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9 days ago

Only 2 and 4 but they absolutely adored these pony’s in Knysna, SA. Horses provide girls with a sense of adventure, escape, and independence that they may have difficulty otherwise obtaining. Riding a horse means you can go wherever you want to, without having to be the passenger. Instead the girl is driver, as in directing the horse where to go. She is in control. Similar to the ways in which a bicycle or car represent freedom and adventure for many people, a horse represents that same sense of escapism for girls who may not yet be able to drive a car. She is free to make her own choices and explore the world in her way. For girls that are so used to following directions all day at the hands of their parents, teachers, coaches, and others, riding a horse can provide that sense of freedom and self-direction she craves. Galloping a horse through a field with the wind through your hair is the ultimate escapism for girls. This is especially true for tweens and teen girls that are facing the social pressures of school and adolescence. There’s nothing like getting on a large animal that you love and riding off into the distance to help you relieve the stress of the awkward tween and teen years that many girls face. Speaking from my own experience, my mother would drop me off at the stable and all day long I could go anywhere I wanted to on my horse. I learned so much from that sense of freedom and adventure that it has stuck with me throughout life. . #horses #pony #freedom #horse #horseriding #ponys #horsesofinstagram #ponylove #horselove #knysna #2014 #southafrica #ministables #youngriders #learning #freespirits #westerncape #adventure #independent #makingyourownchoices #liberty #escaping #travel #travelwithkids #travelblogger #throwback #followforfollowback at Knysna, Western Cape

8 months ago

💖CUTENESS OVERLOAD💖 2 classes for our Islington Academy Mini Ballerinas got us like🤗 Every Saturday: (term time) 9.00-9.45 - Mini Ballet (3-5years) ⭐️ 11.00-11.45 - Mini Ballet (5-7years) ⭐️ Get in touch to book a free trial and your place for the term !! Visit our website: Email us: 📸 Photo credit: @vincent_hana #balletforkids #miniballet #ministables #islingtonkids #islingtondanceclasses #dancestables #saturdays #nooneonthecornerhavecutenesslikeus #instacute #ballet #oohlala #frenchballerinas at London, United Kingdom

8 months ago

За несколько часов сотворила сие изделие. Не хватает пары(или двух пар, я еще не решила) поводьев и подбородного ремня. Кажется, из-за всех манипуляций и примерок придется переделывать налобник, потому как мне под конец он перестал нравиться. 😩 Фурнитура своя, потому так долго делаются изделия. Так же, самозатягивающийся капсюль, делала который впервые. (Ну просто захотелось) Всё регулируется. Суголовный ремень переделывался дважды😑 Хотела что-то на подобие пелямы-мундштука, но с одним кольцом для повода. Но видимо, чуть переборщила с размером нижнего, раз планирую сделать тонкий повод для этого кольца. Спасибо огромное @lynxlr за потрясную волну вдохновения своими работами. Не просматривая твои работы, я бы врядли что-то сделала. #трад #ручнаяработа #конныйспорт #toyhorses #minihorses #ministables #breyer #брейер #rachelalexandra