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9 minutes ago

Our sweet keekee went to kitty cat heaven! We are so shocked and sad! This was unexpected, we are pretty sure she passed peacefully in her sleep in her favorite room in the house! She will be missed like crazy around here! Keep the hubs in your thoughts as this has been very very rough on him. #keekee #rip #missyoualready

46 minutes ago

Accettami così ti prego non guardare, nella mia testa c'è un mondo da ignorare. Voglio che tu sia mia complice discreta,accettami e sarai la mia bambola di seta. Accettami e vedrai andremo fino in fondo,non pensare a cosa è giusto e cosa sta cambiando. Andiamo al polo nord o al sud se preferisci. Accettami ti prego dimmi che ci riesci. Non ho detto mai di essere perfetto se vuoi ti aiuto io a scoprire ogni mio difetto. Se ne trovi di più ancora mi sta bene basta che restiamo ancora così insieme 💕 @b.trice . . . . . . . . . . . #amoremio #missyoualready #youarethereason #myprincess #tiamo #girlfriend #loveofmylife #couplegoals💑 #happytogether #solonoi #youaremydestiny #mygirlfriend #coppiaitaliana #lamiafidanzata #fidanzati at Pozzuoli

55 minutes ago

So I met this wonderful German girl on the border to Peru 2 months ago. She was in the right place on the right time! The beauty of travelling as a backpacker is that you never know who you will meet on the way and how big an impact the people you meet will have on your journey. This girl has been one of the reasons why my months in Southamerica have been some of the very best in my life. Now we will go on different paths once again, but I am thankful and greatful that we got the chance to meet and that I now have a new very special friendship 😍 #beautyoftravelling #missyoualready #sweatyasalways #backpackerlife #traveltheworld #globetrotter #nextupCuba

2 hours ago

Last week ETIV lost a true member of the family - Bianca ❤️Not only did the children learn a lot of English from Bianca, Bianca herself also learnt a lot! This included learning how to pronounce her name in Portuguese, as well as discovering a love for coconuts! We wish her all the best in her new job in Paris ☀️ - A semana pasada, ETIV perdeu um verdadeiro membro da familia - Bianca ❤️ As crianças aprenderam muito dela, mas ela também aprendeu bastante! Por ejemplo, como pronunciar seu nome em Portugues, e que ela ama os cocos! Desejamos o melhor para ela no seu novo trabalho em Paris ☀️ - #bestvolunteersever #missyoualready #internationalvolunteer #ngo #etivdobrasil #englishteacher #coconuts at ETIV do Brasil

2 hours ago

Tucson will forever be in my heart 🌵❤️, but after a 5 week hiatus, I’m more than ready to go back to the travel life. This first year of travel nursing has filled my soul with so much adventure, insight and genuine happiness. I can’t wait to see what year two has in store for me. 📍Next stop, San Diego. 👙☀️🌊

3 hours ago

เหงากันเลยซิ..หึหึ #missyoualready

3 hours ago

I’ve had you a little longer than we thought, because it’s been a messy life with moving and getting the kids settled in, kitchen on fire and eldest being a missing person 🙄 not having a washing machine or fridge on day we moved in, it’s all been going on. I’ll admit even though u are annoying I’m going to miss u. But we’ve done this a million times but that doesn’t mean to say it’s going to get easier. Going to make the most of today and tomorrow because I hate letting u go #iloveyou #goingtomissyou #work #parentlife #crazytime #otherhalfofme #missyoualready #likeforlikes #backtosingleparentlife #wifelife

4 hours ago

* マイ・ベスト・フレンド/Miss You Already * 女性の監督だそうで、女特有の感情や友情の分かりにくさが上手に描かれていました🙌🏻 男性はミリーがバーテンとの浮気に走った心理状態はピンとこないかも?😅 * 乳がんという女性特有の病気は他人事ではないので、もし自分だったら…と思うと涙が止まりませんでした😭 女の友情、ドロドロパターンもあるけどこれはとっても素敵な友情👠✨笑 同性でも異性でも大事な人と一緒に観てほしい映画です💝 * * * #マイベストフレンド #映画 #映画鑑賞 #映画記録 #洋画好き #洋画好きな人と繋がりたい #missyoualready #movie #cinema

5 hours ago

don’t know what I’m gonna do without my best friend next yr #missyoualready

10 hours ago

Hey Leute ❤️❤️❤️ An diesem Wochenende war ziemlich viel los 🙌🏻 Dass Melody und ich nicht zusammen in höheren Klassen starten werden wussten wir ja schon und dass wir uns für sie ein Mädchen wünschen mit dem sie nochmal von E an im Springen erfolgreich sein wird war auch schon länger entschieden 😇 dass es dann aber doch nun so schnell ging war eigentlich nicht geplant 🙈 aber manchmal passt eben Alles perfekt zusammen und wir sind sehr sehr glücklich, dass Melody weiter im #teamponyschwester sein wird und bei @floris_ponywelt einen perfekten Platz gefunden hat 😍 Es war ein mega Jahr für das ich Melody immer dankbar sein werde 🙏 sie ist so ein besonderes tolles Pony, das nur das Allerbeste verdient ❤️ #dankemelody #palominoliebe #sovielgelernt #vonEbisL #beste #missyoualready

12 hours ago

Happy 30, Hollywood Studios! I'll catch up to you in a couple of months. XD Toy Story Land is so much fun! Frozen Sing-a-long was fantastic. Star Tours got an update. Rock n' Rollercoaster was a blast like always. Until next time! #missyoualready #disney2019 #HollywoodStudios

12 hours ago

This lady is leaving me for two months! How dare she #missyoualready

13 hours ago

Uma semana que sai do "arroz com feijão" e vim atrás do "steak and bacon"... a saudade tá aqui, vinte e quatro horas por dia, mas eu sei que era hora de, como boa brasileira, sacudir a poeira e dar a volta por cima. Agradeço a cada um que teve participação neste meu sonho, tenho muita sorte de ser cercada de pessoas tão incríveis! 🌻❤ #missyoualready at New York, New York