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What a gorgeous mess! 😍

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This is the one wall that I can hang anything on in the trailer🤫. That’s what happens when you work in a 240sq ft. aluminum tube. There are so many quirks of working in a small space (like curved walls) but I honestly wouldn’t change it for a thing. I’ve been finding work-arounds since I started in my tiny studio apartment. But this got me thinking, would anyone be interested in learning some of the things I’ve gathered about working in super small spaces? There are so many ways to work with what you’ve got, and it comes with a lot of unexpected freedom. at Indio, California

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❄SKADI NECKLACE❄ Skadi, la diosa escandinava del hinvierno. Collar de macrame con ojo de tigre y cuentas de bronze de maxima calidad. For more info and photos check my #etsy #onlineshop #linkinbio☺ Hope you like it much more than me!!! Sooo happy with this one!! How i enjoy to do #jewelsforthesoul . . #macrame #macramenecklace #vikingjewlery #micromacramejewlery #skadi #natureart #tigereye #ojodetigre #ethnicnecklace #collarmacrame #bohojewlery #tribaltreasures #festivaloutfit #psy #trancejewlery #etsyseller #healingstones #goddestjewlery #queenofwinter #wintertime #enjoy #slowfashion #macramecharm #choker #indianbrass #loveyoumore

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Playing around with my cheap, old watercolor set and some colored pencils! I love winter but I’m ready for some flowers to grow 🌻🌼🌻

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•Diversity 🐑 • • •Each animal is unique, it’s not exactly the same as every other animal. It’s evolved to do certain things that help it progress and become better and better with each generation that passes. We are the same exact way because we are literally animals. Each and everyone of us is unique, we’ve evolved to adapt to our environment and in doing so, progressing with each generation that passes. • • •When you think of us, Human beings, do you think of us as animals? • •📸 Taken by: @buchstabenhausen at Planet Earth

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Painting is finished. Can anyone identify this mountain range? 🏔👩🏻‍🎨💕 Working on 2D concept paintings help me to refine and experience my ideas in their purest emotional aesthetics. I haven’t done it before, but starting now I’m going to post more of my concept work here. It’s a rather significant step in my process, especially since I was classically trainer as a painter first before my transition into sculpture. ✨ For this piece, I used watercolor, black acrylic, and gold leaf. #mountainscape #watercolorpainting #yeuqnguyen #goldleafpainting #creativeprocess #natureart at Alhambra, California

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غارهای سنگی در جزیره‌ی الفنتا واقع شده‌اند و اگر به بمبئی سفر کردید، حتما باید سری به آن‌ها بزنید. غارهای الفنتا شبکه‌ای از غارهای حجاری شده است که در آن مجسمه‌های سنگی متعلق به فرقه‌ی هندو و خدای آن‌ها، «شیوا» است. #ignature #beautyofnature #natureart #natureisbeautiful #bestnatureshots #naturepic #backtonature #kaatco #amazingnature #naturephotos #naturediversity #natures #instanaturefriends #wildnature #flirtingwithnature #naturelife #natureelite #naturephotographer #naturezaperfeita #photonature #beautyinnature #naturewhisperers #natureatitsbest #onewithnature #natureseekers #humannature #signaturetone #natureinspired #tanaj #natureloversgallery

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•Giveaway time!• . A big, wholehearted thank you for your support on my creative journey. I couldn’t have built whatever this is without your help. Because of you, opportunities have arisen that I never thought possible in this lifetime. So, in honor of reaching 40k followers, I am hosting a giveaway. It is partially self-sponsored and I’m thrilled to gift one of you this special package. . As the winner, you’ll receive: a #danielsmith Alvara Castagnet’s Master Art Set, which includes 10 paint tubes, a 20-page refillable Arches watercolor sketchbook handmade by me with a cover print of your choice, and a size 3/0 or 2/0 Princeton Heritage paintbrush that is my go-to for painting detailed trees. . To enter: * Follow me * Like this post & three other posts that you are drawn to * Tag 2 friends in a comment * Share a sentence or two about what you like most about my work . Thank you, friends, I am forever grateful

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I spotted a big patch of snowdrops on today’s afternoon stroll. Seems as though winter is finally coming to an end 🌿✨ at London, United Kingdom

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We’ve been thinking hard over the past few weeks about the message we send out with our work. It’ll be the same for all of you, no matter what you work on, there’s a message there. It’s so important to send out a message that comes from the heart, with integrity and passion. Especially when that message stands for something. It’s in those moments you have to stand up and shout it. It’s always amazing how much support is out there waiting. We stand for the environment, for nature, and the future of our planet. The clock is ticking and we want to work inspire change, and get more people talking. Thank you all so much for your incredible support over the last six months, we know you share the same vision as us, so let’s keep working towards it. Let’s inspire change. New map coming soon 🌊 🦈 🐋 at Indian Ocean

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Circles are feeling important at the moment. Sorry for being quiet, everyone! Got some exciting life things happening at the moment.. 🏡 at Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

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Enjoy tonight’s ‘Supermoon’ and all the magic that it brings ✨🌕✨ • This painting, “Po'ipu Moon", celebrates a most magical moon on the south shores of Kauai island in Hawaii • Silhouetted palm trees sway in the ocean breeze at Po'ipu Beach on the southernmost tip of the island, while shimmering waves crest onto the moonlit shore. There is a sense of mystery and magic when the island comes alive at night, and all is illuminated by the full moon's mesmerizing silver glow • This evening is the night of a lunar eclipse, and the silver full moon was just making its way into the night sky. And then, a most rare and spectacular wonder of nature occurred- the ‘night rainbow’, or as some call it, the ‘moonbow’ • The night rainbow appears to look like a daytime rainbow, arching in a half circle across the sky, only instead of the vibrant colors of a daytime rainbow, a night rainbow is made of arcs of beaming white light illuminated against a jet black night sky. The elements must be perfect for this to occur, and very few are fortunate enough to witness it • The night rainbow is known as the ‘Spirit Rainbow’ in Hawaii - ‘Na Po Mokole’. It is seen as a great blessing, which presents itself at a time of reawakening and renewal.  The spirit family is said to come through this night rainbow to bring us knowledge and rekindle our light when it is weak.  It is said to be one of the greatest blessings on earth • “Po'ipu Moon" captures the beauty and mystery not only of the full moon, but also of one of nature's most rare and sensational wonders, the night rainbow. It is created with sand, shells and lava stones collected from the shores of Po'ipu Beach...and of course a little moon magic! ✨ • May you be filled with the magic of the moon tonight and always ✨🌕✨ at Poipu Beach, Koloa, Kauai

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In my college silkscreen class - one of our assignments was to print on an “alternative surface”. Basically anything other than paper. So for some reason I decided I wanted to print on his back like a tattoo. It’s a design of, well of course - my favorites; turkeytail fungus 😂 It turned out fairly well in my opinion. Considering the screen is a giant flat surface trying to move ink through and on a curvy back. • He clearly couldn’t come into my class like that, and well - he had his own classes. So I printed the photo as the print. • I was talking to a friend I reconnected from high school a little while ago and she had mentioned the idea of showing my previous works to show where I’ve come from. Even all the way back to high school art. I haven’t decided what to show you all from high school quite yet but I stumbled across this photo of my silk screen on a college friend of mine. • What alternative surface would you have printed on? • • • #silkscreen #print #printmaking #tattoodesign #tattooidea #turkeytail #turkeytailmushroom #mushrooms #mushroomart #mushroomlovers #natureart #printmaking #back #art #artist #printmaker #natureartist #naturelover #design #artdesign #asongforamelody #instagiod #instaartist #artwork #printdesign #tattoodesigns #create #turkeytailfungus #fungi

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Do you think net fishing should be illegal or forbidden? 🤔 I think it should be it's unfair to fishes who gets stuck in the net. 😡🚫 Send your pictures to dm📩 • • • 🌿 #nature #природа #自然 #luonto #hashtagsgen #doğa nature #자연 #O2 #toptags #natureart #natuur #strolling #naturelover #naturebeauty #naturepic #natureza #naturephoto #naturepics #natur #alam #natureseeker #lifeinism #natura #naturalesa #doga #טבע #طبيعة #naturephoto #natureloverforlife #naturaleza

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