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8 minutes ago

The name's Biltz ... Jason Biltz. . Seriously though, I love this pic. We were joking around trying to do a classic 🎥/bond/CK kind of thing for fun and then this happened. 🔥 💋 🔥 I don't know what kind of cologne or perfume we're selling here but ... I'm BUYING! 😉 . It's rare when a photographer can make you feel comfortable in your own skin and nudge you just out of your comfort zone. @tanjaradusinovicphotography , thank you for capturing the many different sides of our family. We had so much fun and you made us look and feel great. #hotcouple #powercouple #blackandwhitephotography #imwithher #jamesbondwannabe #frenchchic #beaucouple #marriedlife #dateyourwife

8 minutes ago

Anytime I get an ounce of nervousness about being a Mom....I suddenly remember that I get to Mom-so-hard next to this guys who’s going to be the best Dad. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Just simply knowing we’re in it together makes all the worries fly away 💛 #ourevolvinglife

9 minutes ago

{ Insanely backlit photo for your Sunday afternoon. }☀️ Daaaancin’ in the kitchen babaay💃🏼 🐶 — ALSO HEYO 5 ft LEO?!🙈 at Bountiful, Utah

11 minutes ago

We’ve been married a week 🙊❤️ and it’s been the sweetest week of my life ❤️ #marriedlife

17 minutes ago

💣Looking for a Marriage pattern interrupt❓ . 📱Calling Married Men📞 . I used to be addicted to physical challenges because they made me feel like more of a man. . I felt powerful and accomplished. . Here was the reality. . It was easier for me to show up in these events than It was as a Man at home. . I could hide, as long as I performed no one would question anything. . You see this is how Men hide today as long as you play to your strengths on social media you won’t get exposed. . If your in shape take lots of pictures of being in shape, working out and completing your events. . If you’re great at business take lots of pictures of the things you buy, cars, houses and the work you’re doing. . 💪Guys Lets be honest Business and Body are the 2 easiest areas to lock down and most Men will heavily promote themselves in these areas. . But what if you put as much effort into your Marriage as you did your physical challenges or your business❓ . How much better would your Marriage be🧯🧯 . You see working out for 1-3 hours a day is impressive but what if you took some of that time for your Wife? . Not just once a week or once a month but daily. . Isn’t It time for you to change that pattern? . Isn’t It time to create a Marriage Map 🗺 where you can have a Marriage that’s on Fire 🔥, openly communicate with your spouse and finally stop living like roommates. . Join a movement of Married couples that are committed to living their best life. . ✈️A 2-Day live event in beautiful Dana Point, California 🌴☀️🏖 . 📆 June 23rd and 24th 📆 . Join The Movement….. 👫Marriagehood! . ✅This is not a classroom style event. . ➡️Click Here to Apply: . . . . . . . #habitstacking #sanclemente #lagunabeach #orangecounty #marriagebootcamp #couplesbootcamp #marriagehood #habitlife #marriage #marriedlife at Dana Point, California

19 minutes ago

One month married! 🎉 Celebrating with Indian take away and back to back Game of Thrones until the 2am finale 👑🐉🔥🐺❄️🗡 we are LIVING OUR BEST LIFE (until the 6am wake up call of course 😑) #marriedlife #wild

21 minutes ago

WATERFALL DISCOVERY 💙 | . . . . . . Coffee Bay is a small little town in the Wild Coast and is apparently named after the hundreds of coffee trees which grew from beans scattered by a shipwreck (Don't think I saw any coffee trees when I was there). But anyway, we hiked along the coast and came across some beautiful natural waterfalls. How stunning is this natural beauty?! I can't wait for the next holiday @satish_antony 😘 . . . . . . #coffeebay #bae #marriedlife #married #couple #traveldiaries #travellers #travelbuddies #cuteness #relationshipgoals #missinghim #waterfalls #naturalbeauty #mothernature #scenic #hikes #latergram #lateposts #holidayvibes #vacation #justus #mylove #green #wildcoast #easterncape #vacation #greenlover #naturelove 💚 at Coffee Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa

21 minutes ago

Hailey Bieber x Levi’s 501 x Heron Preston.

26 minutes ago

I hope you've been watching my stories! Hubby and I just got back from our five year anniversary trip! We took the clipper (swipe to see) to Friday Harbor to spend a relaxing night on the island and go whale watching! We ended up seeing orcas, gray whales, and a humpback (check my stories for a vid before it disappears) Absolutely amazing! Year 5 is the wooden anniversary and we've been giving each other the traditional gifts for our anniversary. I got him a really cool pair of wooden sunglasses (swipe to see h wearing them) and another gift that hasn't arrived yet.. grr... But he got me beautiful wooden hummingbird earrings (swipe to see)! So cool! We had a great time! It was nice to mostly unplug and enjoy each other's company! Are you married? How long have you been married? . . . . . #boomteamdynamite #dontapologizeutilize #5thanniversary #fiveyearanniversary #fifthanniversary #marriedlife #marriedfiveyears #exploreclipper #whalewatching #fitcouple #wifey #hubster #fitwife #fitwifehappylife #dogparents #hummingbirds #vacayvibes #upperleftusa #westcoastbestcoast #fiveyearsmarried #handsomehubby #loveyourlife #makeitblissful #findyourjoy at Friday Harbor, Washington

27 minutes ago

Happy 8 Year Anniversary to us Babe this Picture Is the Perfect example Of Our Journey 🤣 You Driving & Staring me in The right Direction in Life Always, & me Tripping out Over some Bullshit lmao But its All Love & Always Been Love & as Every Year Goes By I couldn’t Imagine my Life With anyone Else but You I Love Ya Crazy ass 😘 But i also Know you Love me More than i can Give Sometimes, Almost 3 Years of Marriage but 5 years Prior to that is Our Foundation & what made us Whole as Husband & Wife ❤️ at Dominican Republic

29 minutes ago

Happy Bar anniversary!!! I can’t believe you’ve been an attorney 2 years! I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished and the work you’re putting in to continue to learn and grow. This summer we’ll be married 8 years and I still can’t believe how crazy in love we are and how we’ve grown together as we’ve bettered ourselves. I can’t wait to see what comes next. Here’s to the best wedding date around. #attorney #nurse #marriedlife #interracialcouple

37 minutes ago

This is my husband. Dated 5 years & next month married for 10 years. If I’d ever known then what I know now about being a wife and staying married, my marriage would be a whole lot prettier. Here you see a happy couple in love but offline there is a lot of work, effort, tears, drama, pain from the past, struggles, worries and fear. In REAL life, relationships are not all beautiful and shiny 24/7. Though we don’t agree on many things and rarely see eye to eye, he’s always been there for me and has always been my bestfriend. On 2 different spiritual paths but still LOVE and that’s what’s important. Just LOVE💛❤️💛

2 hours ago

When it comes to our marriage, we don’t stop until we win🏆 at Kavringen Brygge

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