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13 hours ago

Logotipo desenvolvido para Hermau Engenharia, o resultado ficou incrível. Fundada por dois sócios, o logo representa cada um de uma cor, no formato de engrenagem que simboliza engenharia. Precisa de logo? Solicite um orçamento! at Indaial

13 hours ago

As mídias sociais são uma assertiva maneira de uma empresa se comunicar com os clientes. A qualidade do material é que pode trazer o engajamento planejado. Solicite um orçamento! at Indaial

2 days ago

Logotipo e identidade visual desenvolvidos para @francieleoliveira.fotografia Durante o desenvolvimento do logo buscamos unir a suavidade com o profissionalismo e deu muito certo. Acompanhe @francieleoliveira.fotografia nas redes sociais, com certeza irá se encantar. Precisa de uma identidade visual? Solicite um orçamento! at Indaial

3 days ago

Trabalhamos com desenvolvimento de impressos e personalizados em geral. Cartões de visitas, panfletos, banners, tags, pastas, catálogos. Solicite um orçamento. at Indaial

3 days ago

Somos a Menasa, trabalhamos com desenvolvimento de logotipos e identidade visual e também com criação de artes impressas ou digitais. Solicite um orçamento. at Indaial

3 days ago

Trabalhamos com social media para quem busca engajamento, relacionamento com clientes e até mesmo vendas. Solicite um orçamento. at Indaial

6 days ago

" I was fascinated by an old Central Asian carpet that depicted Alexander Pushkin. The carpet was done in an old technique and was exhibited in a 19th-century madrasah-turned-museum to help demonstrate the continuity of local traditions through time. To me, this is a perfect example of contemporary art. " Diana Kudaibergenova, a Cambridge University PhD graduate . . A #mustshare article about how #art can serve as an object of study of ancient civilization, an alternative platform for discussion in Central Asia. #Enjoy the reading !!

9 days ago

'Inner Truth' by #EdwardAkrout reflects a moment of recovering and meditation of the #artist in the middle of #NYC rush life. A minimalistic #artwork of a renowned #artist of the seventh #art. . . The artwork reveals the forms that emerge in the mind’s eye during the inward focus of #meditation; an impression of mental movement and awareness of the self during one’s own stillness. Available in our #egallery !!

10 days ago

The first report about the #art market in the first half of 2018 showed a recovery of +18% and impressive numbers related to the #Chineseart and #modernart. . . The museums were also a sector showing a significant growth, representing a huge opportunity for artists, curators, galleries, and collectors. A #mustead post !!

13 days ago

#Savethedate for the unique chance to see the 100 #African objects of a rare collection from August 25th through to November 25th at the Aratoi Wairarapa Museum of Art and History. . . The #artexhbition is called 'MINKISI', a word that refers generically to statues from the latter region. In human or animal form, Minkisi contain a spirit that works for the good of an individual or group to prevent misfortune...

14 days ago

How many #artfairs are taking place in #Singapore? Is there space and audience for two more in the #artscenery? @artstagesg, @affordableartfairsg, and the new #art fairs #ArtSG, @seafocus the country is aiming to achieve the success of #HonkKong @artbasel. . . " It is less than a two-hour flight from every major city in the ASEAN zone which represents a collective market of 620 million people, significantly larger than that of #NorthAmerica, the #Eurozone, or the #MiddleEast. " __ @mchgroupnews, responsible for ART SG in November 2019...

15 days ago

Featuring today the creative and unique #artwork of the #Indonesian #artist #JohnMartono, specialized in silk paintings with embroidered details that work in the horizontal plane reflecting his inner happiness and joy of life. A rich and expensive material resulting in singular abstract figures. Acquire in our #egallery !! 😉

16 days ago

" I began wanting to say something through my art, to send a message. I was living a hard life and I wanted to illustrate it through my paintings. " __ Mohamed Jokhadar . . In the spotlights, how the #art is bringing back and constructing some memories of #Syria. The impressive history of a teacher that is using his knowledge in arts to change the refugee camps scenery...

20 days ago

#Repost @wsa_ba ・・・ " We tend to go after the meaning of the written words via calligraphy, and that's when it becomes fixed. I'm hoping for it to become more alive and fluid, and that's how contemporary calligraphy should look like. " __ #ZhangQiang, a professor at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute . . A #mustread interview with the #Chinese #artist and professor that is challenging the weight of words valued in traditional #calligraphy. Take a time and enjoy the reading !!

21 days ago

❤️ Amir Hamza the Lover and the Dancing Zebra by Noureddin Zarrinkelk, 1977. “The figure of the horned demon who bewitched the princess is based on Amir-Abbas Hoveyda, Iran’s prime minister from 1965-1977." at LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art

21 days ago

In the spotlights, an interview with the founder of the @turbineartfair and some #artcollectors explaining how to start a new art collection and the value of African artists in the market, which may requires more research and a basic knowledge of this secondary art market. A #mustread post !!

22 days ago

Flower Storm by Ali Akbar Sadeghi, 1972. “Rendered in a style loosely based on traditional Persian manuscript painting, the images recount the story of the personal conflict between two kings that eventually leads to war. Through the secrete collaboration of the children from both lands, the warheads are replaced with flowers and birds and are showered upon the kingdoms.” . The Div Akvan Carries Rustam to the Sea by Mu’in Musavvir, 1660s . Rustam’s Seventh Labor: He Kills the White Div, c. 1670. From the Shahnama of Firdausi at LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art

22 days ago

1. Early Portrait of Nasir al-Din Shah (King of Iran), c. 1850 2. Cover illustration of the assassination of Nasir al-Din Shah, 1896 3. Execution of Mirza Riza Kirmani, Nasir al-Din Shah’s Assassin, 1896 4. The king is always above the people (From the series Life in Iran, 1978) by Ardeshir Mohassess 5. Untitled (From the series Destruction) by Fataneh Dadkhah, 2006 at LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art

24 days ago

An enlightening conversation between Samira Yamin and Yasmine Diaz, including how the intersection of oppressions, such as imperialism/orientalism and Islam/religion/family/culture, can lead to the silencing of women from Muslim backgrounds. . ‘i know what boys like’, collage by Yasmine Diaz . ‘Scotoma’, altered photography by Samira Yamin at Women's Center for Creative Work

27 days ago

" I know #artists from #Iraq who have not been able to set foot in #Britain for years. They are just not given a visa because of their age and because they fit the profile of an asylum seeker. The travel ban is terrible, but the lack of hope is worse. " __ Tamara Chalabi, the woman behind the Iraq Pavillon at the @labiennale. . . With the aim to call attention for artists who are outside the commercial or the nonprofit #artworlds, she is launching a new initiative called #RuyaMaps on view from October 14 through October 26. #Nottomiss !!

27 days ago

" People can expect a lot from #art. #Artists cannot make peace, but we can reflect on our history. This can help us understand each other. " #HteinLin . . The selected article of the day comes from #Myanmar, a state in the #Southeast of #Asia, which doors are opened to receive visitors and #artcollectors since early July, with the aim to honour and highlight the heroes responsible for its independence in 2011.

28 days ago

2018/07/20/金曜日 遂にジャングルテラーの生みの親 『WIWEK』が明日初来阪‼️ Open 22:00 料金 前売り2500円/当日3000円 BARONG FAMILYのメンバーとしても有名でSkrillexとのコラボ曲KillaはBeatportランキング1位を獲得。 6月にBARONG FAMILYからリリースされたShanghai NightsでもWIWEKとYellow Clawのコラボ曲『OMG Dynasty』は皆さん要チェックです‼️ 是非とも予習、復習してお越し下さい🙌🏼 . . #barongfamily #yellowclaw #wiwek #mikecervello #sihk #menasa #cesqeaux #moksi #tsunano #joule_osaka #amemura #nightclub #jungleterror #trap #moombahton #twerk #dubstep #hardstyle #fashion #house #bassmusic

29 days ago

“My rules for buying art are simple: I always buy what I like.” . . Today we selected a special article of the #SouthAfrican hotelier, Liz Biden, where each property is the result of years of accumulation of artworks, antiques, and custom designer pieces of #African #art, transforming each one of the hotels into galleries where #Africanartists can expose their unique style and talent. A #mustread post !!

29 days ago

See you soon, #SF! Come find us § get your fill of #MENASA related #creative § #independentpublishing at the #artbookfair this weekend. With 100+ international exhibitors on-site, it’s not to be missed if you’re near the #BayArea. #BaeArea 📗 The 2018 @sfartbookfair 1275 Minnesota Street San Francisco, California 94107 📗 Free § Open to the Public Preview: Friday, July 20th - 6pm – 10pm Saturday, July 21st: 11am – 6pm Sunday, July 22nd: 11am – 5pm #sfartbookfair #sfartbookfair2018 #zines #riso #photobook #artistsbooks at Minnesota Street Project

1 month ago

" A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song. " __ Maya Angelou . .  Perfect #artquote to illustrate the intriguing #art of the French-Algerian #artist, #PatrickAltes, which #artwork 'The Hanging Gardens of Babylon' contains a reference of the exile from the Garden of Eden, the parting of the Red Sea and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. . .  Acquire in ou #egallery !!

1 month ago

EVENTS: Menasa brings us the Official Aftermovie [FUIK You 4 Ever] with @mc_don_t @djkrokzz @robinroxette @deejayro1 @z_authentic . Awesome video¡¡ more? Follow 👉Menasa👈 on your personal account and find out more about him and this event. They wanted Moombahton??? Toma Moombahton¡¡¡ . . . . Credits: @menasa_ @fuikyou . . . #menasa #djmenasa #fuikyou #fuikyou4ever #curacao #boatparty #anniversary #aftermovie #moomba #moombahton #electronicmusic #electronicfestivals #electronicnews #dj #musicaelectronica #musicnews #music

1 month ago

ᖴᑌIK YOᑌ 1 YEᗩᖇ ᗩᑎᑎIᐯEᖇᔕᗩᖇY 🍾🔥💦 Getting bigger and bigger! Thank you to all you ᖴᑌIKEᖇᔕ for celebrating with us! 🙏 Special thanks goes to @djkrokzz @jaystaxofficial @carlitofromcur @chrisstrick 🎤🎧 And all the way from Holland 🇱🇺 @valsbezig and @mcdarkflex 🔥 🚤Love to all the boats! MR. Big Papi @georgemetry 💪 @shaidyy @zenolotman Chacaro, Explorer, Second Chance and Patron 🙏 Thank you to our sponsors: @desperadoscuracao @cocacolakorsou @united_distributors #fuikyouanniversary #fuikyou #fuik #boatparty #menasa #mcdont #curacao at Curaçao

1 month ago

#Savethedate for the new #SouthEastart exhibition taking place simultaneously in three major #art institutions: - The Philippines: the Metropolitan Museum of Manila ( #METManila) - The University of the #Philippines #VargasMuseum - The  #yuchengcomuseum on August 8, 2018. . . 'Ties of History' will showcase three #artworks of each #artist in each place drawing attention to the thoughtful and sensitive process of #artistic transformation and maturity of #Philippineart...

1 month ago

My video 'im/pure' will be showing at LACDA, opening this Saturday 6-9pm. Hope to see you there! "Water fragments and washes away the pristine reflection of a woman. What is revealed is her true inner self, mourning the loss of innocence." at LACDA Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

1 month ago

💦FUIK YOU 1 year Anniversary was FUIKING Great!🎉The Best edition so far! 🍾🥂Thank you to All you Fuikers for celebrating with us! 💦 Special thanks to @djkrokzz @jaystaxofficial @carlitofromcur @chrisstrick and all the way from Holland 🇱🇺 🎤@valsbezig and @mcdarkflex 🔥💪🏼 🚤Love to all the boats! MR. Big Papi @georgemetry ❤💪🏼 @shaidyy @zenolotman Second Chance and Patron 🙏🏼 #fuikyouanniversary #fuikyou #fuik #boatparty #menasa #curacao #mcdont #valsbezig 🛳 Special big ups for my homie Coco @5999islandlife helping us from day 1☝🏽For all your Yacht & boating needs contact him🙏🏼_______________________________________________________🙏🏼Thank You to the sponsors: @desperadoscuracao @cocacolakorsou @united_distributors 💪🏼 at Fuik Baai

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💦FUIK YOU 1 year Anniversary was FUIKING Great!🎉The Best edition so far! 🍾🥂Thank you to All you Fuikers for celebrating with us! 💦 Special thanks to @djkrokzz @jaystaxofficial @carlitofromcur @chrisstrick and all the way from Holland 🇱🇺 🎤@valsbezig and @mcdarkflex 🔥💪🏼 🚤Love to all the boats! MR. Big Papi @georgemetry ❤️💪🏼 @shaidyy @zenolotman Second Chance and Patron 🙏🏼 #fuikyouanniversary #fuikyou #fuik #boatparty #menasa #curacao #mcdont #valsbezig 🛳 Special big ups for my homie Coco @5999islandlife helping us from day 1☝🏽For all your Yacht & boating needs contact him🙏🏼_______________________________________________________🙏🏼Thank You to the sponsors: @desperadoscuracao @cocacolakorsou @united_distributors 💪🏼 at Fuik Baai