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Your name is a light that the shadows can't deny Your name cannot be overcome Your name is alive forever lifted high Your name cannot be overcome Jesus, Jesus, You make the darkness tremble Jesus, Jesus, You silence fear Jesus, Jesus, You make the darkness tremble Jesus, Jesus Jesus, Jesus Jesus, Jesus @bethelmusic #Jesus #Jesus #Youmakethedarknesstremble #Jesus #Jesus #yousilencefear #EasterSunday #Heisrisen #Hedied #Soweall #Cangoto Heaven #Hedidtheimpossible #hebeatdeath #mostpowerful #AlmightyGod #sinless #Light #truth #theway #faithful #loving #peaceful #Faith #hope #Jesus #pure #calming #lovely #wonderful #God

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Me desconecte por un tiempito de social media para estar presente en cada momento con mi familia y focalizarme en mis metas. Me di ese regalo y lo disfruté muchísimo. Me sentí libre y relajada apreciando más mi alrededor afirmando mis creencias una vez más que la vida es un milagro! 🇺🇸 I just finished my social media Detox for 6 weeks! And it was absolutely wonderful.. it wasn’t hard at all I just missed Instagram but I definitely had much more time for other things and appreciation for what really matters in life! I started to noticed more the miracles of life! Looking at the clouds, the beautiful skies those moments of stillness and connect with my kids even more. I felt relaxed and free! I read a lot! I enjoy my family every minute and enjoy myself even more! I am studying to get a holistic health Coach certification and I am so excited for that! Life is a gift ... ❤️ #easter2019 #blessed #socialmediadetox #treasure #family #familylove #blessings #blessedtobeamom #mywholelife #love #mostpowerful #familia #mifamilia #bendecida #agradecida #peruana #latina #instafamily #instafamilylove #freedomm #healthcoach #holistichealthcoach #studying #estudiando #followyourpassion #rheumatoidarthritis #hashimotosdisease #autoimmunedisease #healingnow

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Me desconecte por un tiempito de social media para estar presente en cada momento con mi familia y focalizarme en mis metas. Me di ese regalo y lo disfruté muchísimo. Me sentí libre y relajada apreciando más mi alrededor afirmando mi creencias una vez más que la vida es un milagro! 🇺🇸 I just finished my social media Detox for 6 weeks...And it was absolutely wonderful.. it wasn’t hard at all I just missed Instagram but I definitely had much more time for other things and appreciation for what really matters in life! I started to noticed more the miracles of life! Looking at the clouds, the beautiful skies those moments of stillness and connect with my kids even more. I felt relaxed and free! I read a lot! I enjoy my family every minute and enjoy myself even more! I am studying to get a holistic health Coach certification and I am so excited for that! Life is a gift ... ❤️ #easter2019 #blessed #socialmediadetox #treasure #family #familylove #blessings #blessedtobeamom #mywholelife #love #loveyou #mostpowerful #familia #mifamilia #familiade4 #bendecida #agradecida #peruana #latina #misamores #mistesoros #instafamily #instafamilylove #freedomm #healthcoach #holistichealthcoach #studying #estudiando #healingnow #followyourpassion

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I DARE to say this is the GREATEST #MostPowerful sentence EVER spoken in HUMAN history...It is Finished! . What is finished? His assignment...? His ULTIMATE SACRIFICE and #mission of #reconciliation #AmazingGrace saving a #wretch like me He #bridged the gap between us and #TheFather . That day a #RIGHTEOUS man... TOOK THE PLACE of #WICKED men... Though HE DIDN'T have to, YET HE CHOSE TO DIE . The #Darkestday of #mankind... prophetically becomes the #BRIGHTEST day for #humanity . And because of your sacrifice...WE LIVE! It is Finished... Our EVERY #fear #sickness #pain #sicknesses #affliction #shame #death . #ItIsFinished Thank you Jesus for your Love and Sacrifice . #HappyGoodFriday @bmtosyne . #AmazingGrace #Calvary #Freedom #AgapeLove #Love #Victory #Grace #JustBelieve #Easter

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🎯 💯 THIS WAS ME TODAY x10!!!!! 🙏🙌 Have you ever received a blessing so powerful you just want to shout from the mountain tops which He just moved for you about how awesome our God is!? ⛰ #BlessedBeyondMeasure #PrayerIsPowerful #HighFiveBigGuy #AllGloryToGod #WithoutHimIAmNothing #SendPrayersUp #BlessingsComeDown #SoIncrediblyHappy #TearsOfJoy #GodAnswersPrayers #MiraclesHappen #IAmTestimony #AskAndYouShallReceive #KnockAndDoorsWillOpen #SeekAndYouWillFind #LetGoAndLetGod #GiveItAllToGod #Trust #Patience #Faith #Worship #GiveThanks #MostPowerful #HeIs #IAm

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100 Most Powerful @marvel Characters by @stevie_steelz *Honorable Mention: The One-Below-All First Appearance: The Immortal Hulk #12 (2018) Enemies: The Hulk Alliances/Affiliations: The Hulk, Sasquatch, Absorbing Man Bio: The One-Below-All is a mysterious and powerful demonic entity whose existence in the Marvel Universe has been relatively unknown by anyone until recently. It has been confirmed that The One-Below-All is the direct and opposite counterpart of The One-Above-All, the being responsible for the creation of the entire Marvel Ominverse and the characters and universes within it. The One-Below-All is believed to be the  embodiment of destruction, wrath, and ruin, and the entity is considered Marvel's first true "Anti-God”. Residing in the “Below-Place”, which is believed to be the deepest layer of Hell, the One-Below-All is sealed behind a metaphysical Green Door and is only capable of manifesting through the very elusive, mutagenic third form of Gamma energy. During his research into this form of Gamma energy, Brian Banner, Bruce Banner’s father, had a dream-vision of the Green Door and the entity that lay beyond it; the revelation of this entity and the Below-Realm drove Brian insane. That same Green Door was partially opened by Bruce Banner during the Gamma Bomb test at the Los Diablos Missile Base which sparked his transformation into the Hulk. During a confrontation between father and son at Bruce’s mother’s grave (who was “accidentally” killed by Brian Banner when Bruce was a child), Bruce accidentally killed his father when he pushed him off of during an attack; Brian tripped over a rock and hit his head on ironically, Rebecca Banner’s tombstone, killing him instantly. While Bruce would block the death of this father out of his mind permanently (believing that the two of them fought at Rebecca's grave, Brian had left bruce badly beaten only to be killed by muggers later), the spirit of Brian Banner would haunt the Hulk for many years until a “final” confrontation between the Hulk and Brian Banner in the form of “Devil Hulk” within the depths of Hell. (Bio, Powers & Fun Fact cont. in comments.) at The Multiverse

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100 Most Powerful @marvel Characters by @stevie_steelz #1). The One-Above-All Alias: Above-All-Others First Appearance: (First Mentioned) Doctor Strange: Master of the Mystic Arts vol. 2, #13 (1976) (First Appearance, or “Manifestation”) Fantastic Four #511 (2004) Enemies: Non-Applicable Alliances/Affiliations: The Living Triburnal, possibly the Fulcrum Bio: This being is responsible for the entire existence of all life in the Multiverse, as well as the greater Omniverse, which is the culmination of every universe and reality that exists. The One-Above-All is the master and sole superior of the cosmic overseer and arbitrator known as the Living Tribunal, whose faces (embodying Equity, Necessity and Vengeance) are in perfect alignment with one another as it passes judgment. While all-powerful and all-knowing, The One-Above-All has only appeared and/or has been mentioned only a few times. He is not to be confused with One Above All, the leader of the Celestials, or any other known religious figures. The One-Above-All was first mentioned by Eternity when Doctor Strange first encountered the entity. Later, when Beta Ray Bill was nearly killed during a confrontation with Asteroth, an evil being that creates chaos through feeding on order, Bill was restored back to life by a mysterious, glowing white-robed man who may have been a more anonymous representation of The One-Above-All. The being’s first full distinctive appearance was during a period of time after the Thing of the Fantastic Four was killed in a battle with Doctor Doom. With Reed Richards believing that the Ben Grimm could be brought back to life, the remaining members of the time journeyed far beyond the boundaries of existence, until they ended up in The One-Above-All's personal realm where he took the form of Jack Kirby (another reason why it is believed that the Fulcrum is just another aspect of The One Above All, since the entity has taken up the same appearance). (Bio, Powers & Fun Fact cont. in comments.) at Omniverse

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100 Most Powerful @marvel Characters by @stevie_steelz #2). The Fulcrum Alias: “Jack” First Appearance: Eternals Vol. 4 #7 (2009) Enemies: Non-Applicable Alliances/Affiliations: The Eternals, The Celestials/Dreaming Celestial, possibly the One Above All Bio: The Fulcrum is an ancient and mysterious cosmic force which the Celestials, the Watchers and the Horde serve without question; he is the second most powerful being in the Marvel Multiverse. The Fulcrum is also the Bartender who runs The Vestibule, a lively bar that exists outside of the realm of time and space where Eternals go before they either return to a newly regenerated body or head off to Lacuna (The Afterlife). The Fulcrum is likely an aspect or manifestation of the ultimate creator of the universe. Powers: The full scope of the Fulcrum’s powers and abilities are currently unknown, but he is described to be "all-powerful" and "all-knowing”, possessing full Omnipotence and Omniscence at an unlimited, incalculable level. Fun Fact: The Fulcrum appears to be an incarnation of Jack Kirby, the legendary artist/writer who literally created the Celestials and the Eternals, as well as being the co-creator of many of the most well known Marvel characters such as the Hulk, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, etc. at Earth 616

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100 Most Powerful @marvel Characters by @stevie_steelz #4). The Beyonder Alias: Frank First Appearance: Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1 (1984) Enemies: The entire Marvel Universe Alliances/Affiliations: The Beyonders, Molecule Man Bio: The intergalactic being known as the Beyonder is a young member of the ancient otherworldly race known as the Beyonders. “THE” Beyonder (as he would become known), was actually the result of the creation of a faulty Cosmic Cube by the original Beyonders. The Beyonder had observed Earth from his dimension for many years and was fascinated to discover that the beings living within Earth's reality were not each a creation complete unto themselves; within his universe, the Beyonder WAS complete, meaning he was consisted of all of his reality. In addition to that, he was surprised to discover that Earth's beings were merely a part of a greater whole that made up their universe, that their reality was a member of a larger collection of universes (perhaps of infinite extent) making up the Multiverse. In the Beyonder's unique point of view, each sentient being on Earth was inherently "incomplete" and thereby must have strived to find some way to remedy its incompleteness. The Beyonder decided that the driving force of all sentient beings must be desire (which was an emotional state previously unknown to him), a “want” to evolve into something that one is currently not in order to achieve a sense of completeness. Conversely, contrary to what he previously believed, the Beyonder realized that he himself was not all that existed, and began to view himself as incomplete.  These conflicting ideas and feelings within the Beyonder sparked his own sense of “desire”, resulting the the events of the Secret Wars. After observing the various superhuman beings of Planet Earth, the Beyonder devised a plan (but more like an “experiment” for his own personal understanding) to lure a certain amount of beings onto a planet created by the Beyonder himself in order to peruse their actions. (Bio, Powers & Fun Fact cont. in comments.) at Earth 616

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100 Most Powerful @marvel Characters by @stevie_steelz #5). Molecule Man Real Name: Owen Reece First Appearance: Fantastic Four #20 (1963) Enemies: Fantastic Four Alliances/Affiliations: The Beyonders, Doctor Doom, Volcana Bio: The superhuman known as the Molecule Man was born Owen Reece. He started out living a pretty average life, but that would eventually evolve into a complex existence where Owen would play a significant role in the Marvel Universe. Born in Dinosaur, Colorado and eventually moving to Brooklyn, New York, Owen was a small and frail child who was raised by a coddling and overprotective mother. Bullied in high school as a teenager, Owen eventually developed a love for magicians and aspired to be one, but his childhood dream did not pan out. When reaching adulthood, Owen landed a job working for the ACME Atomics Corporation for a period of twelve years. One day while attempting to fix an atomic powered device, a trillion-to-one accident occurred, bombarding him with radiation and permanently transforming his body; this accident also caused a "pin prick" hole between Earth's dimension and another, which allowed the being who would eventually become known as the Beyonder to become aware of our universe that was teeming with life. This event that would have an impact on Owen's life (as well as the rest of the universe) many years later. Even though Owen survived the blast of radiation, the accident gave him power over the very building blocks of existence, allowing him to manipulate all matter at the molecular level. When the head of the corporation fired him because of the accident he caused, Owen used his new found powers to freeze him solid. Owen initially believed that he needed a wand to focus his powers, so he created this wand-like device, adapted the name of “Molecule Man” and began a complicated journey to find his place in the world. Molecule Man’s next action would be to take over the New York City and declare himself as the only law. He took control of the Fantastic Four’s Baxter Building and tore it from the ground, hovering along with it over Times Square. (Bio, Powers & Fun Fact cont. in comments.) at Earth 616

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100 Most Powerful @marvel Characters by @stevie_steelz #6). The Beyonders First Appearance: Marvel Two-in-One #63 (1980) Enemies: Every Cosmic & Abstract Entity, except Death Alliances/Affiliations: The Beyonder, Molecule Man Bio: The Beyonders were a near omnipotent alien race that existed in a dimension outside the Multiverse. Their origins are unknown, but the Beyonders appear to use their vast powers and abilities to create “experiments” amongst the multiverse just to see what the results would be. They first came to the attention of Earthlings when they hired the alien Sphinxor to steal Counter-Earth, and artificial reality that contrasts Earth-616’s, for their museum of curiosities. The energy that radiated from their dimension was later revealed to be the power source of the Cosmic Cubes, and the sentient Cosmic Cubes Kubik, the Shaper of Worlds and the Beyonder. Their largest experiment was the creation of a singularity across the Multiverse, known as the Molecule Man. They created multiple versions of the individual that would exits in each reality as a "bomb" that would destroy its respective universe if he died. The Beyonders planned to set off the death of the Molecule Man simultaneously across every reality, just to witness the simultaneous destruction of the Multiverse. However, when the prime Molecule Man from the Earth-616 universe discovered their plans along with Doctor Doom, he caused the early death of the Molecule Man from one particular universe, and then embarked in a journey of massacring the remaining ones. The Beyonders eventually realized something was wrong with their experiment. They created the Mapmakers and the Sidera Maris to chart worlds where the Molecule Man had died, marking the movements of Rabum Alal's (Doctor Doom under a cultish, religious disguise) disciples the Black Swans. (Bio, Powers & Fun Fact cont. in comments.) at Earth 616

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100 Most Powerful @marvel Characters by @stevie_steelz #7). Abraxas First Appearance: Fantastic Four Annual #2001 (2001) Enemies: Fantastic Four, Galactus Alliances/Affiliations: Eternity Bio: Abraxas is a powerful cosmic entity whose origins date back to the Big Bang, if not further. He presumably came into existence when the original universe that eventually branched out into the Multiverse was formed. While creation of the multiverse spawned the “birth” of the entity Eternity as the living embodiment of the life force of the Multiverse, Abraxas was spontaneously created acting as Eternity’s counterpart, representing the living embodiment of destruction of everything in existence. While Abraxas grew within the core of Eternity, the cosmic entity (aware of Abraxas’ presence and potential for danger) made certain that a being existed to keep Abraxas from emerging; the being who would designated this particular task would later be known as the “World Devourer”, Galactus. Abraxas would be kept in check through Galactus’ consumption of planets by keeping the energies of holding him intact. But when the Galactus of the primal Earth-616 reality died, Abraxas emerged from his eternal prison with the intent to not only destroy the Earth-616 reality, but the entire Multiverse. The being then began a murderous reign of terror through various alternate realities, which included killing every version of Galactus in each reality he conquered! While Abraxas had the power to destroy many universes on his own, he was in need of the powerful cosmic weapon known as “the Ultimate Nullifier” since it not only had the potential to erase all of reality on a whim if welded by one with enough mental and cosmic power (such as himself), but it was also the only thing capable of possibly stopping him. Unfortunately for Abraxas, the only person who knew the location of the Ultimate Nullifier was Johnny Storm, a.k.a. the Human-Torch, founding member of the Fantastic Four. (Bio, Powers & Fun Fact cont. in comments.) at Earth 616

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100 Most Powerful @marvel Characters by @stevie_steelz #8). Akhenaton Real Name: Amenhotep IV First Appearance: Marvel Universe: The End #1 (2003) Enemies: The entire Marvel Universe Alliances/Affiliations: The Celestial Order Bio: Akhenaten was an extraordinarily powerful Egyptian Pharaoh who was born around 1300 BC. He was chosen by the Celestial Order to receive a huge portion of power from the Heart of the Universe, a powerful cosmic artifact that would turn those who possessed it into a living god on par with the most powerful cosmic entities in the Marvel Universe. Originally born under the name Amenhotep, the Pharaoh established a monotheistic religion worshipping the sun god Aten, the alleged creator of the universe, during Egypt's 18th Dynasty; this is regarded by many historians as a predecessor of current monotheisms. Changing his name to Akhenaten, he then established Aten-devoted cities in Egypt, Nubia, and Syria, attempting to obliterate all worship of the Egyptian Gods, Helopolitans and Ennead. Akhenaten then moved Egypt's capital city from Thebes to a newly built city named after himself. Due to his actions however, the Gods of Egypt considered his actions as blasphemous and cursed him. After ruling for close to two decades, In 1334 B.C., Akhenaten was abducted by the Celestial Order, a group of aliens who discovered the Heart of the Universe and decided to use its powers to press peace onto a chaotic universe by eliminating war, illness, want, and injustice through their chosen representatives. Two thousand years before they “chose” Akhenaten to be their representative, the Celestial Order discovered and accessed the vast power of the Heart of the Universe and sought local humans to guide each space sector through this transition; Akhenaten's ruthless leadership history and vision for the future made him an ideal candidate. (Bio, Powers & Fun Fact cont. in comments.) at Earth 616

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100 Most Powerful @marvel Characters by @stevie_steelz #9). The Infinites First Appearance: (1st Mentioned) Avengers: Forever Vol. 1 #10 (1999) (1st full Appearance) Avengers: Infinity #4 (2000) Enemies: Non-Applicable Alliances/Affiliations: Non-Applicable Bio: The Infinites are a group of three abstract beings who wield incalculable power. They used to travel the Multiverse realigning the energies of each Universe they traveled to in a way they considered harmonious. The Infinites were confronted by the Avengers and Eternity when they planned to destroy and rearrange the planets and stars of the Milky Way as a mean of making the flow of energy in the universe and multiverse more efficient. Initially, their coming was foretold by a group of beings called “The Time Keepers” during The Destiny War and then later, Genis-Vell mentions to the present day Wasp after she asks him about The Infinities that they would appear in her future very soon. Several months later, a Rigellian colony and the solar system it inhabited was annihilated by a group of robotic entities called the Servitors. Thor heard about this atrocity and led a team of "Cosmic" Avengers to the solar system where the Servitors were laying waste to other nearby inhabited worlds. After a brief fight, several Celestial-like entities called Walkers appeared and began building a massive ring shaped device after destroying several of the planets. The Avengers immediately mistook The Walkers for The Infinites but when a hand larger than the entire Galaxy itself emerged from the Dimension of Manifestations and activated the ring, in turn linking all of the Stars in that Galaxy together, The Avengers knew their foes were way beyond their league. Quasar then suggests that Moondragon link The Avengers' minds together so that they could reach out to Eternity and call for his help. They summoned Eternity and forced the hand off of the ring but ended up being pulled by it into the Dimension of Manifestations. Once they arrived within the dimension, the Avengers realized that they themselves were inside Eternity who was now being confronted by The Infinities themselves. (Bio, Powers & Fun Fact cont. in comments.) at Earth 616

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100 Most Powerful @marvel Characters by @stevie_steelz #10). Eternity & Infinity (tie) First Appearance: (Eternity) Strange Tales #138 (1965) (Infinity) Quasar #24 (1991) Enemies: Death, Oblivion Alliances/Affiliations: Death, Oblivion Bio: Eternity and his sister, Infinity, are extremely powerful cosmic entities that represent the space-time continuum and the living force of the Multiverse. They are opposed by their bilateral counterparts Death and Oblivion. As the embodiment of Earth-616 universe, they were both born as the offsprings from the creation of the Second Cosmos and the first Multiverse. Eternity was the embodiment of the Seventh Cosmos and sixth Multiverse alongside Infinity, with whom he is one. However, following the destruction and restoration of the Multiverse, Eternity became the embodiment of the Eighth Cosmos and seventh Multiverse. Powers: The siblings Eternity and Infinity are tremendously powerful abstract entities and the embodiment of the Multiverse that has no real physical body. Both Eternity and Infinity possesses the ability to manipulate time, space, matter, energy, reality or magic for any purpose at an unlimited level. Being capable of manipulating the multiverse to achieve essentially any desired effect, they are both immortal and unaffected by the passage of time. Eternity and Infinity are also capable of physically manifesting as any force living within the Earth dimension, as well as manifesting by possessing the body of exceptionally spiritually-strong mortal beings such as Thor, Doctor Strange, etc. They also can warp space and matter into a manifestation that can be perceived by lesser beings, or form avatars from another plane of existence known as the “Dimension of Manifestations”. Fun Fact: Eternity eventually spawned several "children", or concepts that became separate, independent entities known as Empathy, Eulogy, Expediency, Entropy, Epiphany, Enmity, and Eon; Eon served as a mentor to the super hero Quasar, whose Quantum Bands also happen to directly tap into the energy of Infinity. at Earth 616