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Mario Balotelli 🇮🇹⚽️ ------------------------------------------ Siguenos también en nuestras cuentas alternas para ver partidos en vivo📺: 🥅 ➡️ @nolosabiasfutbol ➡️ @almafutbolera ➡️ @elonceideal ➡️ @capitaldeportiva ➡️ @tierradelfutbol 🥅 🔥Te esperamos🔥 🥅 Puedes ver las noticias del día en nuestras historias📲🔥 🥅 ⚠️Ninguna Intencion de infracción de derechos de autor. ➡️ Para creditos enviame DM📧 Respeto por los influencers y fotógrafos⚠️ ⚽️ #Futbol #frases #football #soccer #deportes #laliga  #championsleague #neymar  #fifa #realmadrid #fcbarcelona #motivaciones  #premierleague #seriea #memes #messi #cristianoronaldo #cr7

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Omg look at what you guys did 😔😔 Was your #BringBackNationalDex worth it? Don’t you guys know that Gamefreak is a small indie company that doesn’t make a lot of money 😔 They can’t bring all the Pokémon back bc too many new models.. ( So they talk about how there’s too many models to make but they’re just reusing the ones from Gen 7? Which has assets for EVERY Pokémon so uh.) GF is just being lazy. It’s over a 1000 Pokémon I get that but this game was suppose to be the LATEST and GREATEST in the series on a console that can actually HANDLE the models while the 3DS couldn’t. :< So they’re in the Distortion World huh? Maybe they can find the national dex or some Sinnoh remakes in there

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Schools out and I’m so ready to do nothing

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hello it me

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my sister walked into my room as i made this and i had to explain myself 📞🗿

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Assemble -m