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1 hour ago

Having a sick baby means lots and lots of cuddles 😷 even though there's a pile of work to be's friends and water 🤧👩‍👧

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Yup 💁

1 hour ago

Happy Sunday! It’s freezing here today! Thank goodness for warm coats. I’ve had this beauty for almost 15 years! Definitely, the best 20 pounds I ever spent. Do you remember it, @stefaniejneal? As you can see, the wind is blowing us all over. We tried a new church today that is connected to private school we are looking at for our daughter. Then we headed out for some errands. I found some new makeup goodies that I can’t wait to share with you all. Also, had to make a quick stop at @target as I ran out of dry shampoo this morning! I’ve linked my fave to today’s Sunday roundup post on the blog. Seriously, it works wonders. I’ve gone almost a week in between washes. What are your Sunday plans? at Target Store Jefferson-City

2 hours ago

I feel so lucky and grateful to get the chance to see my amazing soul sisters! 🥰🙏🥂🥂 at Panama City Beach, Florida

2 hours ago

It feels like just yesterday I was 18 years old and going to the gym after high school and Work... little did I know I was pregnant and that was the reason why I felt so funny after my workouts... 👀😂 and just like that here we are 10 years later doing mini workouts together.. running on the treadmill next to each other, seeing who can stay in a plank the longest, and while I’m benching you telling me I’m weak and you can bench that weight 😩😂😂😂 Life seriously FLIES!!! You are the girl who showed me how to be a mom, showed me what true love is, and now show me in so many ways how a daughter truly does grow up to be your best friend. I love you girlfriend 💗😘 #sundayfunday #fitmomlife #mommydaughtertime #firstbornlove #alwaysmybaby

3 hours ago

Had a great time this weekend with my daughter. We took a little road trip to support Alexander’s Wrestling team and they did awesome! We got to hangout with some very nice friends and feel all sorts of emotions. Wrestling is intense! I’m thankful we all made it back home safe and sound. God is so good! I feel so blessed every time I get to have an adventure with my girl! They grow up way too fast! I love that we are creating fun memories. #blessedmama #wrestling #roadtrip #mommydaughtertime

3 hours ago

Love getting dressed up with this little girl. My oldest baby. She loves when I do her hair and she gets to be a pinup like mommy. Hopefully that never changes. 🖤❤️ She’s super excited to spend the day together and truth be told, I am too. . . . . . . . . . #mommydaughter #oldestdaughter #mommydaughtertime #momlife #pinup #pinupgirl #parttimepinup #theigy6foundation #warrior #minipinup #pinupintraining #rockabilly #rockabella #vahospitalvisit #igy6 #givingback #teachthemyoung #veteran #vetshelpingvets #pinupsontour #northernnevada #valuablelessons #qualitytime #intentionaltime #wellnesscoach at Dayton, Nevada

3 hours ago

If I ever felt genuinely happy in my life it’s definitely when I became a mom to this beautiful little princess! My heart’s forever walking outside my body! ❤️

3 hours ago

We scored some great reads today at the book store. Mom and daughter fun 😎😍

5 hours ago

This one goes to 11🎉🌸✨🎂🎈Happiest birthday to the best gift I could ever imagine receiving. I cannot believe how you have grown and am amazed by the intelligent, creative, kind little human you are. One of the greatest gifts of being a parent is seeing the world through a child’s eyes. So many things adults become apathetic to, like a flower blooming, a bird chirping, or the effects of good a laugh and a tender heart, you acutely see and feel. To see the world through your eyes makes me a better human and makes this life all the more beautiful. Being your mom is the best job ever and I am so grateful for the responsibility and the lessons. You make this life go to 11💥Happy Birthday not-so little one! (Btw I’m starting to feel sorry for those you may date, we will have some big conversations about expectations and the various love languages;) #happybirthday #birthdaygirl #myloves

6 hours ago

This year we’ve been trying to focus more on giving our kids more experiences and quality time over more stuff for birthdays and holidays. 🎉 Instead of spending money on an elaborate birthday party (yes I’m that mom), this little girl chose tickets to see the touring musical production of Aladdin. She loved it!! 🎭 In addition to the musical theater experience we gifted her with a three month subscription to @foodstirs ... She was so excited, and not just about the fun baking projects, she couldn’t “wait to bake with mommy!” The gift of time well spent together. 🧁 Our first project was a success ... and delicious!! Heart shaped cupcakes for the win! We can’t wait to receive our next box! This is a subscription box we will be renewing! 🧁 #lilbaker #baking #cupcakes #mommyandme #qualitytime at Oro Valley, Arizona