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1 month ago

When a bestie's wolfdog is your spirit animal ✨ok, your OTHER spirit animal! . *(don't be jealous spirulina, you'll always be the first, cause ya know, you're 3.5 billion years old #herefirst 🦠) . *TBTuesday* thanks Sara Ann & @ransom_amy for this sweet reminder of summertime tipi raising wildflower rousing with yall at upwards of 9K feet 🏔 . Love the QT with you my mountain mama sistren! AND our lil sis here who's name means precisely that: Nukka (indeed, my other spirit animal 🐾❤️ . #spirulinaismyspiritanimal #otherpeoplesdogs #lifeasadog #dogslife #sistren #sisstars #soulsistren #lilsister #rockymountainhigh #mountainhighlife #nederlandcolorado at Nederland, Colorado

5 months ago

I love ❤️💕 Hiking and mountains ⛰ and I even did some rock climbing 🧗‍♀️ it was very refreshing to be in nature. Get out in nature y’all!! #mountainhighlife #ilovenature 💚💚🌿🍃 at Flagstaff, Arizona

8 months ago

Can you see the long ridge that goes from me to the summit cross? It is the Guffert west ridge and a breathtaking tour. Although easy climbing but without rope, it requires a lot of concentration. It was a very special experience to go on this free solo tour and definitely one of my highlights! What are your mountain highlights? #mountainhighlife #hikingadventures #freesolo #freesoloclimbing #femaleclimbers #adventureland #alpinism #multipitch #multipitchclimbing #climbingismypassion #mountaineering #bavarianalps #guffert #liveoutsidethebox #mountainphotography #mountainstoclimb #imwithyou at Guffert

10 months ago

"Expecting a future end result instantly puts you in a chronic state of stress until you either get that result or don't." ⬇⬇⬇ To treat stress (with cannabis), we should first recognizing how stress creates failure: ▶1-Stress makes you sick. Up to 95% of all illness and disease are related to stress. ▶2-Stress dumbs you down. Stress shunts the blood flow away from your higher intellectual centers & kills creativity, problem-solving, and all the things you need for happiness & success. ▶3-Stress drains your energy. After an initial energy spike from cortisol, you experience an adrenaline overdose & your energy crashes. Think: Fight or Flight. ▶4-Stress makes you approach everything with negativity. ⬇⬇⬇ The logical conslusion of these factors is that stress causes you to fail at almost any task. ⬇⬇⬇ Cannabis can be a powerful tool in dealing with stress. Studies show that marijuana, particularly a low-dose THC strain (too high can cause the exact opposite effect), has anti-anxiety properties which can transport people into a state of relaxation and bliss. Certain strains can also increase creativity and produtivity. ⬇⬇⬇ What strains would you recommend to combat stress? Personally, I love Blue Dream for this! : 📘Alexander Loyd, Ph.D., N.D. Beyond Willpower. Harmony, 2015 : : : : #educatedstoner #stressrelief #destress #cannabiscommunity #mountainhighlife #smokesesh #themoreyouknow #relax #CBD #bluedream #infusedliving #stressfreewithcannabis

10 months ago

Good morning! 🌄 Some 🌿 Lemon Diesel and ☕ to plan my day out. 🍋 ⛽ is a hybrid and produces a euphoric, happy high that also allows me to stay focused. As another school year winds down our schedule is loaded with field trips 🐘🐯, ceremonies 🏆, meetings 📅 and sports events ⚽. With a family of 6, there's no way I'd remember it all without writing 😵 ✏📆 it all out. Enjoy your Thursday!! 😀 · · · · · #infusedlife #productivestoner #stonermom #slayyourday #sativa #vapenation #vapesesh #coffeeandcannabis #coloradohighlife #mountainhighlife #pax #vaporizer #paxvapor

10 months ago

Curious about how to dose your homemade edibles? Over the weekend, I made some #cannabutter for some 🍪 and was curious on how to estimate the dosage per serving. This mini course by @cannabischeri helped me figure out how much of my infused butter to use so one 🍪 wouldn't knock me on my a$$. If you don't have tools to measure THC/CBD potency, the calculator in this course gets you close.· · · · · · #cannabutter #infusedcooking #eatyourweed #cannamom #edibles #homemadeedibles #cookingwithweed #abv #mountainhighlife #vapedweed #decarboxylation #cookingwithcannabis #cannabiscommunity #cannacookies

10 months ago

The weather here in Colorado is always so unpredictable; it's hard to know when we're safe from the ❄ weather - but I took a chance and got some 🍅, raspberry and 🍓 plants in the ground this weekend. 👊 I also started the germination process of a few seeds from our last grow. I'm hoping to document the entire grow from Seed to Smoke. ➡ Consider today: day 1 🌱 · · · · · #growyourown #cannamom #greenlife #mountainhighlife #germination #seedtosmoke #greenthumb #hydro #wannabefarmer #cannabisgrow

10 months ago

So grateful that I was able to watch the video training by @gabbybernstein this morning. I've been a SAHM for over 10 years now and although it has been the best gift I've been able to give my kids, it's also created a fear and anxiety in me. Books and teachings from @gabbybernstein have helped me to replace some if those fears with love and to realize that my story is worth telling. ❤ We all have a story- no matter how big or small- our lives are credible and worth sharing. ✌❤😁 · · · · · #beauthentic #inspireothers #greenlife #mountainhighlife #spiritjunkie #dowhatyoulove

10 months ago

Last weekend, I sat down to watch this Netflix documentary- and I'm so glad I did! It reinforced my decision to transition my family to a plant based (75-80%) diet. Climate change is real and each one if us has a responsibility to our children and our 🌎. Small changes, like eliminating beef, not only does wonders for your health, it also reduces the amount of methane gas (which is a huge factor in global warming) into our atmosphere. Start making small changes today- for your families health and the health of our planet! #FastRepost from @BeforeTheFlood by @fastrepost_app ••• Before the problem comes true we need big improvements for our earth #bigchange #climatechange #globalwarming #stopglobalwarming #greenearth #wecareearth #beforetheflood #wecare #greenworld #green life #mountainhighlife #nationalgeographic 📷:Google

10 months ago

🍒Just the thought of having to be around other people used to make me anxious- thanks to products like these, I don't fear social activities anymore. 🍒 When I am going to be around other children and parents & especially when I'm going to be tied up for longer than my #vapesesh effect lasts, I'll munch on one of these gummies by @edipurecolorado. The amount of #thc in each (roughly .5mg thc/10mg cbd) is so minimal, I don't ever feel "high". 🍒LMK if you've tried them or if you have any other recommendations! · · · · · #cbdgummies #edipure #mountainhighlife #greenlife #greenlife #cdb #cannabiscommunity #cannamom

10 months ago

Waking up to another beautiful day here in CO! 🌄 I'm hoping to get some cleaning and errands done before the weekend arrives- I hate spending the weekends battling crowds and doing chores around the house, I'd much rather spend time with my family! · · · · · (📷 by Floyd Muad) #productivestoner #cannabiscommunity #cannamom #mountainhighlife #stonermom

10 months ago

It was one of those mornings where 1 cup of ☕ didn't go far enough. While I love coffee, I don't enjoy the light-headed feeling I get when I drink more than one cup on an empty stomach. I'm not a big breakfast person so days when an 8oz caffeine boost doesn't do the trick, I have been pairing it with a latest #dispensarydate find; Chocolope. · Chocolope has a down to earth coffee-like aroma and a rich chocolate taste that won't leave you craving that 2nd cup of coffee. I can always expect an uplifting, motivational and energetic high- which is a great start to any day! · For those of you experiencing medical issues, Chocolope is reported to aid in stress, depression, pain and anxiety. While it's @leafly profile says it could help with fatigue, because it's Sativa dominant and has high energizing effects, I wouldn't use this strain later in the day when trying to wind down. · · · · · #sativa #mountainhighlife #stonermom #strainreview #productivestoner #enhanceyourlife #livinggreen #420 #cannabiscommunity #dispensarydate