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So proud of this one!! In such a short space of time with not to many mishaps he is now heading to the potty off his own accord and he even takes the pot to the toilet to empty it!! So grown up!! #mumclub #myson #mybaby #mylife #babyboy #boy #mumandson #mumlife #mummiesofinstagram #motherhood #parenting #newmum #mommyhood #momlife #momworld #babyswag #modernmom #mombiz #momproblems #momduties #mommyandme #momfashion #mommymoments #ootdkids #coolkids #trendykids #realmomstyle #thatsmyboy #motherhood #mothersofig

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Selamat bertambah usia putri kecilku,smga allah swt memberikan umur yg panjang,dberika kesehatan,kebahgiaan,kesejahteraan dan smga kau slalu dilindungi oleh sang pencipta... Jdilah anak yg shalihah yg akan mngangkat mama sma ayah kdlm surganya allah swt. Tetaplah jd anak yg selalu bahagia dan ceria ya kk vinix.. Maaf klau mm suka naik turun emosinya ngadepin kk,mm sayang kk mm cinta kk. I Love you putri kecilku😚 #nyawaku #happybirthday #3years #mylife #kebahagiaanku #segalanya #mydaughter

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When paperwork and pull-ups are life 😎 . . . . No marines were harmed or hazed in the making of this video.

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