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Elevated above the humble workers' cottages and cobblestone lanes of West and North Melbourne, VOLAIRE will stand as a landmark of quality in a previously undiscovered pocket community on the edge of the CBD. 🏠 Exposed concrete, steel and glass elements feature in the visual composition of the façade, with concrete balconies cantilevering towards a prominent corner in a dramatic flourish. 💎 Volaire is a stone's throw from Melbourne’s most coveted retail hubs of North Melbourne and Carlton. Minutes from the city, major universities and hospitals, Volaire soars above the adjacent heritage listed North Melbourne train station, one stop from the city loop. 🚆 Interested? Direct Message or Email for more info 📨 Follow @luxurylistingsau for #australia's most affordable #luxuryhomes, #realestate, and #propertyinvesment opportunities! 📸 at West Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Located in the world’s most liveable city – Melbourne. 🏆 - Explore the chic experiences and conveniences of Australia’s fashion, dining, arts and sports capital. Discover Melbourne’s unique lane ways, open-air riverside promenades, beautifully manicured city parks, gourmet restaurants and countless boutique shops right in your own neighbourhood. 🏠 - “So what we have with UNO are homes in the sky. We have an amazing collection of amenities that complete the home in every aspect. Generous spaces with wide frontages and uniquely voluptuous design forms that compliment modern living. Dwellings boast multiple vantages across the city and Port Phillip Bay. We’ve been developing vertical communities at Elenberg Fraser for the past fifteen years. Now we’re seeing is that learning really comes to fruition.” 🎙️ - Interested? Direct Message or Email for more info 📨 - Follow @luxurylistingsau for #australia's most affordable #luxuryhomes, #realestate, and #propertyinvesment opportunities! at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Protecting your home is so important. Link in our bio for details on how you can do that. at Port Melbourne, Victoria

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How to keep your home...even if you lose your health or your job. Link in our bio. at Port Melbourne, Victoria

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Offset vs Redraw! Today on the blog we’re continuing our Hack Your Home Loan series and we’re discussing these magical little home loan features that allow you to both save your cash and reduce the interest you pay on your home loan 👍🏻 A double winner! If you’ve ever been curious about the difference between the offset accounts and redraw facilities, and how they can help you to pay your home loan down ASAP, this is your blog post! 🏡 #homeloan #broker #mortgage #finance #melbournebroker #hackyourhomeloan #debtfreecommunityaustralia #debtfreecommunity #financialindependence

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No mortgage brokers means handing the power to the banks, and consumers will be at theIr mercy. - This will mean it will be a lot harder to obtain a home loan and the offers will be potentially a lot less competitive. - Brokers find the most suitable option for you, in a market full of offers, ensuring the loan you apply for is the most competitive option in the market. - Consumers don’t pay any additional fees or charges when using a why wouldn’t you let someone who’s experience is in providing the best offers to you, the consumer? at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Happy International Women’s Day. While we always like to celebrate the achievements of the women who work at Empowered, today provides an opportunity to acknowledge their amazing work, say a huge THANK YOU and reflect on the challenges continually faced by females. Whether it be in the workplace, in the home or anywhere else across the Globe. We want to give a shout out to the amazing women who have helped build our brand and continue to make us strong. To our friends, family and clients who lift us up while trying to balance work, life and family, you are amazing. To the women who are on the forefront of fighting for equality and calling out gender-based discrimination, we thank you for your incredible work and bravery, you are an inspiration. As many of us in the office are parents with young children, we want the world to be a beautiful and kind place for our daughters and sons. Together, we all need to work towards empowering women, recognising, calling out and working to remove discrimination and bias so that we can not only raise strong women, but also considerate and informed men. A balanced world is a better world. #IWD2019 #balanceforbetter #internationalwomensday #womensuporttingwomen #femalesinbusiness #smallbiz #mortgagementor #debtfreecommunity #melbournebroker

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Websites such as allow you to search through old ‘For Sale’ and ‘For Rent’ listings. Using this information, you may be able to target properties that were passed in whose owners might still be interested in selling. Similarly you may be able to find rental properties in the expired listings 👏👏👏👏👏

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Work harder⁣ Work smarter⁣ Reach your goals quicker⁣ ⁣ When it comes to clearing debt to pave the way for home ownership or refinancing, you *have* to work for it, there's no quick fix or easy way out 🙅🏻⁣ ⁣ If I could wave my magic wand then I sure would, but what I can do is help to set you on a solid plan to get to to where you want to be with your mortgage, you just need to say the word and get in touch⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #reneeedwardsmortgagebroker#aussiehomeloans #aussie #aussiebroker #propertyinvestors #bemoneysmart #bemoneysmarttoday #financetips #melbournebroker #melbournebrokers #propertyprices #interestrate #fixedrate #fixedratemortgage #fixedrateloans #firsthomeowner #firsthomeowners #budgetingtips #budgetplanning #creditscores #creditscoresmatter #loanapplication #homeownerlife #homeownertips #dreamhouse #houses #investor #investors #propertyinvestor #finance at Greenvale, Victoria, Australia

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Keep home loan rates competitive by using a broker to help you purchase your next home. at Loan Studio

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Credit Score - a change for the better Comprehensive Credit Reporting, or 'Positive Reporting' is here. And while the banks may not be happy about sharing their customers' information with other banks, borrowers like you stand to benefit a lot more. Follow our link to find out more: #mortgagebroker #homeloan #beabetterbroker #brokerbehindyou #broker #finance #financebroker #melbourne #melbournebroker #brokervsbank #yourmortgagebroker #mortgagebrokermelbourne #mfaa #firsthomebuyer #realestate #home #apartment

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We love how you can do a little wander around Melbourne and come across such wonderful street art. We didn’t mind a little bit of distraction during our conference 💚💛🧡who wouldn’t want to live here?

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You all loved my money #lifehack last week so here's another... As you clear your credit card debts on each card you have, close the account!! It may seem like such an obvious thing to do but you'd be surprised at how many people forget 😱 If you don't close the account properly, you may still have to pay fees, even if you no longer use the card. AND in case you didn't know, from 1 January 2019, all credit card providers must give you the option of cancelling your credit card online. Easy peasy! You can do it on the couch 👏🏻 Small changes will lead you to a better place with your money, don't be overwhelmed, it's easy and just takes patience 😉 . . . . . #reneeedwardsmortgagebroker #aussiehomeloans #aussie #aussiebroker #propertyinvestors #bemoneysmart #bemoneysmarttoday #melbournebroker #melbournebrokers #propertyprices #interestrate #fixedrate #fixedratemortgage #fixedrateloans #firsthomeowner #firsthomeowners #budgetingtips #budgetplanning #creditscores #creditscoresmatter #loanapplication #homeownerlife #homeownertips #dreamhouse #houses #investor #investors #propertyinvestor at Sunbury, Victoria

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Went out for a bike ride after work this evening after spending all day at my desk. at Lillydale Lake

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Helpful hints to paying your home loan off sooner Most mortgages are spread out over 25 to 30 years, but it doesn't have to be that way. With a few simple strategies you can take years and thousands off your loan, and it's much easier than you might think. Follow the link to find out how: #Loanofficer #Loanofficers #mortgagebroker #mortgagebrokers #mortgagebanker #broker #realestatebroker #brokers #brokerlife #chapterfinancialgroup #mortgagebroker #homeloan #beabetterbroker #brokerbehindyou #broker #finance #financebroker #melbourne #melbournebroker #brokervsbank #yourmortgagebroker #mortgagebrokermelbourne #mfaa #firsthomebuyer #realestate #home #apartment

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Struggling to tick off your to-do list ❌? We can help you! Whether you're looking to buy your first home, consolidate your debts or even pay back that loan from mum & dad, the Credo Team has a solution for you. ˙ Get in contact with us today & get on your way to achieving those goals 🙌!

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Do you find yourself scrambling for coins only shortly after pay day? You have more control over what you spend your money on than you may think... If you are having trouble budgeting efficiently and have found yourself in debt, get in contact with us today to get back in control of your finances. We offer debt consolidation! Make 2019 your year 🎉

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Why should you choose a mortgage broker over a bank? This video will help you understand the pros at Loan Studio

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Located on the border of Carlton and Fitzroy, Found is a boutique residential building, comprising 65 apartments and four exclusive townhouses. A meeting of unique architecture and nature gives Found its living identity. Found provides a mix of spacious one, one plus study, two and three bedroom apartments with varied floor plans. 🏠 Smart design principles and open plan layouts capture views and welcome sunlight into the living spaces. Many apartments feature second bathrooms and dedicated study areas. Found also includes four exclusive townhouses, overlooking tree-lined Palmerston Street, each with two or three bedrooms, a luxurious sense of space and delightful outdoor terraces. 💎 Interested? Direct Message or Email for more info 📨 Follow @luxurylistingsau for #australia's most affordable #luxuryhomes, #realestate, and #propertyinvesment opportunities! 📸 at Carlton, Victoria, Australia

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A good reminder as we find ourselves already in the scond month of a new year... at Port Melbourne, Victoria

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Only a few minutes by car from Point Cook Town Centre and the wealth of amenity found there, Parkwood townhouses are nestled amongst the thriving new Life, Point Cook community. 🏠 - At Parkwood, your home will be framed by wide, green spaces. Almost entirely bordered by parks and recreational areas, these townhouses are only moments away from rolling lawns, fields and playgrounds. 🚴🏻‍♂️ - You’ll be spoilt for choice on where to take a walk, practise your morning yoga, or have a kick about with the kids. Architecturally designed with unmatched attention to detail, this is one of the last opportunities to move up to the highly sought-after 3030 lifestyles at Point Cook. 🧘🏻‍♀️ - A life well lived is waiting to be discovered. Move into the perfect home, in the ideal location, at Parkwood. 📍 - Interested? Direct Message or Email for more info 📨 - Follow @luxurylistingsau for #australia's most affordable #luxuryhomes, #realestate, and #propertyinvesment opportunities! 📸 at Point Cook, Victoria

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Rate above 4.0%? Looking for a better deal? Contact me now via my profile.

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Interesting fact 👇🏻 40% of Australians still remain with the bank they signed up with as a child 😱 That's almost half of all Aussies sticking with the one bank for all of their financial needs... just because it's what they know. We're a loyal bunch apparently 😂 So why doesn't being loyal to your bank pay? It could mean you're missing out on savings from a more competitive home loan with a different lender. Your bank won’t tell you if a competitor has a lower rate. But I will. Stop paying higher interest or features you won't need and save that money, or pay off your loan sooner 👏🏻 Call or email me and let's get cracking on finding you a better deal, you deserve to know where your hard earned dollars are going . . . . . #reneeedwardsmortgagebroker #aussiehomeloans #aussie #aussiebroker #propertyinvestors #bemoneysmart #bemoneysmarttoday #financetips #melbournebroker #melbournebrokers #propertyprices #interestrate #fixedrate #fixedratemortgage #fixedrateloans #firsthomeowner #firsthomeowners #budgetingtips #budgetplanning #creditscores #creditscoresmatter #loanapplication #homeownerlife #homeownertips #dreamhouse #houses #investor #investors #propertyinvestor #finance at Gisborne, Victoria

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555 Collins uniquely elegant form comprises an evolving façade that continually changes as it is viewed from different aspects around the site. Intricate and textured, this façade provides intriguing and inviting points of view to pedestrians. 555 Collins adds new excitement to the vibrancy of Melbourne’s city skyline as light moves across this sinuous new form. 🏠 - 555 Collins is an excellent address; its prominence, outlook and formal expression distinguish it as a rare and lavish residential development of good international design standing. 💎 - Mostly transparent, the tapered ground plane allows daylight to filter freely into the internal
retail spaces and artificial light to glow into the streets and laneways at night. This consistent luminance creates an urban environment that is safe and inviting. This shapely creation is both a stunning sculpture
and a new civic plaza for Melbourne’s CBD. 🌱 - Interested? Direct Message or Email for more info 📨 - Follow @luxurylistingsau for #australia's most affordable #luxuryhomes, #realestate, and #propertyinvesment opportunities! 📸 at Docklands, Victoria

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This one is pretty self explanatory! - Before you make your next ‘want’ purchase, take a moment, or in this case...a few moments to see if you really ‘need’ to spend that money. - Every little bit helps when trying to achieve your financial goals! at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

2 months ago

This idea can be used for any note really $5, $10, $20, $50 (if you can) or even $100 if you’re a high roller! - By doing this you may be surprised just how many $5 notes you come across during the course of the year. And personally speaking, every time I have notes in my wallet I find that it gets spent on something useless or didn’t really need so this will eliminate that as well. - By putting this money away, no matter how often it happens, it’s a great way to save some additional $$$ at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Many people ask me for tips on saving money, here’s one to give some consideration. - The idea is that when you pay off a debt, such as a car loan in this example, you should continue paying that same dollar amount your previously committed to your loan, to yourself for at least 6 months. - Since you’ve been paying this amount for a while now, it shouldn’t be difficult to continue making the payment for 6 months or another year, it’s a way to trick yourself into putting money away! at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Let's do this weekend 💪🏻 I'm catching up on a bit of work today after meeting with a few new clients this week 😍 Super excited to get cracking on finding them loans #moneynerd Surely i'm not the only one who gets excited about looking for the perfect loan 🤣 Anyone else getting a head start on work this weekend? . . . . . #reneeedwardsmortgagebroker #aussiehomeloans #aussie #aussiebroker #propertyinvestors #bemoneysmart #bemoneysmarttoday #financetips #melbournebroker #melbournebrokers #propertyprices #interestrate #fixedrate #fixedratemortgage #fixedrateloans #firsthomeowner #firsthomeowners #budgetingtips #budgetplanning #creditscores #creditscoresmatter #loanapplication #homeownerlife #homeownertips #dreamhouse #houses #investors #propertyinvestor #finance at Melton, Victoria

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You know you're having a crazy day when you only get your morning coffee at 2.15pm!! TGIF!! #brokerlyf at Carlisle Homes