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Этому городу нужен новый герой 🌃

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📸 shooting for @faguo 10th year anniversary 🇫🇷 with my mate @luke_angel_model (former @bonobojeans crew) ⚡️ • #Faguo10 limited collection 🌳 #eco #responsible #brand that offset their CO2 emissions by planting one tree for every item purchased💡♻️ • Personally it’s amazing to be the #face of such an #ethical (French) brand 💚 while having my main work (and passion) in #travel representing the leading worldwide sustainable tourism organisation @intrepidtravel - offering carbon-offset trips and the first global tour operator to end/ban elephant riding - that got last year the incredible #Bcorp certification rewarding businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose 👉🏼 B Corps are a global movement of people using businesses as a force for good ✅ • Back to Faguo, it brings #design and #modernity to our wardrobe’s basics, and renews itself every year with collections built for #comfort and #practicality. The designers are committed to conducting FAGUO’s carbon footprint report and look at existing solutions to compensate for their #carbon emissions. They then decide to develop a #reforestation project in France according to the responsible idea of “for each FAGUO product, a tree is planted in France”. Today, FAGUO is based in Paris with a 25-person-strong team (moving soon to @nantesfr). It is present in over 300 shops in #France and 220 shops abroad (the majority in #Asia and #Europe) • Keen to find out more 🤔 #WeAreFaguo: #madeinfrance #shooting #campaign #theglobewanderer #beintrepid at Squash Center Vincennes

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Summer ready ☀️🏖 • I am confident in my body, regardless of the scars, bruises, and flab in certain places. And although I have dysphoria, I know that it won’t always, I know that eventually I’ll have a flat chest and a real bulge. But until then I might as well live my life to the fullest in this body I have here. If you focus on the negative things they’ll just get bigger, that goes for body image too. 💪🏼 •Just try your best to love your body, be happy in it, and take care of it, that’s all that matters, that you’re happy and healthy. 👍🏼 •And to my trans brothers/ sisters, you are awesome, if you’ve had gender reassignment surgeries, congratulations! Go rock that new confidence, show the world that you’re a fucking amazing and beautiful person! If you haven’t had any surgeries, started to medically transition, or are still in the closet, you’re beautiful/ handsome. Your time will come young one, and you’ll be so happy when it does. Until it comes, be yourself (unless unsafe) and don’t let anyone give you shit for it! If they do, ignore it and keep going, you don’t need to take that because YOU know that you’re amazing and you know who you are! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖 • • #transisbeautiful #transman #transmale #transtape #transmodel #menswear #menshair #mensstyle #mensfashion #ftm #ftmtransgender #ftmfitness #malemodel #smile #goodmorning #atx #austin #austintx #pride #lgbt #texas #influencer #loveyourself #men #bodyimage #bodypositive #2019 #testosterone #summertime #beautiful at Austin, Texas

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