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I’m a little bit nervous to post this tbh. After so many years of feeling ashamed of myself, I’m sitting here on vacation, where hundreds of people might judge me - that’s what my brain is trying to tell me at least. My hair is not done in this picture, I’m in a bathing suit - the most vulnerable clothing to be judged in -, and my posture is probably not right. 🥴 After all my #bodypositivity blogposts, I felt the need to post this. I work-out multiple times a week, cook fresh every single day, eat healthy (but you know: sometimes a little cheat meal is allowed!🤷🏻‍♀️). I try my best to live as healthy as I can. I’m not a size zero and probably never will be because of my bone structure and family history. And that’s ok. Your size doesn’t define your personality. I was always afraid of what people would think of me. You know what ? IT DOESN’T MATTER🤨 And I hope you reach the same point as me on this picture one day: that you love yourself, no matter what people may think of you or what you look like. You are enough the way you are❤️ • • • #boavista #traveldiaries #bodypositive #bblogger #traveller #travelphotography #inspo #loveyourself #inspiration #bodyandsoul #noregrets at Riu Touareg Resort Boa Vista Cape Verde

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‘The Fears you don’t Face become your Limits’ . Being fearful occasionally keeps you safe but most of the time it keeps you trapped. Trapped in the same place, living your life in the safety zone, never fully experiencing anything because you are scared. Scared of what...rejection, failure, embarrassment....these results are far favourable to regret and disappointment. . Face your fears. Not all at once! One at a time. Asses the risk, put your big girl/boy pants on and go have some fun. Dream. Adventure. Be daring. Be bold. Hold your chest up high and know you are worth these moments. You deserve these moments. It’s your destiny to be extraordinarily YOU 💚 . If you fall flat on your face, so be it, it’s then a story, not a regret!! Who knows who may be inspired by that story one day 🤔 . #faceyourfear #dontbelimited #limitless #liveyourbestlife #adventure #bebold #liveyourdreams #noselfdoubt #bedaring #onelife #liveit #noregrets #yogaish #worthing #westsussex #yogaeverydamday #strongyoga #moveeveryday #dreameveryday #liveeveryday #youareenough #youareworthit #whatstheworstthatcouldhappen at Worthing, West Sussex

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Lines 10! This one required a bit more care upon final assembly but they came out well. I don't think that I'll be rushing to make this one again unless I absolutely have to though. The top and bottom blocks are inverted with the coral and orange which I rather liked. Hope everyone has a great weekend, I can't wait to dive into next week's blocks! #trinketsal #trinketquilt #quiltalong2019 #konasolids #quiltalong #paperpiecing #alisonglass #fpp

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Type Yes if this is you. Do not allow others to dictate your actions just because you wish to fit in. Stay true to you, be who you are. You are going to be judged by others no matter what you do so be judged by who you really are. It’s easier being real than being fake, and a lot less stressful. • Like 5 Pics, Double Tap If You Agree and Tag Friends! • Turn On Post Notifications So You Don’t Miss A Single Post! • • • • • • • • • • #loyal #Entrepreneur #Entrepreneurs #Entrepreneurship #Business #BusinessMan #QuoteOfTheDay #SuccessfulDay #BusinessOwner #Work #Successstory #greatness #Passionate #HardWork #Motivational #Motivation #Happiness #dreamchaser #quotesaboutlife #successmindset #millionairemindset #positivevibes #mindsetiseverything #positivequotes #positivethinking #noregrets #manifestation #entrepreneurmindset #winnerscircle

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Saw this while lost in the endless world of #google and I am reminded of @garyvee and the incredible wisdom he shares about regret. We are all going to die. Regardless of how you spend your life ... you won’t be here forever. Some choose to squander their days because of that...who care right? You won’t make it out alive, ya gotta go somehow. Not me. I want my life to be lived with no regrets. I want to love people and leave this world a better place. I want people to miss me...not for me, but for the way I made them feel. I want to use up every ounce of love I can pour out of myself and when my children are looking for examples of kindness, grace, hard work, authenticity, and integrity ... I want to be the first name they think of. #noregrets

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Теперь я с брекетами! И не только для красивой улыбки, но и с мыслью о процессах старения. Ведь на самом деле строение зубочелюстной системы сильно влияет на внешний вид и процессы старения. Если нижняя челюсть маленькая, то очень рано сформируются брыли и носогубки. Девушкам с мощной нижней челюстью птоз долго не будет грозить, при отсутствие 6-7-8 идёт западение щек, формирование глубоких морщин в этой области. И так далее, так что сначала зубы в порядок, а потом и эстетикой можно заниматься. Ах да.... И наличие хронического воспаления, кист будет провоцировать переодическое воспаление филлеров ,,🙀 #брекеты #неожиданно #вседлякрасоты #красотаспасетмир #noregrets #brackets #дурочкатанцуй #smile #улыбайся И да, борщ теперь только в виде пюре....(((

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No regrets!! Life is too short to not eat well 🙌🏻😂😂

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✨Lo que sale de TI... Llegará a ti✨ Es curioso descubrir que toda posibilidad de llegar a sentir paz implica el uso de tu capacidad de sentir libremente, sin miedo lo que sientes. Creemos que si nos permitimos sentir rabia entonces haremos daño a los demás, pero paradójicamente es justo al revés. Cuando creemos hacer daño a los demás es porque estamos tratando de deshacernos de esa emoción culpando a los demás de lo que yo siento, sentir significa ver, ser consciente, abrazar o, permitir. No hay nada más valioso para un ser humano que darse el lujo de vivir, tal y como uno es, y aprender de ello encubriendo aquello oculto detrás de lo que sentimos, en ese espacio de gratitud por la vida en todas sus expresiones, de las cuales tú eres uno y tus emociones y los pensamientos que las activan, también. La vida se ofrece a si misma completamente para que podamos vivir lo que nosotros deseemos, si deseamos rechazar lo que vivimos y lo que sentimos, la vida no se opone a ello, pero nosotros no hacemos lo mismo y al no hacer lo mismo nos alejamos de ella, sin darnos cuenta, perdiendo así el sentido de nuestra vida. El día de hoy regalate el permiso de ser consciente de algo que ya sabes. No podemos controlar nuestra vida y eso es algo que también sabemos, sin embargo, si podemos permitirnos el ser vivido por ella, somos el camino en dirección a lo que todo ser humano busca. El primer paso es darse a uno mismo el permiso de sentir y estar agradecido por aquello que sentimos ahora cuando somos conscientes de quienes somos... Permítete sentir eso que la vida te da. Permítete dar lo mejor de ti al mundo para que sea eso lo que recibas. #karma #waitforit #noregrets #iamme #womanwarrior

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#noregrets Just kidding.....I had retakes this year because I got my braces off and found a way to get my bangs even higher!

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Life will continue to repeat its lessons until they are learned. Until then, you will find yourself living the same situations, just with different faces. After some time has passed by, you will realize that although you didn’t think you would be able to, you are breathing, walking, and going through your day without feeling a heavy weight over you. It is when you get to this point, or even in the midst of your recovery, that you find the lesson. Have a good day!!! #life #love #lessons #noregrets #mind #heeling #recovery #success #motivation #inspirition #goodmorning #Positiveastra

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Don’t rely and have a safety net, don’t create a plan B, don’t doubt yourself cuz if your plan doesn’t work then you start thinking about that and all your thoughts your putting into is taking away from plan A, you gotta understand that humans function better without a safety net, I will never make a plan B, im making a full commitment to become a professional basketball player either over seas or play in the g league, don’t cut yourself off form succeeding. Don’t worry about failing, your going to fail either way, you have to fail in order to climb the ladder, to become the greatest you have to fail, and learn from it and expose your weakness everyday!!WE ALL FAIL, whoever stays down when they fail is a LOSER, you always get up no matter what! We all have losses, because when your afraid you get frozen, these principles apply to anything in life, go all out and give everything you got everyday. No matter the circumstances and how many People think you won’t succeed. If you don’t have a goal or a vision your just going to drift around, all of highschool I never had a real goal, and once I relaxed and gathered my thoughts and got rid of the toxicity in my life, the pieces will fall into place because life rewards persistence🤬

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🔹️By coś się zmieniło w życiu, najpierw trzeba zmienić myślenie!🔹️ at Faloschron