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❤️❤️Nueva incorporación !! ❤️ • 🛍️Botas Candy -- 39,95€ at Vissteme

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CHINA PLUMETI 💕😍 Hoy les presento esta preciosura! #Rojo #Negro #Blanco Cualquier consulta podes mandarnos un inbox y te respondemos!! 💌💖 Acordate que podés pagar en efectivo y con mercado pago 🤑🤳

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You read that right. Cannabis is a gateway #drug and here's how. . The #government decides that there is good money in a war on drugs. They wage war and bring back enough #heroin to kickoff their #drugwar. This heroin is dispersed into low income #urban locations with a heavy focus on #Negro and #Hispanic neighborhoods. Gangs crop up and give the government the justification to increase policing forces. Once they realize that a single inmate represents 100k per year to keep incarcerated, the government opens another facet of its war on drugs; jails for profit. . #Drugs of all kinds tend to alter people's state of #mind often leading to radical #thinking. This is not good for keeping a population under control. It inspires too many #questions. Why are we borrowing #money at ridiculous interest from the big banks instead of printing our own? Do we really need a #Queen? Why is there no law anywhere that actually says I have to pay income tax? Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways? . Cannabis is the queen of such #creative and #introspective thought. On top of that cannabis also causes humans to be #healthier, #calmer, less hostile, creative and more #satisfied. A populous is easiest to control when they are alienated, unhealthy and poor. . So cannabis is now the enemy. #Reefer Madness ensues. The government lumps cannabis in with #cocaine, heroin, meth, ecstasy and other hard drugs. We are #brainwashed to believe this lie. The government asphyxiates a monkey with #weed #smoke through a gas mask at such extremes that it dies from smoke inhalation. This was their benchmark data to prove that cannabis kills brain cells. . So the #60's and #70's, #80's and definitely the #90's continue to debunk a lot of the cannabis #myths and #propaganda. People start to change their mind about cannabis. These people include youth. These youth are now learning that what the government has been telling them about cannabis is overstated. Perhaps the same is true about the other drugs that cannabis is lumped in with? Maybe I will try cocaine and see if it's overstated too. That's the gateway. Stop lying. Butt out. And we will be fine.

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Jersey punto con detalle en bajo encaje !!! Tacto y suave ideal para combinar con pantalón efecto piel !! #jersey #punto #negro #fashion

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Martes de novedades 🎉 Y esque como os comentamos el otro día, ayer nos llegaron gran parte de las novedades de #Obag . . Queriamos comenzar por esta preciosura 😍 . . Bolsa completa twist en color negro,con todos los complementos incluidos en el mismo color y un grabado con un poquito de relieve muy especial imitando a la piel de coco Por el momento solo lo tenemos disponible en negro 😜 y solo podréis encontrarlo en nuestro punto de venta ANNEXA o preguntándonos por aquí ☺️ . . A disfrutar del martes para todos los que en Barcelona tenéis puente por las fiestas de la Merce y feliz día a todas 😘 . . #obag #annexaonline #pielcoco #negro #otoño #newcolleccion #annexa #bcn #espluguesdellobregat

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#nike Precio: 90€ Numero: 40 al 45 También disponible en #negro y en #blanco