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You've heard of elf on a shelf... now get ready for an oreo in a drawer-eo.

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Beautiful scienic spots in Switzerland from @sennarelax

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Throughout the world the spider has been both feared and revered, at times attributed to weaving life and creation, and at others the bringer of fire and death, then full circle to the saviour of humanity from plague and pestilence. A complicated and enchanting legacy, right?! Create your own symbolism with our luxurious gold Elemental Black Widow limited edition print. • We love these misunderstood creatures, what do you think? 🕷 📸: @piecreative at London, United Kingdom

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It really is awesome😍💙

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Where you Born to Explore ? 🌍 . . . Also available as hoodie, mens tee & ladies flowy tank 👌 at Banff, Alberta

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🚨Caution‼️: Meaningful content, opinion shared🖌🚨⠀⬇️⬇️⬇️⠀ 💥💥💥Hunting cannot be reduced to simply killing, it is a way of living💥💥💥 Despite what modern media tries to dictate or tries to spin, the average hunter has contributed more to the preservation of wild areas and more to the conservation of animal life than any anti-hunter ever will.⠀ Hunting is not simply a “killing for pleasure-state of mind” it is respecting nature, becoming one with it and focusing on being a beneficial part of the continuation of wildlife.⠀ Well, you might not agree, but that does not make it wrong!⠀ I simply hope that anti-hunters get their facts straight, before stating that hunters are merely murderers. That is not a strong conclusion, nor a true analysis based on thorough research.⠀ As an example, trophy hunting is actually a method of conservation that WORKS, please try to dig a little deeper, before simplifying it as amusement for upper class, rich hunters, who are tired of shooting the wildlife in their home country and want more.⠀ Thanks for reading my opinion and I of course respect yours! You are most welcome to share your thoughts, If you should feel for it!!! Remember, every life has a story to tell, respect it🌱🦌 #respectanimals #conservation #preservation #loveanimals⠀ ••••••••••••⠀ Please follow @jagtherren for more👊💥⠀ Appreciate it🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 ••••••••••••⠀ Inspiration: A @bloodorigins way of thinking✅♻️⠀⠀ ••••••••••••⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ #natureaddict #welivetoexplore #earth_deluxe #nature_obsession #earthofficial #awesomeearth #naturesbeauty #naturephoto #naturelover #waidmannsheil #love #hunter #chasse #jakt #jagd #whatgetsyououtdoors #wildlife #wildlifeaddicts #natgeowild #wildlife_seekers #hunterxhunter #wildlifephotography #wildlifeplanet #hunting #huntingisconservation #wildlifeconservation at Region Zealand

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She was dazzled by the beautiful pink lake. 💖 This lake is all natural, it's a salt lake and the water turns pink whenever the salt level rise above a certain level plus high temperatues. Just mother nature doing it's thing, such a beautiful phenomena. 💖 #pinklake #pinkwater #nofilter #naldyexplore #explorewithnalady #naturesbeauty #naturelover #awesomeearth #planetdiscovery #adventurethatislife #getoutstayout #nature_obsession #nature_seekers #welivetoexplore #mytinytribe #holdthemoments #letthembelittle at Westgate Park

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Bude, Cornwall. Look how amazing this rock is! I literally stared at it for a good half an hour while breathing in the fresh sea air to try and recover from our friends wedding the day before 🙈 My better half got me new filter for my birthday last weekend (yassss queeeeen) and so long exposure shots might become more frequent #sorrynotsorry ⇼ ⇼ ⇼ ⇼ ⇼ #sussexphotographer #photographer #photooftheday #moodygrams #agameoftones #mycanon #canonuk #southeastphotographer #eastbournephotographer #earthofficial #earthfocus #artofvisuals #nature_perfection #earth_deluxe #natureaddict #awesomeearth #welivetoexplore #planetdiscovery #unlimitedplanet #nature_obsession #nature_hub #allnatureshots #nature #naturelover #natureonly #nature_seekers #naturesbeauty #gameoftones #ipreview via @leefilters at Bude

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Near Death Experience

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Céu, lindo céu Céu, lindo céu Há mansões celestiais todas feitas por Deus ❤️

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❤️ I need a hug please. Hugo - the tree. Can you see this cute face? Eyes, nose, mouth? There's still an underestimated force in this world. This force called love. Oh yes, of course many will say "I can live without it" Yes, maybe you can "survive" without love, without someone you deeply love, without a hand that holds yours, without arms that holding you when you are weak, without a hug when you need it, without an honest smile, without some honest and kind words which come from the heart, without a pair of eyes that look honestly into yours, without some kind words when you are in pain, without a sincere touch on your shoulder when you are in fear, without an honest understanding and empathetic sentence of someone you like, without someone left to trust and much more.This all is love. . Let me ask you, have you ever lived without this ALL for a month? Or even many, many years? I don't think so. At normally, in a normal life, everyone has this. You had it as well during the last years and I think I can say everyone if you. . Well, for me there was no normal life anymore and many, many people know that. No beautiful coincidences. No private moments. No single moment of intimacy or closeness with other adults. There were rules they had to follow. . How could someone ever had such plans? For so many years? How was your life in those years? How much had you renounced of this all? In the precious many, many days and years of your own life? . Are you even able to imagine to live without it all for so long in your life? No, you aren't and that's the problem. You can't even imagine what you have caused, because you have never went through it all. Through ALL those 500 completely different factors/parts of a whole life, that were affected or destroyed. Do you still think that it's funny? Well, come on, others will be able to put you in the same situation for so long, let's see how you will feel. . Yes, love is a underestimated force ❤️, but only by those who can't really feel it - otherwise they would never have had the idea to decrease it in someone else's life. Not even for one single day - no matter what the future will ever bring. .

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Sometimes, I can feel tired, fragile but I stay always the same, strong and optimistic because I'm who I'm and I'm proud of it 🍁 · · · · · · · · · · · · · #allnatureshots #naturelover #nature_seekers #nature_brilliance #awesomeearth #artofvisuals #earth_deluxe #earthofficial #nature #earthfocus #nature_obsession #nature_hub #nature_perfection #nature_wizards #naturegeography #natureaddict #natureonly #welivetoexplore #unlimitedplanet #naturesbeauty #planetdiscovery #naturephoto