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4 minutes ago

Simply a portrait of a rooster but to a person living in a slum selling one of these for cock fighting can be a lucrative business. at Malibay, Pasay

13 minutes ago

Dolomitic limestone, gray to black slate, and quartz veins mixed into these abstract rocks at Second Valley Beach

19 minutes ago

“We are going to the moon that is not very far. Man has so much farther to go within himself”. at Guatemala City, Guatemala

29 minutes ago

The calm before the storm. Exactly how I feel about the upcoming semester of uni....⠀ ⠀ Speaking of the photo, this was one of the best mornings I’ve experienced in my entire life. At some point the sea was so still I could barely see the horizon. It was as if the water became one with the sky. I’ve never seen anything this beautiful 😌 #UkraineNotes⠀ at Belosarayskaya Kosa, Donets'Ka Oblast', Ukraine

33 minutes ago

The Pattern !! Identify what this pattern is. at Pondicherry

40 minutes ago

Here's a brand new one from the Inspire 2/X7 drone and the 50mm taken here in Colorado! Two shot vertical pano. at Colorado

58 minutes ago

Good night from this part of the world... #momentcam 🌙✨

1 hour ago

Joffrey Gorge Karijini National Park

1 hour ago

Joffrey Gorge Karijini National Park

1 hour ago

Joffrey Gorge Karijini National Park

2 hours ago

Dream, create, inspire. 💭🌅

3 hours ago

When Lara Croft and Tomb Raider pushed Hollywood images of Ta Prohm temple into cinemas around the world in 2001, they consolidated the case for Cambodia as a tourist destination. Little over fifteen years later, millions of visitors flock to Siem Reap each year, many of whom will have their picture taken under “that tree” that Angelina Jolie stood upon during one of the movie’s action scenes.🇰🇭🤳 #landscape #amazing #view #trip #tree #sky #mountains #nature #landscape_lovers #landscapelovers #landscape_lover #landscapehunter #landscapes #tagblender #landscapestyles #trees #treestagram #treescape #naturelovers #naturelover #nature_seekers #natureonly #nature_shooters #nature_prefection #naturediversity #naturephotography #naturewalk #naturegram #naturelove #naturephoto at Tomb Raider Temple, Siem Riep

5 hours ago