Mamapampering Photos & Videos

8 days ago

A little SNIP SNIP action✂️ for this gorgeous Mama... having some time for yourself, and pampering yourself is so important. Even if its just for an hour.. always make YOURSELF a priority.. 💇🏼‍♀️💅🏻💜🌟 #selfcare #loveyourself #mamapampering #bostonhairstylist

18 days ago

THIS JUST HAPPENED. @oneleggedlevi i wanna marry you and have all your babies...oh wait! 🥰 How am I supposed to go back to reality after this? 3 hours of soaking in 8 different baths, ranging from 57-108 degrees, steam rooms, and a Dead Sea salt water bath (I cd float in it without trying)...a salt exfoliation massage, an hour massage with hair treatment. @aireancientbaths_us is a once-in-a-lifetime top notch place. And it started with flowers, cheese, and wine last night. Levi thank you thank you thank you! #mamapampering #ancientbaths #aire at AIRE Ancient Baths

23 days ago

Love my fresh color and growing this baby boy! 💁🏼‍♀️💙 . . We have not had a sonogram since 14 weeks so I was half expecting to go in today and find out it was a girl. 🤣 But it’s a boy! 💙 Briar looked completely healthy, is long, and weighs about 1.5 pounds. He is a wiggle worm and likes his hands in his face! I can’t wait to meet him in May! >>> S W I P E >>> to see a better picture of my hair (@amberashley14 is the bomb) and see sweet Briar’s sonogram!

2 months ago

Doing a little self love today while I have a few minutes to myself 😍 Normally I clean and catch up on work when the kids nap, but I needed some attention, mentally and physically (my eyebrows were starting to become conjoined twins 😬) Pampered myself by torturing myself and waxing my eyebrows, so I was looking like a clown. I soothed the redness with some almond oil and lavendar EO. The redness has gone down in minutes! Also smothered my dry, winter, alligator skin with this amazing lotion!!! I got both of these products from @3spoiledsisters, check them out if you are interested in learning more about essential oils and healthy living, they are so knowledgable and helpful! They also make some fabulous EO jewelry 😀 What do you do to pamper yourself?? #mamapampering #selflove #furryeyebrows #neededmyattention #wishihadtimetosoakinthetub #interuptedbylittlemonstershalfwaythrough #younglivingessentialoils #dryskin #lavendarforthewin #ruralmama #ruralgurlmama #3spoiledsisters at West Potsdam, New York

3 months ago

It has been way too long since this mama has had a mani pedi! Half day at work, full day of daycare.... enough said

5 months ago

Hallo ihr Lieben, sobald die Kinder schlafen werde ich heute mit einer großen Tasse Tee ein heißes Bad nehmen 😍. Mache ich sehr selten. Aber da fast 6 Jahre Schlafmangel allmählich Spuren auf meiner Haut hinterlassen haben, werde ich mir endlich Mal ein Verwöhnprogramm für meine Haut gönnen. Macht ihr auch ab und zu ein bißchen Wellness? Liebe Grüße Katharina #mamapampering #naturkosmetik #luvos #heilerde #primavera #ätherischeöle #revitalkur #demeterlovers #martinagebhardt #glasflasche #aloevera #yogitea #detox #teezeit #mehrtrinken #schönheitvoninnen #undvonaußen #reinehaut #mamazeit #auszeitfürdieseele #badewanne #fastplastikfrei

7 months ago

We have been getting a TON of questions on how and where to buy the book. Amazon is one option of course. Due to some boring metadata issues, we weren't populating on Chapters/Indigo correctly until NOW. We are also available on Barnes & Noble. However, the BEST way to order the book is directly through @gbrpublishing using 20% off code SABRINA20; it is easy. This code is applicable to ALL titles. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Remember to send in your favorite photo of you with the book once you get your copy and you will be entered to win a custom @ygtmama tote bag full of mama pampering goodies. I don't know about you but, this summer is feeling like a little extra pampering is needed.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #bookshopping #bookstagram #bookpost #alllinksinbio #20percentoff #chaptersindigo #barnesandnoble #amazon #amazonbestseller #goldenbrickroadpublishing #bestbabyshowergift #mamaempowerment #mamashelpingmamas #motherhoodintheraw #motherhoodexposed #mamapampering #summerpampering #pamperingneeded #photocontest #bestphotowins #selfieswelcome #youvegotthismama #ygtmama

8 months ago

I found this LOV lipgloss and nail polish colour which looks EXACTLY like my fave lipstick as a kid (anybody remember Bonnie Bell Mocha lipstick from the 80s?!?) and had to have it. This has inspired a self-love kinda day. Mama deserves some pampering. #selflove #selfcare #lovmakeup #dm #mamapampering

8 months ago

A fun matching #coralpink nail adventure with my girl and a cup full of #athletelightning for mama to get ready for an awesome #8x8 lifting workout from Joel's exclusive bod workouts! • Has anyone else gotten dip nails before instead of acrylics? Mine were too short to do dipped this time so I need to let them grow more before the next time I need nails! A fun little pampering session before I head to coach summit early Wednesday morning! • I think I might need to add getting my nails done more often to my monthly or every other month list of fun to-dos- they make me feel extra fabulous when they are painted! It's so fun and there's no way they would look this good if i did them myself, I'm TERRIBLE at painting nails!! • I'll cut myself some slack though I did JUST this year( 27 years into life) learn how to curl my own hair so I think I'm doing pretty good 🤣 I just used to have no desire to do much more than barely put any eye shadow on and maybe a little mascara. But it sure does feel good to get a little pampered! I draw the line on getting my hair colored though... that shit is wayy too much upkeep for this low maintenance mama! • What's your favorite kind of pampering? Nails? Hair? Massage? Cryotherapy? • • • #mamapampering #matchingnails #mommyandme #lovethelifeyoulive #doitscared #momsofig #girlmama #newadventures #summitprep at Angel Nails

8 months ago

⭐️What is a postnatal Doula?⭐️ Part of my job includes postnatal support for the new mother and her partner to settle in as a new family If you had someone to cook, do baby laundry, pamper you, allow you to shower, help with entertaining siblings and sit and provide a listening ear during those delicate early weeks you are MUCH more likely to feel better adjusted to parenthood and the postnatal period! Sounds amazing right? Why not consider booking a postnatal Doula? After all, you have been growing and birthing a small human! 📣You deserve it 📣 Contact me to arrange your free consultation where we can explore how I can help you and your new family 👪 👩‍👩‍👧👨‍👨‍👦 Email 📧: What would you have loved or would love support with after having a baby?

9 months ago

Had to go get these dinosaur 🦖 feet worked on before we go in to labor. I don’t want to look down while I’m pushing Baby Hannah out and see ratchet toenails lol 😂 #pinktoesforbabygirl #mamapampering #mamabear🐻

9 months ago

First of all I hate taking selfies lol ... but I took this one because I am finally feeling a bit better. We have my diagnosis so now the worst is behind me. I also finally got to treat myself a bit & got my hair done (sorry it’s in a bun so you can’t see all the amazing colors my hair stylist did) and also got treated to getting my eyelashes done! (Which I love!) I’m starting to slowly feel more like myself but still have a ways to go. Thank you to everyone who has helped me, bin there for me & prayed for me during this really stressful time for me. It has not bin easy nor fun especially while trying to enjoy being a first time mom. I do get broken hearted thinking of all those fun moments mamas get when they first have babies & sadly I had to miss a lot of mine & I also didn’t get to celebrate my big 3-0 birthday in February properly due to my situation but I am thankful I have my lil girlie & finally on the road to recovery. #tryingtokeepmyheadup #hairdone #eyelashes #sheisclothing #lashoutloud #onyxroom #mamapampering #timesofstruggle #canonlygoupfromhere

9 months ago

This scrub! I just got it and couldn’t love it more. It’s refreshing and relaxing at the same having a spa day in your shower!

11 months ago

There’s nothing like taking a little off the top, literally and figuratively, than treating yourself to a haircut. It’s like a little pick-me-up and beauty self care rolled into one. It’s good to pause, to recharge, gain perspective, and not just on the meditation cushion or yoga mat. Thanks to Jessica from @fortheloveofcurls1 in Cliffside Park for this beautiful hair makeover. #newdo #HairMakeover #DevaCut #CurlyGirl #CurlsAreBack #MamaSelfCare #MamaPampering

1 year ago

Masking time while Oliver is taking a nap upstairs. After having Oliver, finding time to do everything have became hard. Both my husband and I work full time and weekends are the only time to do chores and other things. And we try to plan things around Oliver's schedule. The only time I have to pamper myself is either when Oliver is taking a nap or after his bedtime. When I do have the time to pamper myself, I chose @leahlaniskincare skincare. Her skincare is divine and uplifting. Today, I washed my face with Hone Love 3 in 1. Then I mixed Mermaid mask and Meli Glow together. Happy snow day for this mama bear 🐻 ❄️ #mermaidmask #meliglow #honeylove3in1 #leahlaniskincare #natrualskincare #greenbeauty #nontoxicskincare #mamapampering

1 year ago

ITEM 3: Milk Bath Session for Maternity or Newborn Gift Certificate - $200 Value Donated by @cherryblossom_doula - recently featured on @scarymommy!!! This is your opportunity to have a photo session with a 😍😍 photographer BIDDING OPENS ON FB FRIDAY 11/24/17 Opening Bid: $60 These unique photos are a wonderful way to celebrate your pregnancy or newborn baby! Milk bath photo sessions are performed in the comfort of your own home (an alternate location is available upon request and availability.) The session generally takes 1-1.5 hours and is not made to be rushed, but to make the mom feel beautiful, special and comfortable. All supplies needed for the milk bath are provided by Cherry Blossom Doula Services. *the bath is a dairy-based product; an alternative is available upon request. Please inquire while booking the session so that I can prepare the proper supply. Session includes: • Maternity or newborn milk bath photos, performed in the comfort of your own home • A minimum of 15 edited, high resolution photos • Flowers provided for photoshoot/session Donor Information: Alyssa Leon 602-743-1270 #aznonprofit #nonprofit #fundraiser #silentauction #grantingbirthchoice #birthchoice #birthmatters #birthcenters #mama #pampering #mamapampering #milkbath #milkbathphotography

1 year ago

ITEM 4: Modern Mama Must-Haves Box - $50 Value Donated by @modernmamadoula BIDDING OPENS ON FB FRIDAY 11/24/17 Opening Bid: $15 The Modern Mama Must-Haves Box is the perfect baby shower gift. Inside, you will find everything an expectant mama needs to finish out her pregnancy prepared and strong; and start her postpartum life in comfort. Includes: Herbal Soaks NIP DIP Chemical free postpartum pads High quality witch hazel Red Raspberry Leaf tea Evening primrose oil capsules Donor Information: Michelle Ludwig 720.409.8977 #aznonprofit #nonprofit #fundraiser #silentauction #blackfriday #sbsaturday #doula #doulaservices #azdoula #mama #pampering #mamapampering #postpartum #postpartumprep #musthaves

1 year ago

The beginnings of something amazing! Stay tuned! . .

1 year ago

My sweet girl doing my nails💅🏻 ❤️her!! 😍 #mamapampering

1 year ago

This mama is all set for some pampering this weekend with a Beauty Box filled with samples and this gorgeous outline on how to enjoy them. #thursyay #mamapampering #youngliving

1 year ago

Amazing how much prettier ones hand and wedding band looks when the nails are red 😝. #mamapampering #gurlynailz

1 year ago

Feels so good to have freshly colored hair! #mamapampering 💁

2 years ago

💁🏻📸 Started our weekend capturing memories and finished up Saturday snuggled up on the lounge watching movies. With a trip to our fave cafe thrown in there.. Starting to become our second home 😜 The coffee, chai + acai is just too good! 👌🏼Secretly wishing my hair would be this curly always! #amitheonlyfemalewhocantcurlwithaghd?!