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59 minutes ago

#DERPITOUT day...9? Pillar Stall! Super fun, a little hard with pom grip. .zero creativity here, just drillin. I think i have the Monday blues. . . Sensational by Cymatix. I don't usual listen to this but having fun exploring copyright free on premium beat. . #mondayssuck #flowlife #leviwand #leviwandersofig

2 hours ago

Mom said we could nap together but every time I opened my eyes there was a CAMERA IN MY FACE! 😾 at Carlsbad, California

2 hours ago

True story. #stpatrickshangover . . . 👉Thanks @champagne_and_chandeliers for tagging us in this meme. DM us to claim your FREE DRINK. 🍾 . . . 👉If you have a funny drinking meme you would like us to share, please tag us or send via direct message. If we post it on our page, you get a free drink on your next visit. at Santa Monica, California

2 hours ago

I feel the same way pup...

3 hours ago

Domenica abbiamo “testato” le potenzialità evolutive del #kerner , in particolare quello di #kofererhof un piccolo maso e azienda vitivinicola in Valle Isarco, precisamente a Novacella, una delle zone più vocate per la produzione di vini bianchi altoatesini. Questo 2013 non ha perso la sfida del tempo, anzi, ha guadagnato in struttura e complessità. Sicuramente per gli amanti dei bianchi altoatesini una esperienza gustativa da fare!

4 hours ago

I regularly share how fortunate I am to be friends with Dr. Corinna Bowser @NarberthAllergyAndAsthma She has been a bestie friend of mine since I moved into the Mainline from teaching a newbie like me to play #basketball in my 40s to running food drives and #gofundme campaigns during my son's fight with cancer. I refer to Corinna's communication style as direct with love. I've been working hard to recover my body after a couple years of neglect from taking care of a loved one with cancer. Today, Corinna told me that not only she but others were noticing my transformation. Welcome back! Am so grateful she said that to me. It was perfect timing, a great lift from my personal work, and from someone I greatly admire and care for. Thanks, Corinna! . . . . #Fun #Love #Health #Fit #Fitness #Neighbors #Family #Crossfit #Workout #Training #Bodybuilding #Muscle #Gym #Sport #Sports #MondayMotivation #MotivationMonday #MaxoutMonday #MondayRun #MindfulMonday #MondayFunday #ManicMonday #mealprepmonday #mondaymood #monday #fitnessmotivation #happymonday #MondaysSuck @Gymshark @Crossfit @Underarmour @adidas @thenorthface

4 hours ago

Can’t tell you how annoyed I am the scales say I’ve gained which I have to say is utter bollocks there is no possible way I have, my body fat percentage has gone down. Sitting in group just makes u feel like utter shit when others can have all the cheat stuff and still lose, had a bit of a temper tantrum in group 😂 if I didn’t have my bestie by my side would not have got through it @teamabs_sw_journey #fuckedoff #slimmingworld #mondayssuck #teamabs #whybother

4 hours ago

SMILE my furiends, Monday is almost over! 🐾