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12 months ago

. Be aware of the Marvel Snipers❗️ (➡️Swipe) Remember a few days ago when @markruffalo went live during the secret Marvel photo shoot? Well he did it again yesterday at the Thor: Ragnarok premiere...😂 After doing a live stream from the red carpet, Mark seemingly forgot to turn off the feed and put his phone in his pocket. Thousands of fans were watching the feed and commenting on when they thought Mark would realize it was still live. Audio from the film could be heard with laughter from the audience audible. Eventually, the feed cut off, but it's not clear if Mark realized what was happening or if the phone ended the stream on its own. - Hope he won't get fired🙈 If you're interested in more details, go to my "Stories" by tapping my icon and swipe up to see the news📄