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11 hours ago

Been a minute since I’ve done a video like this, so thought it was about that time again. Saw @daniellamason play over the weekend and was blown away by the honesty in her art. This is one of my favorite songs right now, if you haven’t checked out Daniella’s really should. It is PERFECT pop music. at Nashville, Tennessee

18 hours ago

Grabado en Phonk Estudios, Música Producido por Marcel Moran

1 day ago

Sometimes we gotta do what we feel even if that brings you to unexplored worlds and so here I am: Day 0, this is just the beginning of a new creative journey. #manudrums #newproject

1 day ago

Some shed and groove videos 👹👹 (i was late to work because of this) #supersaiyan

2 days ago

More cowbells! 😎 #cowbell

2 days ago

The toms sound surprisingly good in this🤔😁

2 days ago

It's good to be back! It has been a really long while since I recorded and mixed some random jam on my kit. Here is a groove withe a 12" mini stack! Btw those hats are new, 14 neoclassic . . Headphones are recommended 🎧 . I use Symrna Cymbals #symrnacymbals , Millenium Drums, Remo Drum Heads, Pearl Demon Drive pedals. . My cymbals are (from left to right, behind the kit) 17 Thunder Lord china 14 Neoclassic hihat 17 Thunder Lord crash 12 Araf china 10 Araf splash stack 18 Raiden crash 18 Araf china 20 Raiden ride 16 crash 15 hihat top stack . . #thenewdrummer #drumuniversity #drumclubshop #drumsharing #bateristtürkiye #drums #drumming #drummerlife #myperfectpair #we_love_drums #drum #drumporn #drumcommunity #drummer #drumsdaily #drummingco #drumsoutlet #pearldemondrive #vf15 @drumsharing @bateristturkiye @drumsdaily @we_love_drums @onlydrummerpage @drummers.of.insta @drumcommunity @turkdavulcular @drumsoutlet @drummersilike @drumandgrooves

2 days ago

From the first beat, you'll feel and hear a difference. The new @vicfirth Wood Shaft VicKick Beater is the fifth member of this popular collection. It distributes weight for an unbelievable sense of balance and throw. The VKB5 unlocks a sense of touch and control that is simply not attainable with any other beater on the market. at Euro-Unit Croatia

2 days ago

Hey! After the fatal break of my @questlove ‘s I am now using these Nova 7as as practice sticks and maybe some #vf8d or #vfx8d as gigging sticks, let me know if you do a similar thing!👇🏻