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"SHARE THE LOVE" GIVEAWAY 💝 Valentine's day is just around the corner and we'd like to help you share the love with your friends and family! To do this, we're giving away one Lovi Heart that you will be able to assemble yourself and give to a special person with a big hug or send in the mail if they're far away. . To enter: 1️⃣LIKE this post 2️⃣TAG a friend (one entry per tag, in separate comments) 3️⃣BONUS Two (2) additional entries if you share this post to your stories and tag us in it (make sure your account is public, otherwise we may not know) . Opened to Canadian and US residents only. Unlimited entries allowed, no duplicate. Giveaway ends on Saturday January 26 at 23:59 EST. The winner will be selected at random and notified via direct message the following day. This giveaway is not sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram and by entering you confirm that you’re 18+ years old and release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram's terms of use. ----------------------- #wooddesigns #designfromfinland #scandidesign #nordicmood #scandiliving #3dpuzzles #plywooddesign #plywoodart #madeinfinland #madeinfinland🇫🇮 #valentinegiveaway #valentinecards #valentinegifts #valentinegiftideas #loveisintheair💕 #valentinesday2019 #calltobecreative #heartsday #nordicminimalism #independantbrand #thingsilove #habitandhome #ateliermeipel #nordicdesigns #sharethelove❤️ at Montreal, Quebec

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How would you rather spend the day? Each of my bedrooms have been carefully designed for you to enjoy some quality ‘me’ time and have a proper rest. #EricVökel #BoutiqueApartments

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💛🌕😴 DREAM POTIONS 😴🌕💛 Say hello - and goodnight - to moon milk from which you can find a soothing relief before bed. Do you wanna try? 📌 Add your milk of choice (250 ml) to a small saucepan over medium heat. 📌 Bring the milk to a gentle bubble, then turn off the heat and add the dried camomile buds (2 tbs). 📌 Allow to steep for about 5 minutes, then strain out the buds by pouring through a strainer; gently press on the buds with the back of a spoon to release all of the oils into the milk. 📌 Pour into a mug, stir in one spoonful of honey and enjoy. at London, United Kingdom

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Today is Blue Monday. It is a day associated with being the most depressing day of the year. This is the first year in many where I don't feel the heaviness of winter blanketing me, but I do know the feeling quite well so I can strongly relate if you are in a place that feels heavy. I find it coincidental that I have been learning about the colour blue in Carol Maver's book, Blue Mythologies. It is a much more fascinating colour than I once believed. What has stuck with me, so far, is that: blue is everywhere and blue is joyful-sad. It is a colour that is associated with both sadness and hopefulness. It's a reminder that these two emotions can coincide, and often do. ⁣ ⁣ As Maver writes, “Life is short, not only for the minuscule life of the birds and insects who are true connoisseurs of blue, but also for big animals like ourselves who sing the blues. We cannot help but get lost in the blues. Yet, as Padua's canopy of heavenly azure attests to, blue is (Giotto's) joy. Yet blue skin is the sorrowful hue of death. Yet Vishnu's blue skin is heavenly life. Yet joy is when the cyanotic baby takes a big breath and pinkens his blue lips with life. Blue is joyful-sad”⁣ ⁣ I'd like to share with you a few images of blue that have stuck with me while reading this- you can find them in my stories.⁣ • • • • #kinfolklife #slowlivingforlife #momentsofmine #sgiew #sgiew_warmth #simpleandstill #thatauthenticfeeling #persuepretty #amonthoflovely #mybeigelife #shared_joy #simplethingsmadebeautiful #asecondofwhimsey #fosterthoughtfulness #distractionsandinspirations #mymonthofsundays #behomefree #cornersofmyworld #nestandburrow #feastandflourish #foundandforaged #gatheredstyle #byarrangement #foreverfaffing #aconsideredhome #curatedlife #capturequiet #nordicmood #blue #bluemonday at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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I have come to recognize myself as a wanderer. Not of geography, but of society.  Shrines of friendship, monuments of intimacy, landmarks of fellowship, cathedrals of love, I am only a visitor of these. Starved for a nameless home, yet never breaking ground; I am only a visitor. They change me, just as any pilgrimage does. Little pieces of them linger on in me. Wariness, secrecy, a certain thing I say, a certain gesture I make, a specific lesson, an opening in my heart, and a brick laid in the fortress around it; all souvenirs I take with me. And, once my travels are done, I return to that native country of solitude.↟↟ . . . #spilledink #me #winter #solitude #writerscommunity #snow #nordicmood #myth #wool #folklore #wintersolstice #mythopoetic

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This, the last day of revolution around our star, and collectively we reflect, and we realize quite suddenly, that the difficulties and pains of this exceptionally difficult year are the moments we look upon with the utmost profundity. Thank your struggles, for they bring you stoutness of sprit. Thank them, and tilt your gaze before you, for that is our only direction. Today, in unison, we are keenly aware of this easily forgotten truth: time swallows all, in its circuitous and omnipresent indifference, it swallows. And so, we celebrate; we have once more, outpaced those inevitable jaws of history and in doing so we may continue to make sacrifice to it with our own evolution. . . This year was a weary one. We felt it, we heard it in our own voices. But today, together, we feel a levity and a hunger for the youth of January. We can choose to shed the skin that has grown too tight, too rigid, and too obscure to enrobe the sanguineness of tomorrow. . . Time is naught but legacy, upon legacy, upon legacy. As we embark on this new revolution, may it be one of self-reflection, self-actualization, breaking walls, and erecting our legacy with a conscious and fierce devotion. Here in the dark womb of the new year, there is an ineffable luminosity felt but not seen, and we persist in the ceaseless practice of becoming, and becoming, and ever becoming. . . Wishing you a bold and beautiful new year. . . . #ink #darkartists #wolf #beautifulbizarre #surrealism #drawing #nordicmood #wildlife #newyearseve #winter #2019 #art #artistsoninstagram #blackworkers #forest #folkart #betweenmirrors

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Golden hour ✨

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We love garlic🙌🏽 Healthy AND delicious! Time to prepare Dinner😊 . . Alltså vi Älskar Vitlök!!! Hälsosamt OCH Gott👌🏽✨ Dax att preppa middagen. Fram med månadsmatsedeln och det står skogsgryta idag. Mums😋 Vad blir det för middag hos er?

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Her finner du de mest tidsriktige parkettgulvene fra lyst til mørkt. Enklere, raskere og billigere - levert hjem til deg 👌🏻 Bestill nytt gulv i dag 👊🏻 @halvor.bakke #halvorbakke #gulvdeal

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Il fascino unico del #legno. Toccarlo e sentirne l'odore restituisce un piacere casalingo. L' unione #minimal lineare e pulita di diverse essenze contribuisce alla bellezza dell' #immagine. #ameeallsopstudio thanks

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Uno de nuestros favoritos, el sofá modular Mags y Mags Soft. El sofá puede configurarse para adaptarse a cualquier espacio y está disponible en una gran variedad de telas. #magssofa #magssoft #modularsofa #haydesign at Möbler

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Hvis du kigger nøje efter, kan du måske få øje på både datter og kat 🤪 vi er sygdomsramte, så mandagen blev lige en tak hyggeligere end planlagt🧡 at Copenhagen

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В нашей жизни есть установленные, порой негласные, порядки, называемые этикетом. Мы здороваемся, прежде чем начать разговор; говорим пожалуйста, когда о чем-то просим и спасибо, когда что-то получаем🙏🏻 Да, иногда про это забывают, но в большинстве случаев оффлайн мы вежливые☝🏻 ⠀⠀⠀ Другое дело, когда разговор происходит онлайн. Здесь даже знающие нормы поведения люди забывают о них. Почему некоторые, написав мне в Директ, считают ненужным здороваться? Интересно, если бы они подошли ко мне на улице, то тоже первой фразой в приказном тоне выдали: «откуда свитер?» или «что за сериал?»? Или почему слова «спасибо» и «пожалуйста» исключаются из письменной речи? Неужели он такие длинные, что их нет времени печатать?🤦🏻‍♀️ ⠀⠀⠀ А ещё меня, как вы поняли, очень волнует вопрос об уместности аудиосообщений от незнакомых мне людей🤔 Во-первых, некоторые ими злоупотребляют, и предложения из четырёх-пяти слов, которые можно быстро написать, всё равно проговаривают. Да, длинные сообщения печатать действительно долго, но в таком случае, стоит спросить у собеседника: «удобно ли ему слушать». Мне практически всегда это неудобно. Прочитать намного быстрее, спустя время сложно найти информацию, ведь по ним нет поиска, а ещё не всегда под рукой наушники, а просто приложив к уху, первые слова все равно прозвучат на всё помещение. Согласитесь, не очень общаться так, когда сидишь на паре или в офисе☝🏻 Я уже не говорю о том, что многие записывают сообщения слишком тихо или говорят невнятно, что приходится их переслушивать снова😱 Надеюсь, когда-нибудь создадут правила общения в сети, чтобы не пришлось каждому отдельно напоминать, что вежливо, а что не очень😔 ⠀⠀⠀ А какие у вас мысли на этот счёт? Или я тут одна, как ворчливая старушка?😅 at Atelier September

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❄ Lunes ❄ Buenos diass ya estamos por aquí 🙌, hoy traigo foto de historial esto era al principio 🤗jaja ahora hay cuadros y más deco. Con ella me uno hoy al #loslunesaltag Con #ampliatag Feliz lunes y a por el día ✔✔ . . #home #casa #terraza #deco #decoration #reformas #decoracion #homedecor #diseño #interiordesign #nordicminimalism #nordic #nordicmood #nordiclife #nordichome #arquiteturadesign #home #house #homes #homedecor #instadeco #instadecoration #instadesign #instadecor #ikea #homesweethome #decoracioninteriores at Comunidad de Madrid

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If I ever need to say something but I’m not sure how...I usually turn to @bloomandwild ⠀⠀ There is no one else I ever use for my blooms. ⠀⠀ You’re always updated, via the app on the progress of the order and everyone who has ever received these letter box flowers from me have been over the moon. They’ve also lasted a really long time! AND because they’re letterbox the recipient doesn’t have to be in! ⠀⠀ Super easy order process and beautiful blooms thank you as always @bloomandwild Photo Credit @bloomandwild . . . . #alittlebeautyeveryday #houseandhome #feelfreefeed #keephappyclose #interiorboom #curatedlife #contemtcreation #simplestyleyourspace #nestandthrive #myeverydaymagic #discoverunder2k #discoverunder5k #designisinrhedetails #interiormilk #simplystyleyourspace #motherhood #littlecornersofmyhome #disctractionsandinspirarion #howyouhome #scandihome #nordicmood #myhousebeautiful #inspiremyinstagram #homedecorideas #interiorsforall #ikeaatmine #mynordichome #realhomes #myinteriorvibe #lovetohome

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It’s definitely a coffee fuelled start to the week for me. That and an extra five minutes of coziness! at Liverpool

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*Nearly fall* When a new friend asked = "Are you coming from that ethnic group who swears on arrange marriages?" Me = "Not so much" Them = "Did you have it?" Me = "Nope." Them = ... Them = ... Me =*Sigh*..Okeyyy...My families tried lots of time but it was too weird for me. At some point there were a whole clan came to 'see' me. I often felt like I was an animal in a zoo. Suffice to say, none of that work for me and here I am. More coffee?" , We never speak about the subject anymore. It's a shame. Recently I love telling details of those arranged meetings. Now I can see the fun of it. ... Laut boleh beku, hatiku mau kok jatuh, tapi hanya untukmu, .. ... Tsahhh💃 , , , #nordicmood #nordicfeel #earlymorning #earlybirdto #travelchick #girlswhotravel #dametraveler #femmetravel #darlingescapes #wearetravelgirls #instatravel #travelgram #travelblog #lovetotravel #wonderlust #travelbug #exploretheworld #mytravelgram #exploringtheglobe #wanderlusting #simplyadventure #bucketlist #explore #globetrotter #traveldeeper #lovetravel #nature #traveling #iamwha

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We have a secret; all our toddler blankets by @fab_goose transforms into super hero capes 😉 We love multifonctional items :) . Join our newsletter and get 10 % off your first order. at Montreal, Quebec

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What a week! Remember when I told about us having to move out of our beloved flat? We’ve now spent the entire week and weekend looking for somewhere new and will be moving in 3 weeks 😱 Back to Tromsø. No, just kidding 😂 Just to the other side of the neighborhood, basically 😅 I’m super stoked that the housing situation in Stavanger is still pretty great (at least from a tenant’s perspective) after the oil crisis of 2014. There are soooo many great flats on the market and prices, although slowly stabilizing, are still reasonable. The opposite of what we’ve experienced in Tromsø in other words... ➡️ Still, if you’re planning on moving to Norway and look for a 1-2 bedroom flat, you need between 8000kr to 12000kr, depending on where you plan to rent and what kind of flat you’re looking for (furnished or unfurnished and fixer-upper or newly renovated/built) #nordicinsider ____ ⬇️ Do you have experience with the housing market in Norway? Tell me! at Stavanger, Norway

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While we are waiting for the bloodmoon and lunareclipse 🌒 - some warm winter sunshine caught on The Copenhagen Savannah in late November. Freezing cold out there once the sun disappears but always worth at trip. The pleasing soundscape of geese, water, deer, pheasants and rustling reeds 🌾washes away urban stress for a while. . . #nordicmood #sivselskabet #naturparkamager #reeds #copenhagensavanna #tilbyen #wintersun #natureromantix #getoutside #visitcopenhagen #lumixnordic #naturibyen #waitingforthebloodmoon #urbannature #voreskbh #amagerfælled

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Von der Sonne geküsst. Jetzt zieht es sich schon wieder zu. Immer noch eisig kalt. Vielleicht schneit es auch noch wie angekündigt ...

2 days ago

Olive vibes - this strap is definitely one of our favorites! What are your thoughts on this one?

2 days ago

Classy Sunday. _________ Watch by @dufawatches [gifted]

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On the evening of our 5th ski touring day the temperature dropped to -29°C well before it got dark. With that came the need to gradually change some clothing to a thicker ones as the skiing day grew longer. We kept the breaks to minimum, we had enough hot tea but bread, cheese and salami slices were quite frozen and eating them got me almost laughing 😅 Some 11,5h after our start we reached Mantoselkä wilderness hut where there was nobody else some wood chopping etc. chores still waited us but luckily I always find them fun, even after a long day🤗 Urho Kekkonen National Park, Lapland, Finland #finland #visitfinland #thisisfinland #discoverfinland #lapland #laplandfinland #visitlapland #finnishlapland #urhokekkosenkansallispuisto #urhokekkonennationalpark #polarnight #kaamos #hiihtovaellus #skitouring #elämäonulkona #elämääulkona #365klubi #relaacom #camuhelsinki #sonya7rii #sonyalphaphotographers @visitlapland #ourlapland #revontulet #suomenluonto #suomiretki #winterwonderland #winter #ulkonaperillä #panorama #nordicmood at Urho Kekkonen National Park

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Al mondo non bisogna resistergli, quello che bisogna fare è scegliere bene il mondo che uno preferisce e al quale bisogna darsi; e a quello, ah, a quello bisogna darsi a fondo, come quando si nuota, si dorme o si ama. (Julio Cortàzar)

2 days ago

🌲Questa domenica prendetela con lentezza, una buona colazione a lume di candele... la nostra oggi profuma di zenzero😊 ☕️🥛 sul tavolo brocca #marimekko, tazze, ciotole e posate #bloomingville, tovagliette e vassoio #finelittleday 😊 trovate tutto sullo shop dove continuano i SALDI✨ (per chi è già iscritto alla newsletter e per chi si iscrive ora, c’è il 10% di sconto sui prodotti non in saldo)... vi aspettiamo 😊 e buona giornata☺️

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There’s something really aesthetically pleasing when finding two pallets stacked high with @artekglobal Aalto 60 wooden stools wrapped in plastic. They look so sculptural. It was only a delivery but both @septemberedit and I stopped in our tracks to shoot it. For the love of furniture and life imitating art.

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God morgen❕

2 days ago

I wish I could eat Christmas food all year round 🧀🍇 at Tenerife