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1 day ago

If you'd like to add some core and cardio to the mix, sign up for Core And Cardio. I only have 3 spots available so first come, first serve. Great option for current clients to add to their strength training sessions. Sign up here: *Must be a gym member* #abs #core #mondaymorninggrind

1 day ago

#mondaymorninggrind After getting about 4 hours of sleep last night, the last thing I wanted to do was go move my sleep-deprived body. BUT, I knew I would feel way worse without the energy workouts provides me. So I got my butt up and welcomed a new work week with my usual morning ritual. ☀️💪☀️👊☀️💪☀️👊☀️💪☀️👊☀️💪☀️👊☀️💪☀️👊☀️ Swipe ➡️➡️ to see some of the lifting this morning....sorry for the 💩 view, I workout solo 😁 #backtothegrind #mondaymornings #energy #workout #girlswholift #girlsgonestrong #morningmotivation #upperbodyworkout #riseandgrind #fitness #cscs #strengthtraining #dietitian #dietitianapproved #5amcrew #wellness #gymlife #morningtraining

1 day ago

Our patient all set up for her early morning sedation case. Implants for the win! . Hate sitting through dental work? Sedation may be a great option for you! . #getposhwithdrjosh at Joshua Lange DDS

2 days ago

Day starts at 0445 everyday. Dog walkies with the hubby. Lower body with @chelseasn_ and @jwaino_ If you're looking to stay committed to anything really, fitness goals aside, the 🔑 is routine🤓 My mornings, without fail (monday-saturdays) look like this.... ➡️ wake up @ 0445 ➡️ walk dogs for 15-20 mins ➡️ smash caffeine before I head to work/gym ➡️ 0600 my workout either alone or with friends/clients ➡️ work hours have slight differences but mostly look like 9-1/2pm-4-8pm ➡️ take dogs out again inbetween, grab Mic from school then continue my afternoon at work ➡️ home dinner and relax REPEAT lol. Consistancy and routine. Iron those out and automatically you'll see progress in no matter what you are shooting for. #routine #consistancy #grindingaway #earlybird #mondaymorninggrind #motivationmonday #makeeachdaycount #dontslackonyourself at Crunch Fitness

16 days ago

As I look at these incredible features which previous owners covered with paint, drywall and a drop ceiling, I think about the quote “They tried to bury us, but they didn’t realize we were seeds.” So many spaces like this get destroyed. It’s an honor to be a part of the cycle of bringing this back to life! #mondayMorningGrind . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #detroit #detroitRealEstate #DevelopingDetroit #BenAndBenji #commercialRealEstate #colliers #colliersRetail #detroitIGers #NotRuinPorn #detroitLove #DetroitNess #Development #construction #architect #DetroitHustlesHarder #detroitVSeverybody #pureMichigan #OpportunityDetroit #tile #refurbish #leadpaint #theytriedtoburyustheydidntknowwewereseeds #quote at Detroit, Michigan

16 days ago

#mondaymorninggrind mondays are always hard work as i am tired from working the night before, scarlett doesnt want to get up. fresh start to the week though and hopefully a good week

23 days ago

Monday mornings used to be the worst! I was too tired and didn’t want to start the weekly grind. 😉 Not so much anymore !! I love Mondays now !! I don’t struggle to get up anymore. I have energy like I haven’t had in a LONG time. And - I know that each and every day I get to help so many of you and that fuels me big time !! If you’ve ever thought about doing what I do, let’s chat. There is a great opportunity through midnight tonight !! . . #PruvitPromoter #hugeopportunity #workfromhome #LoveMyJob #workonmyowntime #workfrommyphone #ketonesdealer #mondaymorninggrind #pruvitketonespromoter #pruvitketones #ketoboymomof3 #ketomama #Boymom #boymama💙 #MomBoss #momof3boys

23 days ago

It’s amazing what I can accomplish when my husband is out of town 😂 When we are together we drink too much 🍷 and 🍺 and stay up way too late enjoying each other’s company. Therefore we can’t get out sh*t together to motivate change. Let’s hope I can keep this going long after he returns home. 🤞🏻 #nevermissamonday #mondaymorninggrind

23 days ago

Looks questionable I know 😂😂😂😂 but I like to let the facial soap set a little bit before I rinse it off! #MondayMorningGrind #FreshFace 💅🏾🤷🏽‍♀️😘

30 days ago

Mondays belong to the go-Getters. The perfect time to reboot your body and mind. . They are for fresh starts. . Life is made of moments. Choose to create & collect the happy ones. . Do the things you think you can't and you will gain strength, courage and confidence. . Ok Monday Let's do this! . Today I lifted heavier. Today I didn't modify. And it felt AH-MAZING' How will you challenge yourself today? #nevermissamonday #mondayworkout #chestworkout #backworkout #liift4 #3moredaystogo #inhomegym #stronger #healthier #fitandfabulous #fitmomma #fitwife #mondaymorninggrind

1 month ago

Monday Morning Grind Busy one today as we have had the most orders we’ve ever received over the weekend 💕 so grateful that our brand is getting noticed as we love helping you all with your skin troubles. If you suffer from problematic skin get in touch and our skin specialist will advise on the best product for you. Take a look on our online shop link is in the bio ☝️ If you love our brand why not work for us. Dm for more info. #theskinbar #mondaymorning #mondaymotivation #ourbrand #smallbusiness #localbusiness #supportsmallbusiness #workforus #skincarebrand #skincarefortroubledskin #resultsdrivenskincare #celebrityskin #mondaymorninggrind #workhard #workingmom #workingmum #becomearep

1 month ago

Hey anxious mama.... Guess what woke me up this morning before my alarm clock??? 🤭 Nope...not a kid crying; a kid puking; or a kid with a nightmare. Not even my 41 year old bladder needing to relieve itself for the third time during the night. 🙈 It was that freak of nature ANXIETY that punched me in the gut before my alarm clock even had a chance to smack me in the head! 😤 What I was feeling anxious about doesn’t even matter. It’s the same ol’ story no matter what the subject of it is. Usually something I have very little, to no control over, and often something that I can do more about when I’m actually awake and it’s daylight! ☀️ I did eventually get up to dress for my workout, then I ended up crawling myself right back in to bed. Definitely NOT feeling up to facing the day yet, not to mention allowing this feeling to hover over me when I’m lucid and it’s still dark out. Better to crawl back into bed and sleep it off. 🙅🏻‍♀️ Wanna know the problem with that? Burrowing back into bed just had me burrowing further into my stress! I tossed and turned; I tried talking myself into just sleeping; and then I tossed some more. When I finally gave in to the clock, I felt worse getting out of bed the second time than I did the first. Because now I missed all the things that actually HELP ease my worried mind. Gratitude, checking in with my accountability partners, and exercise. 🏃🏻‍♀️ Tomorrow is a new day. Let’s just hope it starts out with less pee breaks, more energy, and less overthinking!! #sweetdreamsworld #anxietysucks😔 #gottapeeagain

1 month ago

What if I told you you didn’t HAVE to wake up every Monday morning to go work only to make someone else’s dreams come true? That you could wake up, without an alarm, (unless you have kids.. then they’re your alarm 😜) and work from the comfort of your home, working to make YOUR OWN dreams come true? 🤷🏼‍♀️ — If you’re anything like how I was, you’re thinking “yeah right” or “I could never..” but the truth is, you CAN.. and I truly believe that. I’m where I am because someone believed in me before I believed in myself! #WomenEmpoweringWomen 👏🏼 — UPDATE: I have made it out of bed 😜 and will be getting to work soon, (from my house, taking breaks when I need, and running errands when I have to) but I’m here 🙋🏼‍♀️ and I will be when you’re ready to live this life of freedom with me! #LinkInBio (Join My Team!) ✨ HAVE A HAPPY MONDAY! 😘 • • . . #boymomma #mondaymorningsnuggles #mondaymornings #noalarmclock #noalarmclockneeded #notamorningperson #sleepislife #kidsarealarmclocks #sleepymornings #riseandshine #mondaymorninggrind #fthepatriots #almost19weekspregnant #myfirstborn #hemademeamommy #mommasboy #myboyforever at New Jersey

1 month ago

RADIATE POSITIVITY ✨ . No one wants to get out of their warm bed this morning. No one wants to get ready, rush around, and go to work today. No one is happy about the fact it’s Monday, am I right? . But YOU DO HAVE TO AND IT IS MONDAY, so quit moping around and wishing it was still the weekend. Quit dreading all the things you have to do, and go into it with the “I GET TO” mindset. I GET TO get up this morning, I GET TO go to work today to provide for my family, I GET TO drive my vehicle somewhere today to better my life, I GET TO workout and better my health. . Radiate Positivity is going to be my mantra today. I’m going to be as happy as possible about all the things I don’t necessarily WANT to do. Because ya know what, I’m alive. I’m breathing. My heart is beating. I have a wonderful life. So that’s what I’m going to focus on. How about you? . Happy Monday, loves ✌🏻 . #RadiatePositivity #MondayMorningGrind #WorkForIt #BeHappy #LoveAllTheThings #SweatForThoseWhoCant #BeGreatful #Thankful #MomLife #WifeLife #LoveYourLife at Franklin, Kentucky