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13 hours ago

El lubricante para cadenas ideal para tu moto. Con fórmula patentada Parafilm™ que crea películas cerosas similares al Cosmoline que al elevar la temperatura en el sistema de transmisión se derrite y auto-lubrica muy lentamente. Sale de forma fácil y potente del aerosol penetra y lubrica zonas difíciles de llegar. Especial para cadenas con X, Z y O-ring. #maximaracingoils #maximachainwax #chainlubricant #maximalife #maximausa

3 days ago

Escoge el aceite 4T #ProPlus con la viscosidad adecuada para el motor de tu motocicleta. Fortificado con Esteres para mantener una película de lubricación resistente, minimizar el roce y mantener la potencia. Ofrece mejor respuesta y sensación en el embrague. Ideal para pilotos que utilizan mucho embrague o para uso en ciudad con continuas paradas y salidas. Supera todos los requerimientos de fabricantes de motocicletas OEM. #maximaracingoils #maximaproplus #maximausa #maximalife

5 days ago

Es como una moto nueva en aerosol!!! 🙊 Recupera el brillo. Potencia el color. Brillo inmediato. De fácil aplicación. Lo puedes pulir, o dejar húmedo para evitar que se adhiera el barro en el motor o piezas plásticas porque gracias a su fórmula repele el agua ayudando a evitar la corrosión 👍🏼👊🏼 #maximaracingoils #sc1 #sc1coating #maximausa #maximalife #CuidaTuMoto

5 days ago

PRO PLUS+ is designed to prolong engine and wet clutch life and offers excellent feel, smoother transmission shifting, easy starts, and improved fuel economy. . . . For more details please get in touch with your nearest dealer! #maximalife #maximaracingoils #maximaoils

7 days ago

SC1 high gloss coating is advanced formula blends conditioners with color enhancers to produce a brilliant shine. Easy application-can be sprayed on surface and left wet or buffed to a dry sheen. Ride, clean and SC1 your ride to keep it working and looking its best. . . . For more details please get in touch with your nearest dealer! #maximalife #maximaracingoils #maximaoils

10 days ago

Excited to share our recently edited photos from the San Felipe Desert Mayhem 175 this past January! The idea for the race was born just a few years ago to promote tourism, support local charities, and share the love of off-road racing in San Felipe. Thanks @cesarq23 for organizing a fun time! // here’s Joe Lombardo from @copsracingteam number 251 at San Felipe, Baja California

10 days ago

The weather was spot on for round #3 of winter short track. I’m happy to say I was able to move up another spot this week to take 3rd. A spot each week and power going up dovetails nicely with the start of XC racing in March. Stick to the plan... @philipford.6 did another great job in this fast, fast race. Attacks were made from the very start blowing the field up and pushing each rider. Phil has done an excellent job these last few races learning all the different looks MTB short track can present. Solid job staying focused and sprinting for 5th! 📷: @supercycling #teamfreefly #coaching #racing . . . #cycling #bike #dirt #race #grit #northcarolina #photooftheday #maximalife #nuunlife #instafit #winter #sun #ride704 #mtb #photography #naturephotography #blue

11 days ago

Maxima Chain cleaner are effectively cleans all chains with ease. Removes encrusted chain lube, dirt, sand and other contaminates. Safe on aluminum and other metals. Easy spray on and rinse off application. Contains no CFC’s . . . For more details please get in touch with your nearest dealer! #maximalife #maximaracingoils #maximaoils Image : @maximacolombia

12 days ago

Such a sick weekend away with our Qld crew, big thank you to all the Rockhampton mcc committee as well as the Yeppoon mcc committee, tracks were all time, proud of what we as a team achieved this weekend 🙌💪 #OatesMXdevelopment #bLUcRU great photo from #tcphotography @yamahamotoraus #bLUcRU @ymf_ymi_aus @stevecramerproducts #stevecramerproducts @maximaoilsau #maximaoilsau #maximalife @sevenmx_aus #sevenmxaus @zeta_drc_japan #zetadrcjapan  @6dhelmets #6DHelmets #NextLevelBrainProtection  @profilter_ #profilter @thecollectivefamily @sevenmx_ @maximausa @spmx1 @topline27 @alpinestars_racing_aus