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Oops sign fail lol. Content description: a group of humans stand in counter protest. In the center is Jae Red Rose wearing all black with a t-shirt that reads protect trans youth and holding a sign in the trans colors blue, pink, white, pink, blue that reads WE WILL NOT BE ERASED upside down unintentionally. Next to Jae another person stands holding a sign that reads FREE HUGS Photo credit San Diego union tribune #girlslikeus #nonbinarycuties #transandproud #wewillnotbeerased

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du thé et du soleil, je vis ma meilleure vie 🌻 at Le Mans, France

7 hours ago

Four things never come back, the spoken word, the wasted time, the past life and the neglected opportunity. So think twice, act wise.

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- 💅🏽💕

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as if aries’s signature impulsivity was not enough to keep us slightly cautious in all the excitement of this spring, venus is entering pisces tomorrow. she is pushing us to love! with abandon! love is no easy feat, though, even in the most romantic of its moments, so stay curious about the ways in which you open up to it and close up, too. beautiful, no? i may be a little biased, with my natal venus at home, but we get to fall in love with the blooming flowers while rising from this past winter like a goddamn phoenix! // with mercury finally stationing direct on thursday, much will come to us as illuminations. mercury remains in pisces (still conjunct neptune), so some of these realizations will be difficult to swallow, no doubt. at least mars enters gemini on sunday? good thing, right??? for our physical energy to want to move like a butterfly in an already impulsive, deeply loving time??? right??? stay tuned, i guess! // ah, what a blessing, to be human! ♡

19 hours ago

of all my life’s learning, you are my favorite subject ❤️ . . . cheeseyyyy yes but idgaf, i love cheese. . . . i LOVE that in our relationship, we understand our humanity, our flaws + strengths, our needs + desires. it means so much in this world to share a unique + intimate bond with someone who loves you + is willing to learn you + solve life’s riddles as your teammate. i love their whole complete self + i love my whole complete self, + every day this human is the most invaluable asset to our team. ____________________________________________________ image description | Fen + justine smile while taking a portrait mode selfie in front of an archway at the temple of literature in Hanoi, Vietnam. ____________________________________________________ #husbae #nonbinarycuties #queersofinstgram #queerlove #loveislove #honeymoon #queertravel #citizenfemme #theinvisiblefemme #nontoxicbeauty #follainambassador #queerfemme #femmevisibility #lesgothere #wanderlust #traveldeeper #keeptraveling #stayandwander #wanderxwonder #worldwanderer #passionpassport #mytinyatlas #chasinglight #visitvietnam #vietnamtravel #templeofliterature #discovervietnam #vietnamcharm #hanoi at Temple Of Literature

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Look at dynamic team of body-knowledge-having, fun-loving trans cuties! Would you like to hang out with them while learning about preparing for/recovering from top surgery? Well if so you are IN LUCK because this Sunday 3/31 we host our Top Surgery workshop from 3-5. Link in the bio for details and to register - it’s sliding scale and there are multiple scholarship spots still available! #topsurgery #ftmtopsurgery #transwellness #transresources #nonbinarycuties #transfitness #nonbinaryfitness #phillyenbyteam

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what a fucking poser.