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6 hours ago

Left the fog behind, hello sunset in Miami

7 hours ago

11 hours ago

These sellers are moving on up! So honored to help them on their journey <3

19 hours ago

I’d had enough of winter! Last night I was ready to jump online and book a flight anywhere that had a beach and sun. Today however, Mother Nature taught me a valuable lesson. I had the privilege of hiking the Clinton Lake trails and seeing the beautiful white snow, the contrasting woods, a partially frozen lake, 13 bald eagles, deer and if I closed my eyes the waves sounded like the ocean. The sun bouncing off the water made me feel like I was truly at the beach right here at home. I learned you don’t always have to fly away to get your hearts desire. Thank you Mother Nature! #hiking #selfcare #mothernature #housewhisperer #lfk #readyforthenextstory #readyforthenextstory #renewed at Clinton State Park

20 hours ago

Mood this morning at work because of the incoming snowstorm. And because of the fact I was in at 5 am on overtime 😒 #NoMoreWinter

21 hours ago

Heading to my first @soundersfc game tonight ⚽️ I wouldn’t say it’s my all time favorite sport but I respect 😌 what’s your favorite sport/team?👇 at Seattle, Washington

22 hours ago

seriously so ready for winter to end. I want to put all these away and swap them for dresses and t-shirts. at Aurora, Colorado

22 hours ago

40% Off All Sweaters🎉🎉 Use Code—OVERWINTER at Lula B. Boutique

23 hours ago

I don’t understand why it’s not summer yet? ☀️

1 month ago

❤️🏊🏼‍♀️🐾🌲La foto final del reto con @kokothemschnauzer ¿Quien más ha viajado con la familia de otra specie? que levante la mano 🙋🏻🐶y comparta su experiencia. Nosotros la pasamos muy bien Koko aprendió que subir al coche significa nuevas aventuras y a partir de ahí no se quiere quedar sin subirse 😆yo no lo cupo el lugar este bajo la montaña, entre árboles y junto a un río de agua clara con el calor que no para es lo que estoy extrañando con este frío citadino y ya no quiero más gracias 😆 ya me enferme demasiado este invierno. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 😘🐾🏊‍♂️We reached the end of the Challenge with @kokothemschnauzer Who has traveled with them family of another spices? Say me 🙋🏻🐶 & share your experience. We really enjoyed this place Koko learned Car means new adventures and now we can't keep him out of the car. And I can't blame him, this place hidden between mountains by the river and surrounded by trees with always a hot weather was a 10. I miss the warm of summer 😆 to me is too hard to deal with cold. I've been sick to much times this winter & I do not want more thanks. #travelaroundmexico #viajarpormexico #viajarconmascotas #travelwithdogs #endofgame #poolphotoshoot #albercatime #viajarconperros #hotsummer #calordeverano #nomasinvierno #nomorewinter #byewinter #adiosinvierno #mecongelo #frozen #cutedogs #prettyschnauzer #prettydog #perrito #embraceyourbest #travelstories #historiasdeviaje #journaldaily #diariodeviaje at Tierra Caliente