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4 months ago

Drivers young and old(er) at Tamworth Miniature Railway on our monthly running day (third Sunday of every month). Club president, David Scott, teaching Angus Collins the tricks of driving club steamer, Lima Kay, a 30 year old replica of a Little Lima often used in the US timber industry in the 1880’s. Tamworth and District Model Engineers has operated the Botanic Gardens track over the last ten years with around 30 members of all ages and professional backgrounds, showing there is more to Tamworth than just country music (but how many songs are there about trains!) We always welcome new members! #tamworthnsw #tamworth #railway #minirail #minirailway #trains #trainspotting #minitrains #limatrains #limatrain #destinationtamworth #ilovetamworth #maninseat61 #thetrainhacker #thetrain at Tamworth Miniature Trains, Botanical Gardens, Tamworth

9 months ago

"The dispatcher was anxious and haggard, and when he pointed with his pencil at an item in the reports, the point of the pencil trembled and scribbled on the paper like a cardiograph. Carefully he opened the drawer, and I was supposed to be looking at the last entry, but instead I squinted into the drawer. Only the cone of light from the table lamp shone in the traffic office, and at the bottom of the drawer gleamed a revolver, and beside it was some object resembling a battery torch, only instead of glass it had something like a watch, which was ticking quietly." #bohumilhrabal #czechliterature #closelywatchedtrains #bookstagram #currentlyreading #trainstation #maninseat61 at Budapest-Keleti Pályaudvar

9 months ago

"Why don't you just fly?" - We travelled overland to Croatia by train, taking 2.5 days to our slice of island paradise. 1. Look at it!! Instead of sailing over stunning views across French fields and German forests, Austrian mountains and Slovenian mountain rivers, we got to soak up amazing scenery while catching up on great books, accompanied by our favourite songs. 2. Cake. More countries = more chance to eat my way across Europe. 3. The climate impact of a flight can be twice as high as its CO2 emissions, including from emitting water vapour, soot and nitrous oxide into the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere. In 2010 it was calculated that aviation's true impact in the UK was around 13%–15% of total greenhouse gas emissions (and from a minority of residents). . Eurostar claims that its London to Paris return trip produces about 0.01 tonnes of CO2 per passenger, whereas a return flight (Heathrow to Paris) produces ten times this amount. Our stats (London - Split): 🚈 62.6kg CO2 per passenger ✈️ 410.6kg CO2 per passenger ... #winwinwin

12 months ago

I posted a photo of this train then realised the photo didn’t belong to me so I deleted it. This one I did take 😊 On Saturday March 17th 1984 Consett received its last passenger train, chartered by the Derwentside Rail Action Group to mark the end of an era. I took this photo Thirty-four years ago of the last passenger train to my hometown Consett #consett #derwentside #lasttrain #britishrail #britishrailways #total_rail #stanhope #train #trains #total_vintage #1984 #1834 #actiongroup #countydurham #northeastengland #seat61 #maninseat61 #themaninseat61 #kings_transports #consettironcompany #steeltown #trainline #thetrainline #trainlines #railroadtracks #captaintrain #saveatrain at Consett

12 months ago

Escaping the cold and attempting a six (SIX!) train relay from Budapest to Istanbul via Bucharest on the winter timetable - with a fully loaded touring bike! So far so good, I think: I seem to have been upgraded from a six-berth couchette to a single birth cabin to make room for Penelope and my bags in with me, but not without considerable pleading to the train guard who wasn't very sure about letting a bike on at all. Thank you to The Man In Seat 61 for your sage advice. #seat61 #maninseat61 #budapest #transcontinental #hungary #hungarianpublictransport #cycletouring #cycletour #bikesontrains #differentsortoftrainingride #escapethecold #thebeastfromtheeast #gobibike #budapesttoistanbul #hopefully at Budapest, Hungary

1 year ago

Planning our summer holidays and thinking back to our wonderful summer in Thailand and Malaysia. This train ride was part of the ‘Bridge over the River Kwai’ experience. Such beautiful landscape but a horrifying period of time. at Kanchanaburi, Thailand

1 year ago

When you have a bit of a wait at a rural train station in #CzechRepublic ...and you see something quite lovely on the waiting room bookswap shelf...

1 year ago

September 2017, Mumbai: The less famous train station. Only 2.5 weeks till my next long haul ride #maninseat61

1 year ago

reading the fiendishly detailed #austrian #railways #obb #travelplan on the way from #vienna to #nuremberg "it means nothing to me" !! I have to stop quoting ultravox; why not quote james joyce; but I find Finnegan's wake so fiendishly detailed (and one must be so careful with horoscopes these days); Personally, I always bring dice; didn't Ulysses throw dice. #journeys notwithstanding something unexpected #travelblogger #travelgram the train taking the strain @buttonmk #journeys on the rails / off the rails slightly schizoid in the Deleuzian sense - how many identities can you pile up in life; each chipping away at the other as if my shoulders were shrugging with no end; I don't know anything - the further I go there seems to be no end in sight; that must be the end in itself #diebahn #intercity seriously good #train #maninseat61 #travel #aesthetics at Lower Austria

1 year ago

Train bound for Bombay: constant food, enough quiet to finish a book and write five postcards, and windows so fogged up that the outside mostly looks like a very beautiful abstract painting. #traintrip #maninseat61 at India

2 years ago

ECO TRAVEL and ECO CLOTHING...travelling on foot , by train and occasional local buses and wearing upcycled comfortable cooling linen by me. We have managed to avoid flying for more than a decade now and this is why.... PROS: 1. 90% less CO2 emissions but impact even higher because of seeding so may be nearer 270% better for the environment!!!! 2. Sense of location. We love seeing the landscape gradually change and people speaking different languages coming and going. 3.Space. We try and book a table and get lots of room 1st or 2nd class. 4.Bring our own healthy eco picnic 5. Easy check in. 6.Easy stop offs on route. We had mountains city and sea all in one trip. There are two CONS: it is generally a bit more expensive because you don't pay the true cost of plane travel with government subsidies AND can take more time. I will mention more about our trip and local travel in a further post. The website by #maninseat61 is superb for planning train routes. #lovepeopleandplanet #ecotravel #ecoclothing #travelbytrain #trainnotplane #ecowarrior #bethechange #easierthanyouthink #sncf #trenitalia #eurostar #italy #alps #monteargentario #walkingholiday #snorkelling #sustainablefashion #slowfashion #ecolife

2 years ago

We didn't read #maninseat61's notes carefully enough to realize we'd need provisions for today's #traintravel. So a little pit stop before grabbing a taxi to our hotel appealed....and local beer is always a good idea, no? #ljubljana #travel #slovenia

2 years ago

Swapping the comfort of China's surprisingly big hotel rooms for the sleeper train! Here's our 'luxury soft sleeper' room on the train from Beijing to Xi'an, which has two beds, an arm chair, table and private toilet/sink. Leaving at 20:40 and arriving at 08:31, meaning we spent all day exploring Beijing and have all day tomorrow to explore Xi'an! Will report back on how much sleep we actually get... at China