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Since Nipsey's transition, I have only read positive things that has further proven how much amazing person he was. He exemplified a leader, an owner, a family man and that is exactly what the world needed. Click the link in bio to read the importance of mastering your narrative. #tmc #narrative #blogpost #slauson #crenshaw at Crenshaw and Slauson

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Here's one of the things I worked on during last week. Pretty much finished. For my senior thesis. If I get to this after the others are finished I could add a bit of occlusion shadows. #illustration #sanmim_art #visualdevelopment #visdevart #visdev #photoshop #gaomon #digitalpainting #animationdev #preproduction #animationpreproduction #bookillustration #conceptart #childrensillustration #childrensbooks #childrensbookillustration #narrative #storytelling #conceptdesign #animationconceptart #backgroundconceptart #forest #lake #fantasyart #fantasy

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For some time Helly and I have been talking about relationships between women in our hobby - LRP. Not necessarily between women who LRP (though that is arguably related) but specifically between female characters. While I feel extraordinarily privileged to have experiences numerous complex, multilayered and narrative enriching interactions between female characters I still experience a frustration at the lack of narratives that involve female characters interacting with each other. It feels to me like there remain obstacles and challenges to creating bonds between strong, complex female characters. Perhaps it's the existing tropes and archetypes that feel constraining, perhaps it's a throwback to the days when a woman establishing herself and her characters in the hobby might legitimately (yet depressingly) feel like the only way to defend the space they had worked so hard to claim, was to prevent others from having the same. Perhaps its just that although these interactions are increasingly happening, they are still not as visible. I should know, as a photographer I am forever noticing how my eye leans towards the visual language I grew up with, the narratives and heavily gendered archetypes that littered the art and literature that I learned from. Give me a mother holding a child and I'll frame her like the madonna. It's not even a thought process, I have to actively work against the muscle memory that derives from what I was exposed to and taught. So what to do? Well we thought we would try and work together to create images that speak to those relationships. After all, if the images are not there, let's make them. This one is called 'Lost daughter' and its the first in what I hope to be a series someday. #women #lrp #equality #narrative #stories #daughter #mother #portrait #selfportrait #representationmatters

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Death is always around, even off the clock! Grim's catching some big souls on his day off with his trusty red string for a fishing line. It's his favourite spot and the weather is just right too. #createdonsurface #photoshop #grimreaper #narrative

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And I thought I couldn't love Grim Reapers any more than I already do. Expect more of him from me later My #narrative thesis of the job of the Grim Reaper--The receiver, special delivery and his personal favourite, his day off! You can see how I come a long way in a short time. He never shows the same face to the same person #photoshop #surfacepro #grimreaper #onthejob

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The Wall no. 19 dead ends at the base of Mt. Cristo Rey and picks up again on the other side. When I took this photograph, a few weeks ago, there was an encampment along the railroad tracks. My brother, Jon, and I thought it was Border Patrol. But once we read about the vigilante groups detaining migrants at this exact spot, we realized it was a United Constitutional Patriot who was watching us through his binoculars. #humanitariancrisis #usmexicoborder #usmexicoborderwall #armedmilitia #vigilantes .. . . #lauriesmithphoto #photographer #femalephotojournalist #photostory #photography #photoart #travelwithme #foodandtravel #travelphotos #femalephotographer #visualstoryteller #reportage #reportagephotos #foodandtravelphotographer #narrative #metier #documentary #documentaryphotographer #borderphotographer #borderartist #keepitmsimple #coloradocreative #itookitwithmyiphone at Anapra, New Mexico

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Writers, storytellers and world builders are part of a contingent transforming video games from simple forms of entertainment into a significant storytelling medium. Video games communicate to their players through dialogue, speech and prose with various segments and levels. At WLG-X we want to highlight these collisions and to show the evolution of the gaming industry. ⠀ ⠀ “The life experiences and opinions of every reader, viewer, listener or player collide with those of the creator, in the process generating a new shard of the story with each telling.”⠀ ⠀ #gamers #gaming #wlgx #WLGXnz #storytelling #narrative #worldbuilding #videogames at Wellington, New Zealand

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Today’s look I have chosen to wear my CEOLady Tee from @bridgettbattlesexperience. You have the power to control your own narrative. Write your own story and you determine what others read. I choose to call my community CEO’S because you are in charge over you. How will you show up on this amazing Monday?

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"Unknown Allegory" by Brian Kershisnik

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. .S̷̯͔̝̘̩̣̫͐̓̚e̴͉̬̫͓̳̩̮̫̅v̵̲̰̻̠͓̙̈̔̎̑̏̈́͌̊͋͘ͅę̴̜̱̤͉̙͎̼̞̌̑̅̏̑n̶͙̣͎͍̼͕͕͓̰̐̀̔̀̊͒ ̶̢̻̻̹̝̍̎͜D̸̢̬̖̙̳̳͖̄̈̃̈e̸̠͖̓̀̓̍̚͝a̶̛̹͚̬̯̩͖͋d̷̞͍̼̪͍̄̊̽̍̒͒l̶̞̜͓̟̗͎̻̬̙̞̓̂̈́̕͝ŷ̷̡̧̳̘̼̤͕̖̌͝ͅ ̷̳̠̮͕̱͓͕̝͗͐̈́̔͆͜ͅS̸̳̱̑i̶̧͔̱̗̣͛̓͗͐̐̀̉n̷͚͙̩̰͚̗̝̠͂̾͠s̷̨̤̠̝̬̞̟͌͒̚͠ ̸̨̼̟̾̒̉̆͜C̴̾̇ͅḩ̵̣̻̱͓̻̝̉̋̿ͅå̵̩̎̀̓́̃l̵̢̛͔̝̭͈̞̖̰̠̊̅͌́̐̀̄̈́̓l̶̛̟̜͓̽̀e̸͙̬͐̅̕n̵̨͓̳̘̭̲̞̹̍̈g̴̺̲̭͍̻͓͎̘̫̬͋͐͒͛̓͘͝͝ę̴͈̹̼̀͐ . ENVY NO matter how much I might deny it to myself and project myself as a jovial and companionable guy, it is undeniable that I have a pretty competitive mindset. Most of the time when I see people better off than me, it's easy to brush it off with a mental "Sucks, they don't really deserve it". However, this day I gave myself up to envy to the fullest. I had had a crush on this girl for a while, and though I'm no worse looking than the other guy and my competitiveness makes me stronger than most, I must admit I'm a sucker as an opportunist. I let moments go by all the time. So there I was, and I see her walking with a guy and looking pretty happy. Now this would be the moment I'd say "Sucks, he doesn't deserve a girl like her" and moved on. But! But this time, I just stood staring and couldn't think the words. The dude was no prince, neither very tough-looking...but he had all the charm and spontaneity that I'd always desired. I couldn't lie to myself at this point. The moment had passed, the couple had passed, and the only thing that remained in my mind was 'Why?' - the core of envy - Why him? 'How?' - How does he do it? I've worked so hard, and he seems so laid back...and yet! I could do nothing but look at this personality, as different from mine as the poles are, and yet 'better'. I began to question my own worth. And then, I moved on. But nevertheless, burned and reduced by the flames of envy. -x-x-x- #envy #sevendeadlysins #sin #psyche #vice #narrative #confessions #confession

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Narrative Medicine : The art of finding humanity and humor in medicine for personal growth and mental peace .💊⛑ . . . Do give it a read , something I wrote a while back. Let me know how relatable do you think this is. . . . #narrative #narrativemedicine #mdblogger #humor #instadaily #vscocam #runwaypakistan #instapost #graziapakistan #mashionpk #dailypost #lifeofadoctor #resident #doctorstory #inhousenarrative #natashablogs #doctorslife #narrativetherapy #narrativewriting #narrativeart #narratives #mdinfocus #akustories #karachi @docsofinsta

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This is forever my favorite #preproduction shot! Thank you @theficklejar 📷 Kendall tiptoes through for some pre-ballroom shooting 🤫 for our #shortfilm dance scene . .

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“My story is identical to other people who came to this country as Refugees. We may have a slight different in terms of where we came from, but overall we came here for a purpose or to live in peace and start a new life.”⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Mabest Mohamed shares his personal story, “How I Reached the US Territory”. It traces his time as a translator for the United States military and describes the sacrifices it took for him to start a new life. The entire narrative submission can be found on the Narratio site. Link in bio. ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ #narratio #narrative #translator #storytelling at United States

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S̷̯͔̝̘̩̣̫͐̓̚e̴͉̬̫͓̳̩̮̫̅v̵̲̰̻̠͓̙̈̔̎̑̏̈́͌̊͋͘ͅę̴̜̱̤͉̙͎̼̞̌̑̅̏̑n̶͙̣͎͍̼͕͕͓̰̐̀̔̀̊͒ ̶̢̻̻̹̝̍̎͜D̸̢̬̖̙̳̳͖̄̈̃̈e̸̠͖̓̀̓̍̚͝a̶̛̹͚̬̯̩͖͋d̷̞͍̼̪͍̄̊̽̍̒͒l̶̞̜͓̟̗͎̻̬̙̞̓̂̈́̕͝ŷ̷̡̧̳̘̼̤͕̖̌͝ͅ ̷̳̠̮͕̱͓͕̝͗͐̈́̔͆͜ͅS̸̳̱̑i̶̧͔̱̗̣͛̓͗͐̐̀̉n̷͚͙̩̰͚̗̝̠͂̾͠s̷̨̤̠̝̬̞̟͌͒̚͠ ̸̨̼̟̾̒̉̆͜C̴̾̇ͅḩ̵̣̻̱͓̻̝̉̋̿ͅå̵̩̎̀̓́̃l̵̢̛͔̝̭͈̞̖̰̠̊̅͌́̐̀̄̈́̓l̶̛̟̜͓̽̀e̸͙̬͐̅̕n̵̨͓̳̘̭̲̞̹̍̈g̴̺̲̭͍̻͓͎̘̫̬͋͐͒͛̓͘͝͝ę̴͈̹̼̀͐ . .♠️The seven-step dare: narrate your notoriety. .♦️Share the most potent moments when you crossed the line. .♣️Can't think of anything? .♥️Create a story to narrate within one week. ENVY LUST GLUTTONY GREED PRIDE SLOTH WRATH #envy #sevendeadlysins #sin #psyche #vice #confession #confessions #narrative