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Chimpanzees are amazing to watch

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This was taken this past week at buttermilk Falls natural area right outside of Mendham New Jersey. at Mendham, New Jersey

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tips and tricks: you can always get down so enjoy the sunsets in the winter. at Zell am See-Kaprun

10 minutes ago

They say if you dream a thing more than once it’s sure to come true... at Sydney, Australia

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Любуясь красками заката я решил что бы не случилось не жалеть что рискнул разбить лагерь на скалах у обрыва. Но на душе было не спокойно. -Ночью температура упадёт до минус пятнадцати и прийдёт ветер, безмозглый ты болван,- шептал внутренний голос, Я помнил Монголию и себя, полуобнажённого, держащего растяжки палатки на ледяном ветру в ночи. Он рвал их из рук, бросая в лицо песок, засоряя глаза. Эти вооспоминания покусывали сердце, портя идиллию. at Байкал

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Heading back to the East Coast today. The views won’t be the same, but family and friends will make up for that. Happy holidays, everyone! 📷🌊 at Big Sur, California

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Für einige von uns gibt es oftmals nur Heute. Und alles was du heute tust zählt nur. Für den Augenblick und vielleicht sogar für die Ewigkeit. Ich sehen einige ihre besten Momente. Sie sehen Dinge, an die Sie sich erinnern wollen und die Dinge, an die man sich erinnern sollte. Auch wenn die Momente vorbei sind, hallen sie noch nach und sind oftmals die Essenz Momente. 🏞 #landscape #amazing #view #trip #tree #sky #mountains #nature #landscape_lovers #landscapelovers #landscape_lover #landscapehunter #landscapes #toptags #landscapestyles #trees #treestagram #treescape #naturelovers #naturelover #nature_seekers #natureonly #nature_shooters #nature_prefection #naturediversity #naturephotography #naturewalk #naturegram #naturelove #naturephotographer

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The best feeling when 6 years olds whizz by you... Face planted more times than I can count, but psyched to push myself out of my comfort zone off piste. Definitely harder than it looks 🤕⛷ at Aiguille des Grands Montets

23 minutes ago

Now that Christmas is almost here, have you got your Christmas tree up and ready? Is there snow on the ground yet? How's the season turning out for you? Sometimes the most amazing scenes are right outside your door if you take the time to look for them. This fir tree that the neighbors have was just the seasonal delight with a fresh snowfall. What delights are just outside your door? Share them in the comments below. Buy a license to use this photo here: #naturephoto #watchthisinstagood #artofvisuals #awesome_earthpix #landscape_captures #rsa_rural #natureaddict #nature_wizards #awesomeearth #naturediversity #ourplanetdaily #earth_deluxe #instanaturelover #nature_prefection #allnatureshots #gottalove_a_ #nature_brilliance #EarthVisuals #fantastic_earth #unlimitedplanet #main_vision #planetdiscovery #welivetoexplore #nikonphotography #nikontop #nikon_photography_ #nikon_photography

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I all slags ver, sommar og vinter, står ho der: buska. Aleine. Løvika, Aukra at Aukra

24 minutes ago

Secondo alcune leggende, il #mare è la dimora di tutto ciò che abbiamo perduto, di quello che non abbiamo avuto, dei #desideri infranti, dei #dolori, delle #lacrime che abbiamo versato 💙🌊 at Vietri sul Mare

28 minutes ago

I’m in a #BigTimeRush to get back to my golden state

36 minutes ago

🌿🌿 . . Pedro Philippe da Costa and Guardiã do Regato at Morgado Lusitano

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37 minutes ago

Our greatest human adventure is the evolution of consciousness. We are in this life to enlarge the soul, liberate the spirit, and light up the brain. at Portland, Oregon

42 minutes ago

Be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. 🌿 at Clermont-Ferrand, France

42 minutes ago

Get up, get out, get moving, embrace the space, breathe in the wild air and connect with the vibrant elements of Mother Nature!

1 hour ago

Natale non è un giorno o una stagione, ma uno stato d’animo ✨ - Calvin Coolidge Alla faccia della Grinch @artes_virginiae 😜 at Catania, Italy