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i'm Rambooooooo #giveaway win a Baby Groot 1) like 2) follow me 3) tag two friends giveaway finish at 10000 follower

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Uncanny Origins Featuring Nightcrawler X-Men Apr '97 #8

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This pair could end Thanos in a heartbeat ac: voidgallah (sc) cc: oml.baddies

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dang look at that watermark 🤤 !!turn up brightness for best view!! ac; @bryonysvids dt; @marvelishedits @real.thorodinson @tomholland2013 =) comment for dt ——————————— okay I’m trying to figure out how to make my slow edits look smooth so here’s a fast edit . . . #edits #edit #tomholland #tomhollandedit #tomhollandedits #spiderman #spidermanedit #spidermanedits #marvel #marveledit #marveledits #fastedit #fastedits #cooledits #cooledit #vsedit #videostar #videostaredit #videostaredits #funedits #funedit @marvel

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I hope you guys like it. Requested by @sweet_rogers ♥♥♥♥♥ You got up out of your bed to get some medicine but got up a little to fast and your head started spinning and you grabbed onto your nightstand. “Ugh. This sucks!” It took about 30 seconds for the dizziness to wear off then you started to the kitchen again. Your boyfriend Steve was making soup for you. “Hey Steve? Do you know where there the medication is?” He basically jumped out of his skin. “Jeez y/n you should be resting.” “Steve I’m sick, not on my death bed.” You said while laughing which ended up in you coughing fit. “Y/n I don’t want you getting even more sick.” “Honestly Steve I’m fine.” Tony then came into the room. “Hey Steve, y/n how are you feeling?” “I’m feeling better.” Tony was walking toward you but then “NOOOOOOO!!!!!” Steve yelled and came running over to you. “Steve what are you......” he picked you up and ran you to your room. While running he yelled over his shoulder “YOU HAVE GERMS TONY, YOU COULD GET HER EVEN MORE SICK!!!!” All you could do was laugh. You loved this dork.

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|Him. ac: @/escteria dt: adam stan’s.. edit: i hope this did him some justice.

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ORIGINAL SIX COLLAB rules: -mbf me -parts must be 16:9 -post on story or tag three mutuals -comment which avenger and part you’d like, with a backup -this is selective -applications due January 26th *note: you do not have to edit the person in the part you choose! must be an original avenger though* if you’re selected I’ll send you more details good luck! Part one: me (Natasha) Part two: Part three: Part four: Part five: Part six: - #marvel #marveledits #marvelcollab #edits #editcollab #collab #au #avengers #thor #hawkeye #ironman #hulk