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Recently, I have been striving to set certain goals for my every day routine and one of them includes Movement! Whether it be Yoga, going to the gym, or even just taking my son for a walk, movement can make me feel so energized and ready for the day ahead! * Do you have any unique routines or goals set for your day? * * #movement #running #jogging #outside #addidas #nikeshoes #ticpodsfree #goals #intentions #setgoals #morning #morningrun #morningroutine #routine #gym #getmoving #motivation #positivevibes #healthandwellness #health #selfcare #youcandoit #february #youngmommy #mom #toddlermom #fitness #healthandfitness

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I love when I’m reading ingredient labels and recognize more natural or plant-based ingredients on the list than synthetic. This cleanser has been such a pleasant part of my morning routine, and I’m already on my 3rd repurchase🥰 ✨(also how cute does it look against my hibiscus bush?!) @cosrx Low pH Good Morning Cleanser 🌿styrax japonica (Japanese snowbell) stimulates the growth of new skin cells 🌿sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate (sulfate-free, coconut derived surfactant that’s extremely mild—awesome for my sensitive skin!) 🌿pinus palustris (long-leaf pine) has anti-inflammatory + antioxidant properties

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Heading into week 6 feeling strong! I love throwing in the additional weighted workout on the weekends when I have more time. Instead of doing less, use it to do more! Still qualify my morning as relaxing outside the 20min sweat sesh. PS: we're coming into the LAST week to enroll in my 1 on 1 coaching for this 6 week program. You'll also get a nutrition plan, access to my accountability group, AND the opportunity to join the trainers exclusive group. Comment ⬇️ or 🤳 me now! at Akron, Ohio

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Morning routine // what’s yours?! I started a routine this year of journaling and meditating before ANYTHING else and ummmm guys my life is changing. I’m not very good at this when I’m traveling, though. Here is my fav breakfast prepared by @tayrormade (because I don’t cook 😂) in Joshua Tree. The good morning vibes were kickin’ that day. Avocado toast with an egg on it is literally like fine dining to me. I usually just eat carrots + hummus or something LOL note to self: add cooking a good breakfast to the routine. at Joshua Tree National Park

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Everything was taught already. So what is missing? Bruce Lee said: “You must APPLY what you know. And walk on.” Our missing link is: PRACTICE. PRACTICE. PRACTICE. Everything is already here. You know it. But holding ourselves back it’s the way to keep our inner story alive. EGO DON’T WANT A DIE... IF WE LET GO OUR BUILDING ILLUSORY IDENTITY. Are you committed to your story or are you committed to reveal your essence? It’s never was about to be the new us. It’s about to reveal our essence. And the dichotomy it’s to upgrade our HUMAN SOFTWARE. What are you practicing today for experimenting BLISS TODAY? I am always already free, so you are. #breathing #breathwork #rebirthing #qigong #meditation #yoga #pranayama #martialart #movement #flow #zemodernmonk #ethosflow #beyourownguru #coaching #coach #oneononecoaching #homeisalwaysinside #reset #ilovemylife #nohustle #impact #influence #inspire #synchronicity #corepump #morningroutine #recovery #wellbeing #longevity at San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur

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In my natural habitat. Every morning I wake up at 5am and honestly even if I don’t really like it - I really enjoy the time of a quiet morning. And no, it’s not like I’m going to bed at 9pm and at 4am I’m naturally awake, no, here is something, that wakes me up every day. His name is Fuji - he has fur and four legs and soon you will meet him. The reason I can’t show you him yet is that I wanted every picture in this account to be analog (I have principles too!) - photographed on film and developed in the lab and I’m still waiting for my film scans of Fuji to come back from the lab. (please @richardphotolab, hurry ) And if you are really, really curious to see Fuji’s squishy face - head over to my stories. So yep, after I server someone else’s breakfast I have a little time for me, for a drip coffee and even breakfast for myself. #bulldoglife #lifestylefilmphotographer #morningroutine #radostinaboseva #californiaphotographer #morninginspiration #thatsdarling #onmytable #onfilm #sffilmphotographer at Alameda, California

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S A T U R D A Y  M O R N I N G • A: a full-time job in advertising, means most of @theblondeparty brainstorming happens on the weekends. spending the morning getting organized, taking some photos, and shipping out @poshmark orders! 📆 • H: heading to a friend’s home in framingham for the weekend, but first enjoying a cup of coffee at home. it’s sunny and [relatively] warm in boston today, so i’m also going for a run around fenway before heading out of town! 🏆 • G: spending the morning touring apartments in the north loop (for the bf). stopped by our fave, @redrabbitmn, for brunch and then by the @hewinghotel for a mimosa. is there anything better than a saturday morning in the north loop? 🌇 • E: getting up and getting going today with a healthy smoothie, full of protein and fiber. just what i need to fuel another long day at the library! 📓 p.s. this wisco mug is for sale on our etsy site! HOW CUTE?! should we make minnesota ones? at Edina, Minnesota

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I have been asked to show how I apply products. And of course I want to do that! I will also post when I make an evening routine next time. There are a little more steps In my skincare routine at night and much more active products. My purpose with the video besides showing a little clearer how I apply & clean my skin is that a good skincare routine does not have to consist of 50 different steps, it does not have to be so advanced and it definitely doesn’t take long time to do. I have a skincare schedule that I follow but it’s mainly in the evening, just so I have control of my active products and don’t do a damage to my skin. 1. Kiehls Recovery Botanical Cleansing oil. 2. Lumene Pure Artic Miracle 3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water. 3, Leegeehaam Grow Hyal B5 toner 4. The Ordinary, Salisylic Acid 2% 5.Neutriherbs Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid 6. The Ordinary, Natural Moisturizing and I also use 100% Plant Derived Squalene 7. Eucerin, Aquaphor I hope you like it 😅. #skincare #skincareroutine #skincaretips #skincarecommunity #skincareblogger #healthyskincare #serum #serums #salicylicacid #moisterizer #lumenesverige #micellarwater #leegeehaam #facetoner #skinstagram #skincarelover #hudvård #hudvårdsrutin #hudvårdstips #återfuktande #ansiktskräm #fuktkräm #squalene #morningroutine #morgonrutin #skinrollerswe #neutriherbs #theordinaryskincare

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I'm 100% a morning person 🌄 _ I've been a morning person my entire life. Even throughout my teenage years! _ I've been part of the 5am club for the past 7 years, and even the 4am club for a portion of that time! I never press Snooze on my alarm either. _ On weekends, I'm usually up around 7-8am. That's considered "sleeping in" to me. _ My mornings are usually quiet and consist of tea or hot chocolate (I don't drink coffee), reading, working on my online business, and an early morning drive/dog walk. _ To me, a good morning sets the precedence for a great day! I LOVE to be productive so getting up early and getting things done makes me feel satisfied. _ Lazy days don't really exist in my realm. If you know me personally, I'm almost always up to something because that's what I enjoy. I like progress, I like moving my body, I like using my brain, I like problem solving and discovering new things. _ I find in today's society it's extremely easy to slip into a state of laziness that just becomes routine. You think it serves you because it feels good to relax, you worked hard all week, you're saving money, you DESERVE it goddammit! _ Well sorry to burst your bubble, but no. Laying on the couch all day watching Netflix is doing you a disservice. Before you know it, your 2 day weekend is over and you accomplished nothing. You literally just made it through another week "existing." Congratulations! _ Time is too valuable to be wasting it on mindless crap. I'm not saying go climb a mountain every day or brave the -30° weather, or never relax so that you can feel "fulfillment." _ I'm saying start simple! Make a decision to wake up half an hour earlier than you normally do. Read 10 pages of a book you like each day. Go for a 15 minute walk. Find a new uplifting podcast to listen to. Make a healthy breakfast. It doesn't matter what it is! Just pick one thing that you can improve on or add to your daily routine that will BENEFIT you! _ Working on yourself is one of the hardest things you'll ever do, but YOU are your most valuable asset. If you're feeling like you're in a slump, listen to your body! You're capable of greatness and you deserve to feel amazing 😘 at Hinton, Alberta

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Eres lo que crees que eres☁️💧🕊

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☕ morning..

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. I mix it with my day cream these days. It’s a good product, it truly works, but since it’s pricey, i expected more from it. I felt tingling once i put it on directly without mixing with cream. I use other VC serums at the same time. So i think their performance look the same. Can’t tell which one is the winner. While keep using VC products is the key no matter what! Yes, i would recommend to friends. #glowyskin #vitac #kbeauty #kbeautyaddict #kbeautylover #consistencyiskey #luxuryskincare #pmroutine #essence #morningroutine #skincarejunkie #skincareproducts #skincarejunkie #kbeautyhaul #skincarefreak #combinationskin #drycombination #keephydrated #hydration #365skincare #igskincare #dailyskincare #refreshskin #hydratedskin #everydaybeauty #sleepingmask #kbeautytrends #treatyourself #glowyskin #letskbeauty #cliniquebooster

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Serums help to target the problem areas on your skin and provide intense relief. We'd recommend using our @skinmedica TNS Essential Serum to keep your skin feeling young and soft. (Link in bio). . . . #Skincare #SkinMedica #TNSEssentialSerum #rskinbar #skincare #myskin #morningroutine #clearskin #antiaging #renew #rejuvenate #nourish #healthylifestyle #acnefree #fresh #glow #medicalgrade #healthyskin #hydrate #skincareroutine #finelines #skingoals #beautytips #beauty #instabeauty #skincaresimplified #AgingRedefined #AcneExperts #neemmedicalspa #boardcertifiedphysician

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Today... getting back to writing in my #morningpages I’ve been doing them since Jan 2014 but over the past year as I’ve been busy with writing my two novellas, short stories, scripting my doc and all the other stuff. I’ve found my mornings consist of just meditating. This notebook from August would have been filled up by the end of December if I wrote every morning #morningpages #juliacameron #juliacamerontheartistsway #artistsway #morning #morningrituals #morningmotivation #morningroutine #penandpaper #writing #handwriting #notebook #clearing #clearingmymind #clearingthemind #creative #authorsofinstagram #author #authorlife #writersofinstagram #writer #nashville #nash #nashville_tn #nashvilletennessee #nashvilletn #30minutes #hbnorell

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occupational highlight; coffee making! ☕️ • check out my stories highlight (my occupations) for the full routine and occupation highlight! • i make a modified bulletproof coffee every morning that supports my intermittent fasting routine. it’s a high-fat, high-protein, high-calorie coffee made with @bulletproof MCT oil, @vitalproteins collagen peptides, stevia, and coconut cream. • the whole process takes longer than your typical AM coffee routine but keep in mind it’s my breakfast too! • i’ve been doing this routine for almost 2 years off and on — it really helps me with energy and it honestly is so yummy it makes me feel warm and just special first thing in the morning 🥰 • what’s your morning drink of choice? how does it fit into your AM routine? at San Francisco Bay Area

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Judah is the definition of a Boss Baby.

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Foreo da sephora ❤️

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Advertising/Werbung* . Do you also store the excess serum from sheet masks? . Many sheet masks, like this one from Missha, are soaked in so much serum that you can easily get a 2-week supply. I carefully take the masks out of the bag and fill the excess into empty pipette bottles. . The serum remains well protected from light in the pipette bottles, so that the ingredients remain stable. . This Missha mask is full of peptides that repair and tighten the skin. The serum is very easy to spread and super pleasant on the skin. . *The legal situation for influencers in Germany is very unclear. As a precaution I have to mark this post as advertising, because I link the brand. I have not received payment for this post. I do not post on behalf of any of the brands shown/linked.

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Updated AM routine ☀️ Cleanse- @botanicallabuk Indian Clay cleanser. This is very good but my intention is that once I've used it up, I will switch to a cleansing bar as it produces less plastic waste ☀️ Serum- I'm using these antioxidant serums from @paulaschoiceuk which I got in a giveaway. I'm on the Resist now, I'll use the Balancing next. Once these are used up I've got a new vitamin C serum in my sights! ☀️ SPF- @biodermauk Aquafluid SPF 50 #amroutine #morningroutine #amskincareroutine #amskincare #skincarecommunity #budgetskincare #budgetbeauty #crueltyfree #crueltyfreeskincare at London, United Kingdom

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Have you tried out our French green clay face mask? It not only has French green clay in it but it has bentonite clay, spinach powder, ground green tea and peppermint leaf. This is a great morning mask. It’s tingly and invigorating and a wonderful way to start an amazing day! 💚 💚 French Green clay contains micro molecules that are the reason for its amazing absorbent and impurity grabbing goodness. It’s green mainly because of the level of decomposed plant matter...and yes it is from France. at Parallel Soaps & Mercantile

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In the twilight zone of all-things-petri-dish this last week, the nonstop cleaning + disinfecting led me to totally rearrange my office 🙃 Anyone else get like that? Like, “I’m cleaning every nook and cranny MIGHT AS WELL MARIE KONDO EVERYTHING WHILE I’M AT IT!” 🔥🔥🔥 . But I gotta say, I’m kinda loving this little morning meditation/journaling space! Snaps for @iambriannarose and @freespiritedbossbabe who have helped me fall in love with slowing down and realigning all things energy ✨ Thanks to their mentorship and BOMB courses, I have learned so much about the power of energy and {Spoiler Alert} it’s way more effective and FUN being in the flow of what feels good, instead of the hustle-grind-burnout. Ohhh 2019, you look so good 🦋 at Buffalo, New York

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2x5ft Relaxation 🎨🧘🏼‍♀️ Sold ✨ This commissioned work was a blast to create! I’m a huge fan of abstract, textured art, so my rhythm just flowed well with this art piece. This was also my first, big painting, and I can tell you now that I will continue to create large pieces! I’m also extremely happy that my client is pleased with their art work! 🙏🏻 What do you think of this? Write your comments at the bottom! 😊 Oh, and my video link for this painting is in my bio! ✔️ . . . . #artistsoninstagram #relaxingvideos #morningroutine #colorcrushcreative #abstractpainting #saturday #colorcrush #texture #texturedart #texturedpainting #painting #paintingwithatwist #affirmations #positivevibes #arttherapy #meditation #meditate #reiki #epilepsy #cancersurvivor #chronicillness #therapy

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My morning routine🥰✨ •I’m sorry this took so long to post, I took a little break but now I am back and I’ll be trying to post daily. This one came out pixelates for some reason but I worked really hard on it💖Feel free to give me ideas for posts☺️Also please help me reach the goal of 70 followers💛✨ •Tags #niche #nichememe #selfcare #affordableselfcare #cheapselfcare #beauty #cheapbeauty #cheapbeautyhacks #selfcarehacks #morningroutine #weekdaymorningroutine #routine #yellow #slide #fff #comment #like #sfs #png #moodboards #moodboard #affordableandcheap

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Beautiful morning here in Vegas. Sun is shining and a cool breeze. Took Mavi out back this morning, so we both could get some fresh air! Coffee, sunshine, and my babe are my thangggg. ☀️☕️

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Home is where the heart is💗 A few months ago my sister and I moved in together and it’s starting to be complete with the decorations✨

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A positive emotional (let’s say PES) is the area most people identify with high vibrational living, but curating a high vibe lifestyle is a much more complexed and varied process. I discuss this and much more in tomorrow’s Vibe Climber blog post. Check out our first blog post (link in bio). Love, health and abundance to you all. Che💖💖💖

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Visszatért belém az erő, hála a jóni-jógának! Annyival másabbak a napjaim, ha reggel van egy kis időm magamra... Olyan hihetetlen, mert a szülést követően nem tudtam rávenni magam arra, hogy intimtornázzak... Valami miatt mindig elhalasztottam és ez maradt az utolsó utáni helyre. Aztán végre sikerült rendelnem magamnak jóni-tojásokat, de az eleje ezzel is döcögősen indult. 🙂 Minden nap rá kellett vennem magam arra, hogy gyakoroljak. Aztán lassan azt vettem észre, hogy ha elmarad reggel a jóni-jóga, akkor türelmetlenebb, ingerlékenyebb, fáradékonyabb vagyok... Azóta teljesen megváltozott az életem és a hozzáállásom rengeteg dologhoz. Sajnos, vagy nem sajnos, de függő lettem... 🙂 Ez az én szerelmes énidőm. A legtáplálóbb, legnőiesebb kikapcsolódásom. Ha tehetném, receptre írnám fel minden nőnek, aki már él szexuális életet, kortól függetlenül! #jónitojás #intimkristály #jónijóga #intimtorna #intim #nőiegészség #intimegészség #énidő #reggelirutin #minőségidő #önkényeztetés #kristály #természetes #yonieggs #selfpleasure #metime #morningroutine #yoniyoga #mik #instahun #magyarig at Budapest

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Los adultos deberían ser como los niños que, viven cada momento sin pensar mucho en el futuro, que siempre están listos para amar, soltar, crecer y cambiar cuando la vida así se los pida. ❤️ #HappyValentinesDay ❤️ #morningroutine #morningmood #lecture #student #university #klausurenphase #coffeelover #coffeeneeded #hamburg #oceanography #science #mathematics #pride #dbna #gay #gayboy #gayteen #gaylove #gaysnap #twink #gaytwink #gaytwink #gaystagram #instagay #gaygermany #gayhamburg at Mao, Valverde