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Time HA key lime pie

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Bridge vibes

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S O F T S U M M E R L I G H T S at Livé X ALF

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9 Merilane Ave is located in the Rolling Green neighborhood of Edina. Built in 1938, the 12,173 sq ft, six bedroom, nine bath was listed in 2012 for $7 million. In 2014, Jeff and Olivia Hornig purchased the property for $4.15 million. Jeff is a lifelong Minnesota resident, and purchased Lakes Sotheby’s in 2008, when it only had 15 agents. He is also considered one the top 1% of Realtors in the Twin Cities and owns quite a few investment properties. Olivia earned her degree in Financial Management from the University of St. Thomas and received her real estate license in 2001. She sold homes with Jeff for years before becoming the Financial Director at Lakes Sotheby’s. She also serves on the Lacrosse Board of Governors for the Edina, Minnesota Association to help "manage the overwhelming growth and popularity of the sport" (?). #architecture #estate #mansion #home #house #luxeryhome #homesweethome #housestalker #curbappeal #archilover #archi_ologie #archiporn #realestate #midwest #twincities #mpls #edina #homesofedina #rollinggreen #minnesota #landof10000lakes #minnesotalife #instaminnesota #exploremn #onlyinmn #capturemn #thisismyminnesota #minnstagram #minnestagrammers #justgoshoot at Edina, Minnesota

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💯 Days 💯 Drawings. Day 37. Had fun today making this custom script for a project tomorrow. More to come. Thanks for checking it out. at Black Squirrel Tattoo

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Look at these guilty faces! These two troublemakers escaped today and went straight for the road. A BIG “Thank You” to the people who stopped and tried to wrangle them with me. It took awhile, but eventually we were able to turn them around so that they were heading in the right direction. To my great relief, the donkeys turned down the driveway and went right into the barn. Where they will stay for a while! . . In the last few weeks the ATC (American Transmission Company) has cut several of our trees down. The trees served a natural border on our property and I can’t help thinking that this problem would have been directed if they were still there. In 1975, the first owners sold their easement rights to the power company for $300. 44 years later, they are clear cutting 35 feet from the power lines and could raise the voltage and take more trees in the future. . . As for our animals, we know this opens up our property big time. If by chance the animals do get out, their natural instinct is to go straight towards the road. It’s a county road so sometimes people go fast. It was scary today when we all were on the road and I saw a bunch of cars in front and behind me. I am so thankful that the drivers were paying attention, slowed down, put their caution lights on, and helped me get things understand control. God was watching over us. It really could have been a dangerous situation for everyone. . . The loss of our trees has been heartbreaking! We are slowly getting used to our new view and have to come up with some extra precautions in case this happens again. You can check out our before and after pictures. Lesson of the day, don’t sign your rights away. You never know who could be affected by them in the future. . . . #homestead #homesteader #homesteadlife #homeowner #farm #farmher #farmlife #hobbyfarm #hobbyfarmer #sad #propertyowners #farmlife #raisinganimals #lifeonthefarm #lifeonthefarm #iamcountryside #countryside #countryliving #midwest #wisconsin #rural #rurallife

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WOW I miss the salon // I’ve been gone for about a week + a half now and ya girl is ready to come home 🧡 getting away always helps me recharge, and traveling for classes inspires me to refocus + makes me appreciate my salon home that much more. (but I also just really miss my hubby + pupper) be home soon ✈️ . . . . . . . . . . . . #americansalon #modernsalon #behindthechair #901academy #balayage #bronde #blonde #hairofinstagram #ohiohair #hairinspiration #haircolor #bossbabe #extensions #hairextensions #ohioextensions #naturalbeadedrows #nbrextensions #hair #midwest #beforeandafter #hairextensionartists #licensedtocreate #cincinnatihair #cincinnatiextensions #cincinnati #ohio #daytonohio #columbusextensions #createdblondes #ohiohair at San Diego, California

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Rethinking my decision to leave the house today 🤪☀️☀️☀️ the swimming was fun while it lasted @caitlynn_jean

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T R A N S F O R M A T I O N⏩ at Livé X ALF

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I think there’s something poetic about watching a cicada emerge. Their vulnerable bellies are exposed, they hang upside down for hours, patient, slowly slowly slowly, getting used to being brand new. They are bright green and gold. They are full of hope, their big eyes look up at me with trust. They crawl out of their own skin like creatures from a foreign planet and stumble across my fingers with the grace of a newborn deer. Every year, over thirty choose to go through this rebirth on the tree in my front yard. Maybe it’s in just the right spot facing just the right direction with the right amount of sun, but I like to think they know I’ll be happy to see them.

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Cloudy Days are my favorite