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3 hours ago

One Pan Wonders...🔪🔪🔪 ✨Quick & Easy Cauliflower Rice Bowls. ✨Pick your protein or not...threw cut up organic chicken breasts in my scan pan with a little olive oil. ✨Sauté that up & add: ✨Veggies (Carrots, Red Pepper, Red Onion, Yellow Squash, Jalapeño) Whatever you have. 😉 ✨add a pile of fresh garlic, ginger, basil & your Cauliflower rice. ✨mix together •1/3 C coconut Aminos, (you can sub Soy Sauce) •1/3 C rice wine vinegar •1 tbsp lime juice •2 tsp sesame oil • 1 heaping tbsp chili garlic paste •1/2 tsp coconut sugar •2 tsp peanut butter (optional) Pour it in, toss it up, top with more jalapeños, cilantro & scallions!! 🔥🔥🔥 #thekulturedkitchen #loveonaplate #instafood #foodporn #scanpan #fitfood #eatclean #roadchef #nepenthe @thekulturedkitchen

9 hours ago

About last Tuesday #latergram out in the Santa Lucia Highlands. Leaf shoot thinning, fondue eating, grafting like masters and enjoying the stunning Salinas Valley in spring with the Pisoni and Franscioni families #nepenthe

11 hours ago

{I sensi delle piante} . Eccoci all’ultima puntata della riflessione sui cinque sensi nel mondo vegetale. Oggi vi voglio parlare del GUSTO. . Sono certo che molti di voi hanno subito pensato alle “piante carnivore”, specie come Nepenthe, Drosera o Dionea che attraverso sistemi di trappole riescono a catturare insetti, piccoli anfibi o rettili e persino topi. Mettono in atto questo comportamento per garantirsi un ulteriore apporto di nutrienti che non riescono a ottenere dalle sole radici. . Proprio le radici sono come delle “boccucce” dal palato sopraffino, che riconoscono il “sapore” dei minerali presenti nelle acque e nei terreni in cui si sviluppano. . Immaginiamo questo caprifoglio in foto che con le sue radici cerca le sostanze migliori per il proprio organismo, scartando quelle in eccesso e scegliendo quelle che “preferisce”! Sembra un po’ un piccolo chef che assaggia i piatti preparati in cucina e decide quali siano quelli migliori, che ne pensate? at Superga

22 hours ago

This Friday they'll be a #pinkmoon , this past Sunday at #nepenthe in #bigsur and the #moon was rising over the #santaluciamountains . 🌚🌘🌚🌘🌚🌘🌚🌘🌚🌘 "The Moon is the first milestone on the road to the stars". -Arthur C. Clarke 🌛🌚🌛🌚🌛🌚🌛🌚🌛🌚 #fullmoon #skyporn #sky_perfection #blueskies #mountains #happyplace #happy #happiness #instagood #weekendwarrior #getoutside #exploremore #mentalhealthbreak #sky_lovers #californiacaptures #californiacoast #california #centralcoast #weekendgetaway #roadtrip #nature_good #travel #california4fun #adventure #notallwhowanderarelost at Nepenthe Big Sur

2 days ago

“What I’ve learned is that it’s truly okay to not be okay all the time, as what you’re going through will pass. Give yourself time to heal, and you’ll find that unbridled happiness, golden sunrises, blissful smiles and starlit nights will be a part of your life once again.” Stillgotscars. [Illustration: giulia Roza] #Nepenthe

3 days ago

A chilled glass is the ideal serving suggestion for our Altitude Sauvignon Blanc, an intense yet elegant wine with great depth of flavour that is both lifted and zesty.

3 days ago

🌊~~~ 🌼 / some images from the last 8 days. Thanks to so many beautiful souls that shared time with me. Last week was intense but in the most beautiful way possible. Endless gratitude to life: to the things that ARE working and to the challenges in life which simply act as our teachers / 🌼 ~~~ 🌊 #palacehotelsf #filoli #bigsur #nepenthe

4 days ago

Pair the Maisie Playdress from SPELL with a simple tan slide for an everyday goddess feel or add a slim heel and fine jewels to be the belle of any ball. 💃 Shop Now. at England

4 days ago

The other festival this weekend- @pbfw This one came with a seaside Aperol spritz, tastings provided by some of the world’s best chefs- my favorite being the mushroom tacos with homemade tortillas and mole from @nopalitosf, and spectacular scenery that actually made me think about taking up golf. This might sound weird but my favorite part may have been the drive. 5 hours of solitude is a rare thing these days and coupled with breathtaking vistas, it felt like a real treat. (I’m sure my fellow mamas get this) I drove through Big Sur on the way home and stopped at the legendary #nepenthe for lunch. If you’ve never driven this part of the California coast, may I suggest adding it to your bucket list. It’s beauty is unsurpassed. Words and mediocre IPhone photos really don’t do it justice. ✨ #nochella #feelgoodtravel #pbfw #fwfesties @pebblebeachresorts #mypebblebeach @iamdawnmccoy #dawnsdestinations @dineanddishwithdawn #dineanddishwithdawn @lexususa #lexusculinary @mastercard @barillaUS #pastaworldchampionship #mastersofpasta at Pebble Beach, California

4 days ago

4 days ago

Aside from the snowman that I did at painting with a twist, this is my first painting The mouth came out... Kinda fucked And the skin is... Kinda burnt But it's my first one on my own so I feel like it isn't that bad #painting #distracting #yeahsure #hygge #monophobia #lespritdelescalier #thantophobia #halcyon #ladouleurexquise #appetence #kalon #mizpah #gezellig #cafune #querencia #mauerbauertraurigkeit #basorexia #latibule #nepenthe #apodyopsis #jouska #anamcara #saudade #eccedentesiast

5 days ago

🌟hi everyone and happy Saturday. We slept in and it was heaven. 🌤we woke to golden sunshine and knew that winter was over. It’s a crisp spring morning here in Big Sur and everything is in glorious bloom. All the little shoots and sprouts that have been hibernating are now peeking out of the warm earth and enjoying these long spring days. I’ll miss winter but now that spring is here, it’s time to rejoice and renew and rejuvenate!🌿

5 days ago

ART FOR SALE Love Wild~30X37 Now on display in the same gallery as DALI, DEGAS, and RENOIR at the LOST ART GALLERY 210 St. George St, St. Augustine FL tonight becomes forever on this ledge of love lightly & uplifting leaning in to listen as the sun rose skies of flower silk seas sing the sweet sound of stars song from ancient shores echoing through my soul your soothing words are an ocean ROAR fragile yet feral in enchanting flight we soar from this ledge of lovers brave in our surrender tonight becomes forever meLODIes of MAGIc ©~kaRL dEaN @karldeanphoetry #poetryoninstagram #instagrampoetry #igpoets #poetsofig #artsy #artstagram #artistsofinstagram #instagramart #instaart #instapoets #poetrycommunity #poetryonpostcards #silverleafpoetry #globalvoicesunite #penguinpoetrynyc #voicepotw #simonandschuster #andrewsmcmeel #nepenthe #bookforsaleonamazon #barnesandnoble #staugartassoc #staugustinespotlight #ancientcitypoets #staugcreative #staugustinesocial #williammorrowbooks #harpercollinsus #nycpofest #poetplantpress @hillaryjacobson

7 days ago

My grandparents built Nepenthe in 1949, and April 24 it will celebrate 70 years of being in business on the Big Sur Coast. I am daily awed by their vision. In 1949 the road was very bad, there was little dependable traffic. Winters were so rough we closed between Halloween and April Fool’s Day. Most of our employees took long vacations, or took the down time to work on their poetry or weaving or dance technique. My mother says the down time was pretty full of work for her and her siblings, as the family patched and cleaned, constructed new employee housing, and prepared for the next season. When the road closed in 2017, both north and south for 8 months, she found, again, that she was busier than ever. As we approach the 70th, I look out over the sea and remember my grandparents and am awed again by their vision, tenacity, courage, creativity, and perseverance. My mother, 75, still runs the show, my brother at her side, and is on deck 5 days a week or more if needed, in the office writing checks, in the prep kitchen creating new recipes, answering phones, processing payroll, balancing the books, eating lunch with the crew. Retire? Never. Nepenthe is her calling, and we are all the better for it. at Nepenthe Restaurant