this stress next time? Cuz let’s be honest, finals is gonna be another set of stress...which is less then 2 months away! . I’m going to start a yoga class to get my body and mind relaxed. I’m going to get back into meditation, even if it’s only 5-10 minutes a day. I’m going to start taking hemp oil on the daily. . How do you manage stress?? I’d love to hear your ideas! . #stress #adrenals #nutritionaltherapy #nutritionaltherapystudent #meditation #yoga #relax #breathe #takeabreak #hempoil #cbd #cbg

9 days ago

I'm so happy (and excited) (and a little nervous) to announce that I have officially signed up for the May Nutritional Therapy Association NTC course. Classes officially start May 6th! For the next 9 months, I will be taking my nutritional training to the next level. While I know I have a fantastic foundation with Primal Health Coach Institute, being a Nutritional Therapy Consultant will allow me to work more intensively with my clients! Plus, I'm just really darn excited to learn more! ⁣ ⁣ I've had my sights set on this course for a while, and finally decided it was time to bite the bullet, in spite of my fears. My fears have been holding me back for too long already so it's time for me to face them! Fear that it will be too hard. Fear that I'm not smart enough to hack it. Fear that I will fail. But what's worse than failing? Not even trying! No more holding back! ⁣ ⁣ So here I go! I'm gonna give it all I've got. I'm gonna face fear head-on. I'm gonna try dammit! #ntatraining #nutritionaltherapystudent #nutritionaltherapyconsultant #ntc #dontgiveup #nottryingisfailing #giveityourall#betterforit #primalhealthcoach #paleoapproved at Billings, Montana

11 days ago

Food post! * * Totally getting my mojo back with food...its only taken 2 years! 😂 was working from home today so this wasn't particularly exciting but it hit the spot for a study break. Toasted bagel, hummus, cheese & beetroot with some pistachios & sauerkraut on the side 🙌 random but delicious! Food doesn't have to be fancy to be nutritious, sometimes simple is just as effective ☺

12 days ago

4 weeks til class starts with @ntatraining and I couldn’t be more excited!! We even got a mini assignment today to share what represents wellness to us. I’ll try to keep this short and sweet... I started this #Keto journey almost exactly a year ago, and it has completely flipped my universe on its head. I originally started this to lose some weight for my wedding, and it quickly became apparent to me that Keto was about so much more than weight loss. Sure I lost weight, and continue to lose weight. But the biggest surprise to me, by far, has been the mental health benefits. I feel so much sharper, my depression is GONE, my anxiety isn’t debilitating. I have come out of my shell!! I wake up earlier. I feel like an active participant in my own life now, not just a bystander. I enjoy playing with my kids. My confidence and self-esteem sometimes bubble over, whereas before that pot was empty. A lot of people take drugs (prescribed or other) to feel even half this good. It blows my mind that this is all the result of whole, REAL foods. It’s all so surreal to me. It just proves to me that healing begins on the inside with what you feed yourself. And I guess, to me, that’s wellness. 🙂 . . . . . #may2019NTAstudent #ketoketoaf #ketoworks #ketolifestyle #lchf #lowcarbhighfat #ketogenicdiet #intermittentfasting #realfoodfirst #wholefoods #ancestraldiet #nutritionaltherapystudent

14 days ago

Thought I’d celebrate passing my first exam by breaking my anonymity with a little photo and introducing myself! 😊 I passed, I can’t believe it!!! 🙌🏻This is me... I’m currently studying Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy, in my first year and now half way through. It’s an amazing feeling working towards something I am so interested in, the amount of things we learn in this first year of biomedicine can be overwhelming at times but the mutual support we all have together makes it worthwhile. I started this journey last year and am excited about what the future holds. I’m also nearly at the end of a coaching certificate at Warwick University and have met some amazing people on the course. I’ve realised how powerful coaching can be. For the first time in a long time, I feel I am doing what I want to do in life and feel comfortable in my own skin. It’s takes a while but my advice to anyone in times of uncertainty would be to persevere, timing is everything and will move forward. If you aren’t sure how you’ll ever get through a tough time, have patience, ride the wave and know it is only temporary... you may not have all the answers now but just take care of yourself. Better things are on the way, clear the negativity out and it will happen for you. Things happen for a reason but we don’t need to have all the answers and question why, just be grateful for everything you do have. I believe that if you step out of your comfort zone, life will reward you... and it’s a pretty exciting feeling too 😉 We all have the control to make decisions for ourselves, it’s whether we choose to action those decisions. #nutritionaltherapystudent #coachinglife #lifelessons #gratitude

14 days ago

Empty fridge had me stressed. Tried the #dontoverthinkit approach to my post-workout lunch, using what I had... and you know what? It was freaking DE-LISH. Start with @wildplanetfoods tuna ➕@primalkitchenfoods chipotle mayo ➕leftover veggies ➕small scoop of leftover rice (cooked in bone broth) ➕broccoli sprouts All wrapped in a @gothamgreens lettuce leaf 🥬👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 . . . . . #startwhereyouare #nutritionaltherapystudent #dontoverthinkitchallenge #emfitchallenge #eatrealfood #nutrientdense #nutrientdenselunch #holisticnutrition #cleaneats #ntatraining

14 days ago Or click on link in bio ⬆️ Reaching out to Instagram friends who have teeth or know someone who has teeth 🤔😂I'm posting on another page, see the link above. You probably already know I work as a dental care professional and this is a way to share tips on how to look after your pearly whites. Please follow to spread the word! Hope you're all having a great weekend. I'm currently working on an assignment all about macronutrients.... #nutritionaltherapystudent #studentlife #procrastination

14 days ago

A more casual post for the weekend ☀ ! Nice to meet you followers, I'm Lucy (qualified, registered dental hygienist and therapist), the person behind Dental Health Co. I'm also hugely interested in nutrition, (currently working towards a degree) and looking forward to sharing lots more info with you all. Whatever we put into our bodies makes first contact with our teeth and then goes on to fuel and rebuild every aspect of us, so let's get thinking about some of the choices we make! Thank you for following and supporting Dental Health Co to spread the word for healthy mouths and healthy living 🙏🏻🤸🏽 #teeth #weekendvibes #casualsaturday #workingweekend #nutritionaltherapystudent #healthymakesyouhappy at Haywards Heath

16 days ago

When my kids come out with little words of wisdom, it just blows me away. Going through a little stress recently I apologised to my 23 year old son about having changeable emotions. One day upset, one day angry, another day frustrated. And this is what he said - ‘You do You’ - meaning, do & feel whatever you need to, to get through it. Wow!! Wise words indeed. Makes me feel so proud. 😁 So, you do you 😁 ................ #aip #aipprotocol #autoimmune #autoimmunedisease #hashimotos #hashimotosdisease #paleo #paleouk #paleorecipes #aiprecipes #underactivethyroid #hypothyroidism #health #healthylifestyle #perniciousanaemia #perniciousanemia #urticaria #hives #chronicdisease #guthealth #b12deficiency #adrenalfatigue #autoimmunedisorder #nutritionaltherapy #nutritionaltherapystudent at Chester, Cheshire

16 days ago

One of the things I love most about the Nutritional Therapy Association is how flexible it is. There are certain deadlines of course but for the most part you can work at your own pace. . This week my husband and I are celebrating his 40th birthday in Mexico. 🇲🇽 I was able to get ahead in school the last few weeks so now I can just relax and enjoy vacation without having to bring a bunch of work with me 🙌🏻 . . . . . #nutritionaltherapyassociation #relaxation #yeswayvacay #traveling #exploremore #dowhatyoulovetodo #bodymindspirit #nutritionaltherapystudent #unwinding #happybirthdayhubby #vitaminsea #seavitamin at Akumal; Riviera Maya

18 days ago

Since the snow is finally gone, and the sun has been coming out more regularly, we’ve been getting outside more for fresh air. I took a new book out with me today. It’s a good one! I’ll probably be a hundred pages in by the time I go to sleep tonight. This is required reading for school (which doesn’t start til May 6), but I couldn’t wait!! This book was on my personal book wish list before I had even considered going back to school. . . . . . . . . #keto #ketoaf # #ketobook #fatforfuel #eatfattolosefat #ninateicholz #nutritionaltherapystudent #ntatraining #nutritionaltherapy #nutritionaltherapypractitioner

19 days ago

Although I like to play the part of superwoman part-time, I need to be vulnerable sometimes... and this is one of them. Partway through the blood sugar module for my nutritional therapy program with @ntatraining ... we paired up to be a practice client for a classmate. I had a difficult time filling out my food and mood log because it forced me to write down the food I was putting into my body and my body’s subsequent reaction. I wrote this Email when submitting my food log this weekend because I was wanting to hide things again. I started becoming ashamed of my choices and how it was making my body feel. It was this simple task that forced me to confront something that had been slowly building for a few months: stress is it to blame here, but for awhile I started to lose control with food. It isn’t about the scale, it’s not just my body composition that is troublesome: it’s my energy, lack of focus, the tiredness every day, losing connection with the food I’m eating. All of these things that, before, I battled hard to overcome and set straight. Today was officially day 1 of getting my body back in balance with the right support- grateful for this program for demanding the best of me, and to my classmate/partner for her support as I get back to my roots! . . . . . #ntatraining #nutritionaltherapypractitioner #nutritionaltherapystudent #ntp #holistichealing #holisticnutrition #onaquest #growthmindset #vulnerablepost #weightlossjourney #resolvetoevolve

22 days ago

“What do you love doing so much that the words failure and success essentially become irrelevant” -Elizabeth Gilbert . This is such a great book on unleashing our creative side and how important that is to our wellbeing. And yes we are all creative by nature. Creativity can look like so many different things, hobbies, occupations and interests. It doesn’t necessarily mean arts and crafts. It doesn’t mean that it will be our profession either but it could. Do whatever it is that excites you and peaks your interest and curiosity. For me its painting, music, cooking, gardening, traveling to new places, decorating my home, and of course sharing my love of health and nutrition. . . It seems like the older we get the easier it is to suppress that creativity because we have adult responsibilities, jobs and kids to raise. But doing something you love even for just a few minutes each day can be really fulfilling, energizing, and de stressing. . So go tap in to your creative side, start a new hobby, take an art, dance, music, photography or cooking class, or begin to share your poetry or writings with others. Don’t worry what people think or if you can make money at it, just do it for you! 🖼 🎨 💃 📚 🧳 🏔 📓 ✏️ 🥘 📷 🎶 🌺 🧘‍♀️✈️ . . . . . #bigmagic #bigmagicbook #creativity #dowhatyoulovetodo #creativityunleashed #discoveryourpassion #wellbeing #nutritionaltherapystudent #bodymindspirit #balancedlifestyle #balancedmind #igniteyourfire #ditchthemundane

24 days ago

A patient came in and thanked me today 😊 Sometimes just when you think you aren’t making a difference, the universe decides to throw you a bone! These little moments make my long days as an office manager by day and Nutritional Therapy Student by night worth it. Life is tough people! But if you keep pushing and breaking those limitations it will pay off. Okay before you think I’m crazy, I know it’s just a baked good! The thought is what makes me smile though. 💗 Much love to all you warriors killing it out there each and every day. You’re worth it. #enjoythejourney #enjoyyourself #edrecovery #love #adventure #latenights #worthit #selfworth #people #payoff #redemption #meaning #warrior #selflovewarrior #bakedgoods #appreciate #appreciationpost #nutritionaltherapystudent #water #tough #struggle #smile #spreadthelove #positivity #glutenfree at Kent, Washington

29 days ago

Yesterdays lunch @birdhouseteacompany was incredible 😍 Buddha bowl filled with so much yumminess & a cheeky bit of halloumi on the side. I dont very often venture in to Sheffield but cannot recommend this place enough & will defs go back. Check it out if you're in the area guys! * * Unfortunately our company was less buddha more...🤔...well just 2 year olds who are tired, cant sit still for more than a nano second & dont understand the meaning of a relaxing lunch (rude I know! 🤦‍♀️) however, the staff were incredibly polite, patient & accommodating so THANK YOU!!! We left 2 rather bedraggled but full mummies 😂 also, the cake stash last night was 👌 we survived...just about ay @bekster20 🙈😂

29 days ago

So now eggs 🍳are bad for us AGAIN?! Does anyone notice a pattern with these misleading and incomplete “studies”? 😏 . . Eggs 🥚 can be an extremely healthy part of your diet as long as you don’t have any kind of sensitivity to them of course. They are packed with vitamins, nutrients, and omega-3s. They are a great source of protein and amino acids . BUT the kind of eggs you consume is so important! I used to think buying “cage free” was healthy until I realized what that actually meant. Pasture raised is what to look for and it means the chickens consumed what they were intended to, things like insects, worms, plants & flowers and that they roamed outside for most of the day. Another clue you are getting the best eggs are the color of the yolk. The deeper orange color the better. You can test this out to see for yourself and you will notice low quality eggs have a very pale yellow yolk . Support your local farms and you may find them quite a bit cheaper than grocery stores . Swipe ⬅️ for a more detailed explanation. . . . . . #nutrientdense #pasturedeggs #eattheyolks #eatrightforyou #nutritionaltherapy #cleansimpleeats #intuitiveeating #healthyeatingtips #wellness #eatrealfood #wholefoods #nutritionaltherapystudent #balancedeating #nourishyourself

1 month ago

I wanted to introduce myself & share a little of my story I read my first nutrition 📚 about 14 years ago, shortly after my 1st👶🏻 was born. I was fascinated by the body’s ability to heal naturally. At the time, I didn’t have any major health issues but it was a perfect time for my husband & I to start being more mindful of our diet Several months later, I got pregnant with my 2nd 👶🏻 & my health issues began shortly after delivery. I was sad all the time. My energy was nonexistent yet I felt anxious & wired. I relied heavily on ☕️ just to get me through the day. I got irritated easily. My health was like a domino effect that eventually led to anxiety & panic attacks, emergency gallbladder removal, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, PMS, food sensitivities, hypothyroidism, & a major imbalance in my hormones I went to a family doctor because insurance covered it. He had no answer or explanation but prescribed an anti-depressant. At that point, I already knew way too much about 💊 and how they would mask the symptoms but never heal the root cause. I was convinced that I didn’t suddenly develop an “anti-depressant deficiency”. Clearly something was “off” & I was determined to figure it out. I am extremely stubborn & although I felt terrible, I refused the prescription & sought to find a better solution. I then went into full blown research mode & read anything I could find on natural health. Books, articles, blogs, studies, documentaries, podcasts. It became a passion & a bit of an obsession but what I found was so intriguing It took me a long time to get answers to my health issues, a lot of trial and error & help from many different natural healers. I feel so much better than I did but I’m still a work in progress & tweaking things constantly. I’m also more in tune to my body and realize pretty easily now what works for me & what doesn’t which is 🔑 to healing. I will share more specifics of my healing journey in future posts. I’ve experienced firsthand how diet, supplements & lifestyle changes can make such a difference in health, which is what led me to becoming an NTP. I have a passion for helping others experience their best health and find symptom relief

1 month ago

I haven't been posting much lately as real life has taken over. Biology exams for my Science Access course @ion_nutrition and a brilliant ten week Nutrition in Culinary Practice course this term @leithscooking. In reality, I am cooking every day as my daughter is on a pretty hardcore gluten free, dairy free and no sugar diet and we are cooking everything from scratch🍳👩🏻‍🍳. ——————————— These homemade baked beans are a revelation. My husband is converted. Haricot beans with onion, celery, garlic, tinned tomatoes, smoked paprika, parsley and a tiny dash of @clearspringuk tamari soy and apple cider vinegar instead of Worcester sauce (which is sugar laden). All thanks to @naturedockids #thegoodstuff cookbook. This a total godsend right now. ————–————————— More GF, dairy free, sugar free dishes to please share if you know anyone who would be interested 🙏 * * * * #nutrition #nutritionaltherapy #nutritionaltherapystudent #candidadiet #microbiome #guthealth #sugarfree #glutenfree #dairyfree #homemade #homemadebakedbeans #delicious #cookingadventure #foodinspo #toughtimes #cookingfromscratch #onmytable #healthyfood #familyfoodtribe #teenagetums #sugarineverything #hammersmithkitchen #myhammersmithkitchen at Hammersmith, Hammersmith And Fulham, United Kingdom

1 month ago

Missing all of my friends and amazing instructors and group leaders from this weekend’s @ntatraining second workshop and midterm weekend. Did I tell you that we all passed our midterm exams? We learned so much over this weekend! It is amazing what we will be able to accomplish for our future clients as NTP’s! #ntp #ntatraining #aip #aipdiet #aippaleo #autoimmunepaleo #autoimmuneprotocol #autoimmunediet #autoimmunedisease #hashimotos #hashimotosthyroiditis #hashimotoswarrior #hashimotosmom #lifestyle #chronicillness #nutritionaltherapypractitioner #nutritionaltherapystudent #nutrientdensity

1 month ago

When traveling, ✈️ it’s not always easy to eat clean. I like to pack a variety of healthy snacks like these that help keep me energized and feeling good when I’m away or can’t cook. Not shown, but I also took a variety of nuts and some homemade seed crackers. What are your favorite travel snacks? . . . @bulletproof @justins @alterecosf @greatlakesgelatin . . . . . . #healthysnacks #cleansnacks #travelsnacks #healthylivingtips #healthyeatingideas #eatwholefoods #nutrientdense #wellnesstips #nutritionaltherapystudent

1 month ago

🐂❤️ Beef heart... yep can't believe I just cooked this, ate it and enjoyed it. A fellow NTP, @nourishingthelittles made beef heart jerky at a workshop we went to not too long ago. She didn't tell me this is what it was before I ate the jerky but it was amazing! I tried her recipe yesterday and it turned out really well and my kids even ate it and didn't hate it!⠀ .⠀ Why beef heart? Beef heart and other organ meats are vitamin and nutrient powerhouses with 4x higher in CoQ10 among other nutrients. The most important reason for me to try this was because "like heals like". Many traditions support the idea of using nutrient of animal organs to support our own health. With heart issues running strong in my family, I figure I better start supporting my own heart health!⠀ .⠀ CoQ10 - plays a huge role in energy production and prevention of oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress has been linked to disorders such as Alzheimers, Parkinson's, and heart disease. CoQ10 has also been linked to prevention of migraines, artery health and heart conditions. CoQ10 is available in supplement form, but can more efficiently be obtained from organ meats of animals. Specifically heart, liver and kidney. ⠀ .⠀ Vitamin D - Organ meat also has some of the highest naturally occurring levels of Vitamin D. Vital for Immunity. ⠀ . ⠀ Vitamin B12 - A nutrient that can only be found from animals and not plants. Vital for adequate nerve function and supportive of memory, energy and mood. ⠀ .⠀ Amino Acids - organ meats are high in amino acids, vital for all body function. Heart is also higher in collagen and elastin compared to other meats (even grass fed). Collagen and elastic are needed for joint and connective tissue repair and support. ⠀ .⠀ The list goes on but these are a few of the most important aspect of organ meat benefits. Have you tried any organ meats? Next up for me to try is liver. ⠀ ⠀ #hearthealth #organmeat #offal #vitamind #aminoacids #CoQ10 #healthebody #hearthealthyfoods #diseaseprevention #eatclean #trynewfoods #nutritionaltherapy #nutritionaltherapystudent #wholebodyhealth #supportyourbody #beefheart #beefliver #vitaminb12 #vitamindeficiency

1 month ago

After an interesting nutritional therapy clinic session at UWL, I have time spare and need food! Have lost 6lb so far so not gonna ruin things with junk food. So found this little treasure! A superfood lunch from #pretamanger at #londonVictoria. Beets, falafal, edamame beans, spinach, avocado, broccoli, pomegranate seeds and rice. Delicious #healthy #lunch #healthyfood #superfood #nutritionaltherapystudent #nutrition #enjoyfood #bridetobe #weddingdiet #weightlossjourney #salad #lunchonthego #spinach #beetroot #beets #edamame #pomegranate #vitamins #minerals #avocado #falafel at Pret A Manger Victoria Station

1 month ago

Getting ready to fly ✈️ so that means boosting my immune system. One of my favorite ways is to use essential oils. I ❤️ all essential oils but the Thieves Blend is probably my favorite. Great for a little added protection when exposed to sickness. 😷 I rub a few drops on the soles of my 🦶🏻 every few days during flu season. Thieves Oil Recipe: 40 drops Clove Essential Oil 35 drops Lemon Essential Oil 20 drops Cinnamon Essential Oil 15 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil 10 drops Rosemary Essential Oil Mix in a glass roller ball bottle for easy application . . . . . #essentialoils #thievesessentialoil #immunesystemboost #naturalhealing #prevention #healingoils #healthyliving #balancedhealth #wellness #nutritionaltherapystudent

1 month ago

Hehe... trying not to flinch while spraying cold water in my face! A common symptom of MS is when it gets hot the body gets weak and uncoordinated... very quickly!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I could have just taken my hat off to keep cool but it was acting as a headband and more importantly covering up my roots!!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #wheelchairtennis #lovewheelchairtennis #tennis #lovetennis #overcomingmultiplesclerosis #oms #plantbased #wholefoods #keto #paleo #eft #tapping #radianthealthnutrition #nutritionaltherapystudent #sportspsychologyexpert #keepmoving

1 month ago

We have talked a lot in school about respecting the wisdom of our ancestors. For thousands of years people have been soaking and sprouting their grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes. By doing this, we remove the anti-nutrients that are present in these foods. These anti-nutrients can cause many digestive issues, which explains why so many people can’t tolerate them. Soaking or sprouting can make them much easier to digest. Swipe for a super easy and helpful chart I found at @weedemandreap . . . . . . #nutritionaltherapy #foodtraditions #healthyliving #cleaneats #soakingandsprouting #eatclean #nutritionaltherapystudent #nourishandflourish #foodismedicine #intuitiveeating

2 months ago

Check out this recipe for Freezer Fudge by Kelly LeVeque @bewellbykelly If you are sugar free, they are a great snack or treat that satisfies those cravings without spiking insulin. Although I am not diabetic, my recent labs were not optimal in regards to blood sugar and showed signs of insulin resistance. I’ve been trying to balance my blood sugar the past few months by cutting out all processed sugars and grains and by getting my carbs from foods like winter squashes, veggies, sweet potatoes, and some legumes (soaked first). I also make sure to get plenty of protein and healthy fat with each meal. By making these few changes, I have definitely felt better overall and feel more satisfied after meals, while also reducing some of my symptoms. Sometimes blood sugar issues can look like: feeling fatigued, not being able to go at least 4 hours between meals, feeling jittery, irritable or “hangry” when you miss a meal, and cravings for sweets. There are plenty more but these are some common ones and some that I have experienced in the past. Having balanced blood sugar can make a huge difference in how you feel and function . . . . . #freezerfudge #bewellbykelly #foodfirst #balancedbloodsugar #nutritionaltherapy #nutritionaltherapystudent #healthyliving #eatclean #nutritionheals #eatrightforyou #wholefoods #healthytreats #satisfyingfood #eathealthyfats

2 months ago

Who else loves beets as much as I do? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Beets are high in betaine, an amino acid that supports heart health, detoxification and liver function. I like to make a batch for the week so I can add them to my salads or just eat them plain. Cut them in half, roast at 400° until soft, peel, chop, refrigerate! And don’t throw away those leafy green tops. They are loaded with potassium and are delicious sautéed in a little ghee, lemon juice and s/p. . . . . . #eatthebeets #nutritionaltherapy #realfood #wholefoods #foodfirst #nutritionheals #eatclean #cleaneats #foodismedicine #healthyeatingtips #balancedbody #nutritionaltherapystudent #eatrightforyou

2 months ago

More of the simple Am I clogging up your feed with plain food ideas? NOPE! Simple does not mean tasteless My pregnant gut has been causing me anguish Slow digestion & bloating so 😏 Lunch today was still tasty 2 egg omelette w/ cooked peas 1/2 tomato & cottage cheese (This would also be yummy as a packed lunch box combination) #guthealth #bloating #beatthebloat #digestion #omlette #peas #cottagecheese #protein #fats #veggies #pregnantbelly #quickmealideas #packlunch #balanced #simplefood #nutritionaltherapystudent #tasty

2 months ago

If you are stressed at all (and who isn’t these days), your adrenals could probably use a little boost. Rasa is a great coffee alternative using adaptogenic herbs and healing mushrooms to help bring your body into balance. It tastes like an earthy full bodied tea. I add coconut milk, cinnamon and a tiny bit of honey for a delicious morning drink. Check them out @wearerasa to read more about it! . . . . . #balancedbody #balancedmind #rasakoffee #adrenals #adrenalfatigue #adaptogens #adaptogenicherbs #healingmushrooms #nutritionaltherapy #foodismedicine #nutritionaltherapystudent

2 months ago

We have been talking a lot about bio-individuality in school this past week. We are all so different with our own unique needs and sensitivities. There is no 1 diet, exercise program, supplement or even amount of water we “should” be following or consuming. What is healing to one person could be harmful to another. We must listen to our bodies and be intuitive of what works for us and what doesn’t. I’ve learned that by experience in trying popular diets that worked for so many people but became disappointed and discouraged when it didn’t work for me. So embrace that uniqueness and listen to your body. 😉 . . . . #bioindividuality #healthyeating #eatclean #nutritionaltherapy #nutritionaltherapystudent #foodismedicine #wholefoods #balancedhealth #healthyliving #intuitiveeats #eatrightforyou

2 months ago

What a weekend! Exam first thing on sat morning, felt a bit disheartened afterwards as there were a few questions I couldn’t answer properly. I went into that room knowing I’d done the best I could at this stage, I’d revised as much as I could in the past month leading up to it. It’s a learning curve and I now know I need to study more often as I go along to really learn the foundations after each lecture. I hope I’ve passed but there’s nothing I can do now so will wait and see. I wasn’t the only student who felt this way afterwards, with the volume of information we needed to know, it’s hard to know absolutely every single fact. Our lecturer gave us some wise words yesterday, she told us to always have the end goal in sight. Keep that passion and vision, and remember what we are working towards. Following yesterday’s lecture, I felt so positive and focused. Nothing worth having comes easily in life, hard work and dedication is key to success. Here’s to the next semester 💪🏻 #nutritionaltherapy #biomedicinestudent #nutritionaltherapystudent #exam #dreamcareer #endgoal

2 months ago

This month I started my 9 month course to becoming a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. This is something I have wanted to do for quite a while but the timing never felt right. So I waited.....a long time! This past year I started to feel that “pull” again to follow my passion and within months everything started falling into place. I’m so excited about the things I’m learning about and can’t wait to share with all of you! . . . . . #healthyliving #eathealthy #nutritionaltherapy #foodismedicine #nutritionaltherapyassociation #nutritionaltherapystudent #balancedbody #intuitiveeats

2 months ago

It's not the prettiest picture but it's real life...juggling work, parenting, life admin... creating Instagram perfect meals isn't high on our agenda...but what is, is exploring new recipes, home cooking, ensuring we're all getting a diet varied in essential nutrients. We don't restrict, we don't cut out, we don't deprive ourselves of the things we love. We just enhance it by adding in all the awesome things that could make it just a lil bit better 🤷🏻‍♀️😉 this was spicy minced lamb on naan bread with red peppers, red onion, a cheeky bit of cheese & some salad. Perfect Friday night in food 😁 * * Keep it real beautiful is for the living, food is for enjoying (stole that from someone v.wise 😉)

2 months ago

Last minute glance over some notes before tomorrow. Can’t believe it’s my first exam in the morning, I have butterflies in my tummy which are partly nerves but also a little bit of excitement that this is really happening! Now for a good night’s sleep... as what I don’t know now... (well I should know but nevermind!) Wish me luck 🤞🏻🍀 #biomedicinestudent #examday #nutritionaltherapist #nutritionaltherapystudent