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CLEATS VS EGGS!🥚 . Full video on YouTube! LINK IN BIO! 🔥

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Niklas Süle, on his goal: "I screamed with my heart so that Thiago could see me and pass the ball. I gave 2 kicks against the BVB, but they did not pass their defensive barrier. That's why it was good to be able to decide the game today. Even the goal not being so beautiful, it helped " . . By @ HomeFCB on Twitter . . #niklassüle #miasanmeister #miasanmia #bayernmunich #allianzarena #bundesliga 🔴⚪️❤️

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Niko Kovač seusai pertandingan: "Pertandingan ini tidak menarik di babak pertama. Di babak kedua, kami melakukan jauh lebih baik dan pantas untuk menang. Pertandingan DFB-Pokal pada hari Rabu nanti akan sangat berbeda dan pasti akan ketat." . "Sulit bagi kedua tim untuk bermain hari ini. Kami tahu bahwa Bremen sangat sulit untuk dilawan. Kemenangan ini benar-benar layak bagi kami. 1-0 sudah cukup, kami mendapat tiga poin." . On pertandingan DFB-Pokal hari Rabu: "Ini akan berbeda, pertandingan di bawah sorotan. Ketika lampu menyala di Bremen, segalanya menjadi sangat sulit. Kami harus berjuang keras untuk memenangkan pertandingan." . On perburuan gelar: "Kami sekarang unggul 4 poin, tapi belum ada yang memutuskan, kami masih punya 4 pertandingan. Akan lebih baik jika Freiburg mendapatkan poin besok, yang mungkin memudahkan kami. Tetapi kami harus memenangkan semua pertandingan kami, jika kami melakukannya, kami akan tetap menjadi juara." . *Intinya adalah kita bersyukur Bayern menang semalam🙏 . . #PutuMünchen #MiaSanMia #FCBSVW

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‏ريناتو سانشيز: "المدرب لا يتكلم معي كثيرًا ، لكن هذا لا يهم. إنه المدرب ، أنا اللاعب ، أحترم رأيه ، أنا فقط أعمل وأتدرب". 😞😞 #MiaSanMia

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أحاااااا، ما هذا يا اوغسبورغ؟! #MiaSanMia

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Kovac after the Bremen game : "I wish that we would have used the multiple chances we had to get 2-0 or 3-0 , but the 1-0 is enough . The win is fully deserved ." Kovac about Bremens game : "It was sifficult for both teams today . We knew that Bremen were very difficult to play against . We had to play patiently ." Kovac about the dissmisal : "The dissmisal has certainly made things easier in the second half . We have three points and are happy that we can celebrate Easter as leaders ." Bremen boss Florian Kohfeldt : "I am not dissatisfied with my team at all . We were brave , we threw everything in and we always showed that we wanted to win . We got the red card and then it was all over ." Bremens Nuri Sahin : "We were brave , we wanted to be brave . But if Bayern gets stuck in your half , it's extremely hard to get out of it because they let the ball run very well and have very , very good positional play ." #miasanmia #miasanmeister #packmas #finalgames #bayernislife #bayern #bundesliga #kovacin @fcbayern @bundesliga_en @niko.kovacofficial @werderbremen

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Hier stehe ich in der erlebniswelt in der allianz arena neben Jupp Heynckes dem triple trainer vom @fcbayern heute hat unser @fcbayern bremen mit 1:0 besiegt und wichtige punkte für den meisterschaftskampf gesichert 😘⚽🔴⚪😍❤👍💪✌☺😎😚😉🔥😀 Grüße gehen raus an den @fcbayern @fcbayern_antonia @fc.bayern.girls @fcbayernsabrina @fcb.nn @carola_stoehr_fcb @julia_19.12 @_juliafcbayen_ @juliafcbayern32 @juliafcbayern @julia_fcbayern #sieg #bremen #bayern #bayernsieg #allianzarena #meineliebemeinverein #fcbtoni #deutschermeisterwirdnurderfcb #forevernumberone #followforlike #likeforlikes #miasanmia #packmas #picoftheday #bayernwappen #bayernschal #bayernfan #bayernpullover at FC Bayern Erlebniswelt

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Matchwinner 🙏🏻

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@nsuele25 was happy as I was. I absolutely love seeing the bug guy get a goal. - Still looking back on that run vs Mainz he made gosh I wish he could have scored then. at Clover, South Carolina

6 hours ago

One of my favorite pics of me and my niece Porter ❤️ I love that little monster. at Clover, South Carolina

2 months ago

⚽ Today ⚽ #liverpool - #fcbayern Wie geht das Spiel aus? Was sind Eure Tipps? Wünsche mir natürlich einen Sieg des FC Bayern 💪 💕Euch allen einen tollen Fußball-Abend!! 🤗😘 . . . . . . . . . #championsleague #fußball #soccer #matchday #sporttime #fitnessgirl #packmas #fcb #fcbayernmünchen #miasanmia #ucl #fußballabend #packmas #münchen #bayern #potd #fitnessgirl #training #picoftheday #dfb #instagood #enjoyyourevening #fcbayernmunich #sterndessüdens #uefa #uefachampionsleague #fitfamgermany