Nap Photos & Videos

7 minutes ago

Hope everyone is nice and cozy at home and fusing to the couch like these two slugs. at Greenpoint, Brooklyn

8 minutes ago

Day 3 after the surgery. The vet said I am healing. Only 7 more days till I can go back to my fun life. In the meantime, I will just #nap. at London, United Kingdom

9 minutes ago

#365daysofgratitude I absolutely adore all of my pets. They each have their own personalities and fit in great at different times of my day. Miss Maggie here is my cuddle and nap buddy, anytime, anywhere. She became part of our family through crazy circumstances and I can imagine our home without her in it. • Enjoy the beauty and wonder that each living thing can bring into your life. We are all so different yet so similar ❤️

14 minutes ago

Probably telling @riskyfizz to leave me alone... 🙅🏻‍♂️

15 minutes ago

We hope you're all as happy as Leah lying in her favourite spot of sunshine! Our January competition is our biggest and best yet, check it out on our facebook to see more precious pets winning amazing prizes. #cat #nap

21 minutes ago

#longface #sadface #sleepyaf #tired I'm soooo sleepy. Wish I can go to sleep already. Need a #nap. . They told me to bring something warm since I always bother the heater. 😂😭

27 minutes ago

I’m a mourning person 💀

34 minutes ago

It is a cold one here today in NC, which makes for a gentle slow start and staying in all day. Which I don’t mind a bit, being a home body and all. 🥰

2 hours ago

Because it’s cold outside and I’m waiting for my mom to bring me friskies... at Cats Planet

10 hours ago

No thank you to a chilly Monday....