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• Breaking the RULES • Haaa! 😏 This is your gentle reminder engaged peeps, there are NO RULES! Your day, YOUR WAY 🖤 📷: @weddingdayready Did your relationship status change to ENGAGED over the week of love? I would love to hear from you. Hit the link in my bio and drop me an enquiry through my website. 😚 Let’s ☕️ x at Arizona

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He’s the best part of me! ☺️ it gets even better when you find a filter that disguises the fact you lead busy lives and have a million kids. 😘 #thebestpartofme @darrenlakedsaadi

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Need to debrief on the week that was Married at First Sight? Well then MAFS Chat is the podcast for you. Find it in your podcast app or on our website, just search 'The Recap'.

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It’s not all glamour! Ceremony set-up done, now to take 5 and enjoy the view before it’s show time. at Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club

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Hey #MillennialWives! Heyyy! The weekend is officially here which means it's time for date night. As we know, date nights can be expensive but you don't have to break the bank to spend quality time with your spouse. What budget friendly date night activities do you enjoy? Tag your spouse and make it happen this weekend. 💕 #MillennialWifehood

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Terima kasih Epi &Aguso sudah memakai jasa kami untuk Moment pernikahannya. Semoga menjadi keluarga yang senantiasa diselimuti kebahagiaan. . Menerima jasa foto & video Prewedding, Wedding, Aqiqah, Birthday, Gathering, Profile Company, dan sebagainya. infopricelist 📲 Whatsapp : 085946284500 . #weddingpalembang #mempelaipengantin #pengantinmuslimah #preweddingoutdoor #prelovedbranded #preweddingindo #preweddingphoto #preweddingpalembang #preweddingshoot #prewedding #wedding #weddingpalembang #marriage #marriedatfirstsight #marriedlife #savethedate #prelovedbranded #weddingpalembang # #jakabaring #aminmulia #couple #marriagequotes #marryme #pernikahan #pernikahanislami #pengantinmuslimah #pengantin #photographywedding #photooftheday #photographypalembang #sukamotret #weddingbanyuasin #weddingrambutan #helloworld

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We got my brother @mrdeesmusic performing songs from his EP ! Hey IG family , we are few days away from our Love Code Relationship event. The event is free and we are glad to be taking a new territory for Christ in Orange County. Most of our events are always free not because we don’t need money , we have also had people reached out who said they could not make it to the event but we like to financially support. One of the easiest way you can support is to send your financial support which will allow us to continue to serve beyond this capacity is to send money to this account only via Cashapp : $godgraceministryny . No amount is too great or too small. We are grateful in advance for all of your continued support, now let the countdown begin. Note : we will have light refreshments , music, panel discussions on today’s issues affecting relationships of all kings and how to overcome them from a biblical perspective and a realistic approach into our lives today. #lovetalk #relationships #godlydating #singles #network #marriedatfirstsight #jesuslovesyou #valentinesday2018

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I am so blessed to be married to this beauty! She’s so incredibly smart, funny, caring, and compassionate. It still amazes me that I get to call her mine. #marriedatfirstsight #lovemywife #crazyinlove

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Large 67cm Adore Rose Bear 😍 head to our website to get your today! All colours in stock x

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Stayed up til 1am catching up on MAFS 🙌🏽 sooooo Happy Saturday to everyone except Ines & Sam 😂 #marriedatfirstsight

17 hours ago

oooooh.... secret messages on wedding bands?  Messages that make sense only when rolled together?  With diamonds in the cut-outs, even??! Well, this was a fresh & delightful challenge for Dan.  Since the diameters of the rings are different, it took some ninja math skills to make it all come out right.  Scroll through to see the different angles. 18k gold with princess-cut diamonds and a whole lotta love.

17 hours ago

This is an oldie from us, but a real serendipitous love story that is behind one of our images! Best Wishes to your Mom and her new Beau! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Via @timbissettmedia "My 83 year old Mother's Wedding to her 89 year old boyfriend. It's going to be on the news in Texas. This is the Wedding card I gave them. The photo was taken in 1953. My mother is the girl second from the left. This is a real wedding card. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ PC: Amy Lawrence via@timbassettmedia Image: circa 2004 & 2004 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #serendipitous #love #romance #friendship #happylife #marriedatfirstsight #happyanniversary #professionalphotographer #commercialphotographer #editorialphotography #professionalphotography #photography #photographer #palmpress #palmpressinc #greetingcard #greetingcardcompany #photooftheday #marriedatfirstsight #happyanniversary at Berkeley, California

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Heidi & Mike from Married At First Sight seems to be having some really high ups and really low downs, what do you think could be contributing to this? • Is Heidi to needy? Is it because Mike has never been in love? Os Heidi speaking to Mike like she would to one of her girlfriends? Is Mike being insensitive? • ( big shout out to Mike a Burleigh local here where we live 🙌🏻 and Miss Heidi a Sunshine Coast girl 🙌🏻) • #lookingforlove #thedatingangel #datingcoach #christiandating #christiandatingadvice #lookingformrright at Miami, Queensland

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Deze toppers geven ook aanstaande zondag weer hele bijzondere ceremonie-sessies. Marielle Jongmans, trouwambtenaar van @bijzonderhuwelijk en ook bekend van tv; @_marriedatfirstsight_ geeft de beste tips en adviezen aan alle aanstaande bruidsparen. En Mindy Broeren, zangeres van @trouwliedjesnl laat iedereen horen en voelen hoe bijzonder live muziek is bij de ceremonie! Samen zijn ze magisch! Nieuwsgierig? Kom dan zondag aanstaande naar @fortlent.belvedere bij Nijmegen! De deuren gaan open om 12.30 uur! Zien we jullie daar? #magisch #ceremonie #trouwen #trouwliedjes #trouwambtenaar #babs #marriedatfirstsight #wedding #weddingceremony #weddinginspiration #trouwbeurs #trouwlocatie #trouwplannen #engaged #verloofd #trouwen #trouwenin2019 #trouwenin2020 #wishesandweddings at Gelderland

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Bachelor Drama and a look at the Married at First Sight cast ! Download Dames who Dish on iTunes or Podbean! #bachelor #bachelornation #marriedatfirstsight You can also follow us on Facebook at Dames who Dish

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Happy Friday! Hope all my sassy followers has a fantastic day!!! 💙 This mama is busy running around getting stuff done. Remember keep smiling and never give up! 😍 #momof2 #momof2kids #mamaof2kids #mamaof2 #sassymomof2cuties #sassywife #engagedlife #engaged💍 #engaged #marriedatfirstsight #marriedlife #naturalself #idontcarewhatyouthinkaboutme #blondebrownhighlights #workingoutismydrug #eatinghealthierisbetter #slimfastgirl #cbdgirls #cbdmassageoil #cbdgirlsforlife #ilovemycbd #cbdproducts

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One of the most difficult battles you can ever face in life, is the battle of identity. In any situation, life will always ask you who you are; not because it doesn’t know... but more because we fail to identify who we are at the face of adversity. - You will only ever overcome what you believe you can, based on who you believe you are. And who you believe you are, will determine what you believe you have; and how you approach any situation at hand. - You are bigger than the circumstances and situation you face. The only problem is, you allow yourself to believe otherwise.... Who cares if you’ve failed, so what?!! If it doesn’t work, try again! If it scares you, what’s the worst?!!... Why chose fear when faith is available? Why hold back when love is immeasurable? Why go for less, when more is possible? Why fear failure when success is inevitable! In the end it’s not what you did, but what you didn’t do that you regret the most. - So while you’re here, and you still have the pleasure of doing life; do me a favour?... Live Full, Die Empty! | @simplygregshow - Inspiring the community! | NEW SEASON COMING SOON!! .(tag a friend who needs some encouragement ❤️❤️) at London, United Kingdom