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11 minutes ago

Not much beats the drive at 12 Apostles

23 minutes ago

I love the atmosphere and mood that fog creates, and frolicking around the hinterland in the early hours of the morning - but in the spirit of summer, I feel like it's time to get back to the sea... . . 📷 @fujifilmx_au X-T2 + XF 50-140mm f2.8 . . . . . . . . #fujifilm #fujixaus #fujifilmx_au #xt2 #fujifeed #fujilovers #fujilove #fujifilmglobal #visitsunshinecoast #thisisqueensland #ig_discover_australia #australia #moodygrams #modernwild #folkscenary #folkgreen #the_folknature #mirrorless #atmosphere #depthobsessed #moodynature #mountainstories #moody #mountain #fog #moody_nature #moodytones at Mount Tibrogargan

49 minutes ago

sunset somewhere else, somewhere far. we found a spot out of the way and camped on the shore, because out here nobody seemed to care enough to tell you any different at Pacific City, Oregon

1 hour ago

I think he likes to spend time with me... since he was just a pup we have never been separated for more than a 12 hours, maybe less 😄 Before he arrived home I loved to travel around the world with my girlfriend; we was far from home for more than one month of the year. Nowadays no more planes for us ✈️ However it’s wonderful having you here with us and I hope you are enjoying it too ❤️ at Parco del Monte Conero

3 hours ago

In love ♡ »People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of« #tbmountainsummer at Weissmies

3 hours ago

Breathe in.. Inspired by #1924us ••• Хорошо быть щеночком. Или Генри Кавиллом. ⠀ Выставляешь селфи, где у тебя ухо упало (работает только для щеночка) или отсутствует футболка (в случае с Супермэном). Рандомно тыкаешь на первый попавшийся смайлик в быстром наборе смартфона. Смотришь, как в геометрической прогрессии растут просмотры, лайки и комментарии с каждой минувшей секундой. ⠀ Восторг. ⠀ Плохо быть блогером, у которого публика жаждет обещанных постов. 😅 Ведь сидишь ты дома, вокруг тишь да гладь. Из событий – покормила собак, сходила на почту, получила чек за газ, посмотрела на цифру, расстроилась, вернулась домой, кинула мужу смешное видео в инстаграме, села на диван, открыла ноутбук, молча смотрю в экран. ⠀ Пока искала вдохновение, нашла в телефоне фото заснеженных веточек. Мне фото очень нравится, но оно не особо «instagramble». ⠀ Вспомнила об одном из своих идейных вдохновителей, решила поэкспериментировать. ⠀ Теперь сижу. Жду. Надеюсь. Что веточки окажутся щеночком на руках у бесфутболочного Генри Кавилла. ⠀ 23:34 pm. За окном темно. Лишь блеск рождественских декораций освещает улицы. Почти закончился вторник. ⠀ Конец. at Moraine Lake

4 hours ago

Fresh blanket of snow the Valley Floor 🌨 // Met so many amazing landscape shooters on my last trip to Yosemite. Highly recommend chatting with people next to you while traveling to locations like this. You only run into a dedicated crowd that’s willing to battle the elements and lack of sleep so you end up meeting such interesting characters 👌🏽 . . . . #longexposure_shots #canonusa #reflection_shotz #shoot2kill #earthbound #agameoftones #wildernesstones #houseoftones #artofvisual #yosemitenationalpark #gramslayers #theoutbound #earthpix #milliondollarvisuals #creativetones #bokehkillers #wildernessculture #trapping_tones #creative_ace #leagueoflenses #earthfocus #modernwild #moodygrams #creativeoptic #createcommune #adventurevisuals #agameoftones at Yosemite Valley

4 hours ago

Orang berpendidikan akan terlihat bodoh jika mereka hanya menjadi pasif, bukannya aktif dalam hal perubahan yang nyata. ... #explorelembang

5 hours ago

You miss 100% of the chances you don’t take. Get out there and take a chance, be the real you. 👊🏻 at Colorado

5 hours ago

“You, my friend, were put in this earth to make waves, disrupt the status quo, and kick over some stinkin apple carts.” ~Levi Lusko • A perfect reminder for today! 💕

7 hours ago

New podcast episode tonight :: CLIMBING THE MOUNTAIN TOP :: Driving in my car tonight, pondering about the seasons of life and how they often cycle around again and again. And delighting in how God reaches out to us in the midst of them all. 👉🏻Listen online at or click the link in my bio! ⭐️ #songsandseasons #podcast #nowplaying #ontheblog

7 hours ago

This day was hectic, stressful + chaotic. But you'd never know from this photo. Calm. Silent. Breathtaking. 💫 at Colorado

7 hours ago

It's International Mountain Day, my favorite holiday in December. Here's one of my favorites. 🏔 at Washington

8 hours ago

Beauty can be found in the strangest places. I love the forests ability to recycle and reuse. This fallen tree becomes a home for others, offering itself up as food in its final resting place. There is no doubt in my mind that nature holds the answers to all our problems. We just don’t yet know how to ask the right question. at Vancouver Island

8 hours ago

Three sisters, star filled sky and a mountain town below! Tag someone who would love to be in a place like this 🏔❤️🌠 Photo by: @nick_fitzhardinge at Canadian Rockies

8 hours ago

Well today was a rather wet day. Woke up early and headed up island in the pouring rain. This time I brought my pops to hike with the dog and I. Within several minutes of being outdoors we were all drenched, even though all our layers of clothes. Thankfully even though we were cold and wet we still enjoyed our time together and that’s what it’s all about. Also, don’t believe the weather forecast ever! The weather was scheduled to rain all day and yet driving home from our hike it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. If we knew that, I wouldn’t have started the hike when it was raining sideways... at Vancouver Island

9 hours ago

When the detail is more interesting than the main attraction behind it. at Hardraw Force

9 hours ago

And in the endless sky we are but one

10 hours ago

Slowly but surely we always find our way. 🤯ya feel? at Longs Peak