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selamat hari jadi my wife.. yang ke 20 tahun☺ #lubusomuch❤️❤️❤️ #mywife

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When your bestfriend snaps her fingers and says "We're doing a girls weekend!". You drop shit and take a babe trip damn it! #portlandbound #mywife Yes we know we are obnoxious when we're together, and no we don't care! 😍😘

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Everyone has a “why”. - Why do you work hard? - Why do you try your best? - Why do you choose the hard yet correct path? - Why do you open the door for the elderly? - Why do you wake up early and go to bed late? - Why do you dedicate yourself to being the best version of you? - Why are you respectful to others? - Why do you exercise? - Why do you choose a healthier diet? - Why do you save money instead of spend it? - Why are you honest? - Why do you educate yourself on things you are interested in? - Why is being last not always a bad thing? - Why do you pray every night? - Everyone has a “why” and she is mine. Who or what is yours? - #mywhy #mywife #beyourbest #liveprescribed #iam1stphorm

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She is the candle in my darkness. My reason for continuing on each day. She is my morning sun at the start of a phenomenal day! Mother to my daughter. Travel buddy. Sounding board. Partner in crime. And reality check. #mywife @angela.karma

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#15042019 谢谢家人朋友们为我的爱人庆祝生日,有些家人朋友没拍到照,但你们在我们心中!有人说我是爱妻狂魔…其实我只是非常依赖,非常粘人,我妈知道…哈哈!老婆,生日快乐吖!Love ya! #mylove #mywife #birthday #love #wifey #foreverlove

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🦄- Il miglior genere d’amico è quello con cui ti puoi sedere sotto un portico senza dire mai una parola, e a poco a poco sentirti come se avessi fatto la più bella conversazione del mondo. . . . . . . . #me #myfriend #wife #mywife #friendship #friendshipquotes #friendzone #kiss #happy #karaoke #happybirthday #happyness #felizcumpleaños #venticinque #love #lovequotes #goodtimes #compleanno #wolf #milan #unicorn #unicorno #lamiaamica #likeforlikes #likeforfollow #like4likes #likeforlikeback #liketime #likelike at WOLF Milano

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@nellymepusieron Feliz Aniversario Amor Mío. Lo que quiero decirte: Contigo mi vida es completa. Contigo soy feliz. Contigo cada sueño se convierte en la realidad. Contigo cada meta mía me hace fácil de lograr. Contigo todo es hermoso. Gracias por estar en mi vida. Love you #MyLove #MyHeart #MyLife #MyWife #Mysha

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I love you when you're flirty..I love you when you're sweet..I love you when you cry..I love you when you're strong for us..I love you when you're weak..I love you because there's no one else like you..I love you because you're you & I wouldn't know what to do if you weren't next to me everyday.. beside me every night.. it's almost a year babe & I'm proud of you. I'm proud to be your husband even with our downfalls we find our way up..I love you 😍 #mywife #myworld #myeverything #iloveyou #lfl #forever #youandme #wce #beautiful #bestfriend

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Comendo sushi na melhor presença 😁 #sushi #mywife

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Dziś kotuś kończysz 14 lat. Poznałyśmy się 4 lata temu, choć czasami się kłócimy to wiem, że zawsze mogę na ciebie liczyć, że zawsze mi pomożesz i będziesz wspierać. To właśnie ty jako pierwsza widziałaś jak płaczę i miałam moment załamania. Dziękuję ci za wszystko co dla mnie robisz. Kocham cię 🥰❤️ • #happybirthday #bestfriends #loveyou #hot14 #happy14 #iloveyou #girlpower #mylove #mywife #behappy #beautygirl #instagram #instagirls #poland #polishgirls #treatpeoplewithkindness at Poland

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🥰🗝| 04/18/19 ———————————— Okay, this is definitely going to be a make up post since I never did one for our one year (which I’m still disappointed about). Baby, you know how we always wear a yin-yang symbol of some sort? Well, I’ve grown to find the symbol more and more compelling over the past months. We always said you were the yang or white, and that I was yin or black. Well, listen to this: “The ancient symbol of harmony reminds us that life is a balancing act and most fulfilling when we learn to embrace its dualities: the ups and downs, the good times and bad joys, and challenges.” Does that sound like me and you? I think it does, because through every single hurtle, cliff, fall, and hit we continued to press forward. We took what was broken and began to fix it.. we both had worked so hard we couldn’t just throw it all down the drain. Y’know most of my pst relationships.. the people didn’t care enough to wipe away my tears, they didn’t care enough to sit with me through the battle.. they ran. You- you jumped straight into the line of fire for ME. Most people see us as such a perfect couple.. but we aren’t. We are full of mistakes, arguments, ten minute break ups, and hell several slaps (never from me). The only difference is that we always made up and tried to reevaluate the situation when we weren’t heated and were able to find a solution. That is the most powerful thing that anyone has done with me ever- never give up, and fix things. You’ve helped me bloom into the man I’ve wanted and strived to be for so fucking long. You gave me the confidence to tell Tracy about my name change, and the fact I wanted to legally get it done.. she said she’ll try and do it in May! I never would’ve even known if I didn’t ask.. hell, you wont even let me pay for my top surgery! Because in your own words, “Paying for your top surgery would be the greatest gift I could ever give you”. Baby, you are the biggest part of my life.. and I hope to keep you as it for many many years to come.. and I think I won (wink, wink). ————————————