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I'm Romanian by birth, so you can't blame me for getting my vampire on from time to time 🧛🏽‍♂️🦇🖤 at Fancy Free Nursery

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This bride couldn’t have made this jacket look better! ✨❤️ shop our store or order a custom denim jacket today, links in bio ☁️ at Phoenix, Arizona

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I’m so proud of that girl on the left.✨ . . . She was strong. She was beautiful. She put on a brave face. . . But she was silently suffering. . . . I’m proud of that girl on the left because she helped me become the girl on the right. The girl that knows the difference between living for others happiness and living for her own.💗

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This was really great!! Enjoy! 💏Real relationships. Let’s get something clear here. 1. @themichellewest and I may seem perfect if you are only viewing us through the filter of Instagram, but just like any couple we have our struggles, and hard times too. We may work hard and work in a different way to fix or heal some of our problems, but I promise you we have them. . 2. I speak about mental strength and ways to work towards a better life, or dealing with chronic pains, or trying to Change your mind set. I am an actor and an acting coach ( @dwactingstudio )who just happened to love human behavior, science, and spirituality. I don’t have all the answers and a lot of times what I write are things I have figured out along my journey or things that are helping me with my mental, physical, and financial stress. I hope some of the things I share can help, but know that making these big changes aren’t easy and we all have 24/hours in a day, 1 day at a time. I love you guys and I thank all of you that have shared your walk in this life with me. ❤️🙏🏽 it is truly appreciated .. As for this photo it probably went like this. Dean- Where do you want to eat? Mich- I don’t care where do you want to eat? Dean- You do care because when we get somewhere you can’t tell me ugh I don’t really like this place. Mich- No, I am fine you pick.. Dean- Thai food, place around the corner. Mich- Euuuhhh. Not really in the mood for Thai. Dean- 😒 . . 📷 @lefthandphotographyllc . . . . . #wheredoyouwanttoeat #datenightnola #marriedaf #iloveyou #realrelationship #reallifeproblems #youcompleteme #deanwest #teamwest #themichellewest #michellewest #mentalstrength #actingcoach #instareal #coupleblogger #bloggercouple #neworleansbloggers #neworleansblogger #nolaactors #nolaactor #fashionmen at Los Angeles, California

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“It never ceases to amaze me the precious time we spend chasing the squirrels around our brains, playing out our dramas, worrying about unwanted facial hair, seeking adoration, justifying our actions, complaining about slow Internet connections, dissecting the lives of idiots, when we are sitting in the middle of a full-blown miracle that is happening right here, right now. We're on a planet that somehow knows how to rotate on its axis and follow a defined path while it hurtles through space! Our hearts beat! We can see! We have love, laughter, language, living rooms, computers, compassion, cars, fire, fingernails, flowers, music, medicine, mountains, muffins!” — @jensincero , You Are A Badass . . There are endless opportunities for gratitude every single day. There are infinite amount of miracles happening every moment. We just have to open our eyes to { really } see them ❤️ . . . #truthbomb #micdrop #furmama #furbabies #furbabiesarethebest #adoptdontshop #newlymarried #marriedaf #minnesotan #minnesotagal #smalltownliving #workfromphone #bossbabe #bossbabemovement #foodforthought #youcansitwithus #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #womensupportwomen #communityovercompetition #gratitudeisamust #gratitudequotes #youareabadass #youareabadassbook #jensincero #mindfulness #mindfulnesspractice

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To you • Whether letter or gift, nothing says I love you like a personal touch of YOU. Its exciting to see couples overwhelmed with love after moments like this. Fun fact. The first thing that gravitated me towards filming weddings was the joy I felt capturing those special moments. It really is something else. at Dennis Vineyards

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When you find something that works like coffee but less than crack 🦄 ✨ ... and then you realize it comes out in fruit punch today 🤯 Want to get in the magic juice fun? Drop 🍓🍍🍋 below and I’ll msg you how. at Astoria, New York

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Strolling into Tuesday like... 😍 at C Bar Ranch

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One beautiful month since our snowy wonderland wedding. And we got all our photos back today from the amazing @allisondobbsphotography and I seriously can’t stop looking at them. Kemels face seeing me all dressed up and girly was the greatest. Since I never get dressed up and I wear the smallest amount of make up ever I knew he was going to be surprised. And knowing I get to see that face all the time couldn’t make me happier! #love #weddingdress #firstlook #firstlookwedding #iloveyoumore #newlyblue #coloradowedding #zinkehairstudio #marriedaf at Evergreen, Colorado

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Truth? 👉🏻 I’m tired AF. And I’m anxious to hear about whether our house offer is going to get accepted. And I’m also kinda sorta shitting my pants because OMG WHAT IF ITS ACCEPTED?!?🤸🏼‍♀️And lastly, I’m kinda sorta kicking myself for agreeing to switch shifts with a co-worker and work the pre-op shift tomorrow... . . . Also truth? 👉🏻 I’ve NEVER been happier than I am in this moment of my life. Ive never felt more fulfilled, or more EXCITED to go to bed only to wake up to get to live this life. Even if it is on too few hours of sleep tomorrow. . . . Dear Universe, THANK YOU for this opportunity. This coaching thing does NOT suck.💗 at South Bristol, New York

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"true love is never blind, but rather brings an added light" —Phoebe Cary ♥️ at Olde Mill Inn

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Lock in those dates guys!

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On that day, I thought that walk together would forever be my favorite. But around four years later - as we walked home from dinner last night and laughed and reminisced on the day we met, our first date, our first kiss, and our first I love you’s - I realized I love our walks now more than ever. 😘 #Mushy

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Shout out to the old me who thought she was too busy, too broke and too good for this. Turns out that extra 💰💰 each week for snapping selfies, sharing knowledge, experience and struggles and helping my tribe connect with their innermost badassery is pretty friggin’ awesome. So glad I got over myself, because it’s so much more fun with my whole heart in the game. When you are ready to pull your head out of your ass too, Know this. I’ve been waiting for you. I’m ready to teach you how to be happy, healthy, help others be happy and healthy, and earn some side cash while you are at it. 😘 #hotmessmom #momofboys #boymomlife #momlife #plantbasedmom #plantbased #homeschoolmom #fitmom #momswholift #wifelife #queenofthecastle #momonamission #outnumbered #momstrong #momlove #momminainteasy #marriedaf #veganaf #letscookvegan #veganfortheplanet #homeschoollife #homeschoolfamily #eatwelllivewell #eatyourveggies #drinkyourwater #imwaiting #happy at Fort Kent, Maine

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My two boys I feel SO blessed to call mine. 💙⁣ ⁣ ⁣ We took a trip to the lake {a short 10 min drive down the road} this weekend, wishing for some warmer weather. Just a few more months to go, my NY friends!! ☀️ at Lake Ontario

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WOOF! Today was definitely a Monday! I got my 🍑kicked at work today! Obviously since I’m just now posting my 5 am sweaty selfie 😂Yikes! I hope you guys had a great Monday!! 💕 at Lansing, Michigan

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N e w s f l a s h 🚨 • • Only positivity allowed around here! • • 🚨 COMMENT “yes” if this is your vibe 🚨 • • ✨ Positive vibes are part of our culture! We will always do our best to make you feel your most beautiful, most positive, and most comfortable in our studio! ✨ • • Click link in bio for photo packages✨ • • Click link in bio for photo packages✨ • • #nashvillemom #boudoir #nashville #plussizeboudoir #selflove #countrymusic #nashvillebride #womenempowerment #nashvillewife #honkytonk #groomsgift #bossbabe #jennytaylorboudoirs #socialmedia #boudoirphotography #nashvegas #nashvilleboudoir #livingmybestlife #quoteoftheday #fitgirl #abusesurvivor #downtown #instagood #millionairemindset #bachelorette #marriedaf #engagedaf #quoteme #MAC at New Lenox, Illinois

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Hello Meal Prep! I know it’s been awhile. Got my lunches and snacks prepped and ready to 🍴 #mealprep #health #wellness

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Look at this beautiful new Mikaella dress we got in just in time for the event this weekend 😍😍

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Happy 41st Anniversary, Mom and Pop. You two have been married for 14,965 days! Thank you for your example. We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!💕 We love you guys! Hauʻoli lā hoʻomanaʻo! #41yearsmarried #marriedAF #41stweddinganniversary

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I CAN NOT with this (migraine) life. 😒 Were on the last stretch of this 48 hour long migraine and I feel a million times better after a bath with @drteals and @sanpellegrino_official! ☺️ I tried it all.. magnesium, turmeric, black coffee with MCT oil and when I couldn’t handle it anymore.. I caved and took pain killers. 💥 I’m a work in progress with this non toxic living.. one day at a time! 🎯 #progression #migrainerelief . . . . . . . . . . . . . #toxicfreehome #wifeaftergod #sustainableliving #powerfulwomen #southernhome #marriedaf #proverbs31wife #sweatsarelife #housewife #southerncharm #manicmonday #wifelife #southernbride #detox #newlywedsdiary #toneitup #detoxbath #almost30 #texaspride #wellnessjourney #leggingsarepants #domesticdiva #organiclifestyle #naturalliving #mondaysbelike #thesimplelife #selflove #bodylove at Lubbock, Texas

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She makes life sweeter.😍

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Today I read something that said “As you PRESS PLAY today, think of how lucky you are to have a body that allows you to workout”. . . Many times we take for granted the things that we can actually do but don’t. I know that I have before. I always said that I can’t. I can’t go to the gym. I can’t be strong. I can’t feel good in my own skin. I can’t do it this week, I’ll start next week. Think about it, there are many people that aren’t able to so think about how you CAN and do something. Put those excuses aside and just do it. You can do it, you just have to believe in yourself like I believe in you. Believe in you the way my girls believe in me and the way I believe in them. You are stronger and capable of more than you could have ever imagined. Be thankful and grateful for what you can do and embrace it. . . P.S. does anyone else always dog fur on them? 😂 . . #loveyourbody #lovetheskinyourein #puppylove #tipoftheday #teachertips #teachershare #teacheroutfit #smile #bepositive #positivemindset #1stgradeteacher #elementaryteacher #teachertribe #teacheranddogmom #marriedlife #marriedaf #youcandoit #strongoverskinny #healthygirl #iteach #kinder #iteachtoo #teachersbelike #caffinatedteacher #teaching1stgrade #balancedlifestyle #happyteacher #dogobsessed #teamconfidentlyfit at Fairfax County, Virginia

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I love myself enough . . . -to eat things that are good for me -to set aside time to exercise daily -to not talk negatively to myself -to work on my mindset, self love & mental health daily — I love myself enough to work on me first. By doing this, I am better equipped to help other people. I am better able to show up in my relationships. It makes me a better wife, furmom, coach, counselor, daughter, sister and friend. It is not selfish to take care of yourself. It is essential. How long has it been since you loved yourself enough?

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Luckiest woman around ❤️ This man right here is the 💣 I can’t imagine my life without him. He loves me despite all my flaws. He is my rock when I can’t see past my anxiety and stress. He reminds me daily that it will “all be okay”.....and ya know what, I know that it’ll all be okay because I have him. Thank you @fullercoogs for loving me just the way i am. I can’t imagine life any other way than with you 💄💋😘 #luckyinlove #marriedaf #collegesweethearts #myhusbandisbetterthanyours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #redlipstick💄 #overforty #mamaover40 #momofboys #boymomlife #marriedlife #parentsofboys #boyparents #jerseygirl #jerseymom #redlips💋 thisislove

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[WARNING: Sappy & love post is below] 8 years with you & I couldn’t be happier. We’ve grown up together so much in the last 8 years and I wouldn’t want it any other way. You are my best friend Christopher Michael. You are amazing. We are the ultimate weird & goofy couple and it’s what makes us perfect. I cannot believe I was able to marry such a caring and loving man. I love you so big much 💜 • • • • #anniversary #eight #eightyears #bestfriend #perfect #married #marriedAF #theonewithchrisandkatie #love #forever

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6 months since this beautiful day ✨🌾✨🌾✨ Always celebrate the little milestones just as much as the big ones. It may seem cheesy or too much, but honestly it makes all the difference with us. 6 months married is just as amazing as 10 years together, just in a new way. Still figuring out this whole wife thing, but I think he’s pretty happy with me 😉 and if he’s not, we’re way past the 90 day, money-back guarantee, so he’s stuck with me 🤷🏽‍♀️😂 Love you to the moon and back babe @phokinphoreal 🥂 at California Citrus State Historic Park

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What our day dates consist off 👍🏻 adventure, mini fires, and drinks! at Tupper Lake

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In a black and white mood today 👫

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Find a tribe of women that lift you UP✨ . . . Spent the morning with @leahalexandra_fitrn doing some work for our coaching businesses and then going to a hot yoga class - something she introduced me to this last summer. While we were chatting, we realized that it’s almost been a full YEAR this week since she said yes to her health and wellness journey. This last year I’ve not only gotten to watch as she has transformed physically and mentally, gain financial freedom, but I’ve seen her literally become this incredible woman that radiates positivity and strength and someone who I am so proud and feel so lucky to know and to call one of my very best friends. . . I just went live in my coach sneak peek and shared about my story before I found coaching. Yes, coaching has helped me transform physically and mentally. Yes, it has helped me pay off debt and create financial freedom. Most importantly though, coaching has given me a space where it is OK to crave more, it is OK to seek growth and to want to become the best version of yourself you can be. For so long I felt like I just had to do everything and figure everything out alone...I had no idea how much I was truly missing until I found it. . . . For all the other Amy’s out there, you are NOT alone sister. Click the link in my bio and come see what more is out there.💗 at breathe yoga