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36 minutes ago

Welcome back! To all of our customers at Sailsbury Christmas Market 🎄 and online 🌐 that have been asking after Brighteas' First ⭐ that sold out on our first weekend at the market, is finally back in stock 🎉 It's taken a little while and is now ready to be enjoyed all day long 😍 What a great way to start your week!😊 How does everyone enjoy starting their week??

59 minutes ago

The power of music. Thank you @bujuofficial for giving us timeless music. Happy Monday everyone at Jamaica

1 hour ago

Working in a sometimes thankless industry can be exhausting, especially when you give your all. So it’s an honor to be featured by @fourshadesofcolor this Women’s History Month in their ‘Behind the Brand’ series. It’s important to embrace life’s wins, no matter how big or small! 🏆💃🏾🌟 at New York, New York

2 hours ago

SALUTE MY BOYS WHEN U SEE EM...M.3 the hard way.......3x Winter Champions Andddddddddd Stillllllllllllll 10u Crunch Time Army Ants We did it again "king me" in our Lor Scoota vc. Shout out to all that made this possible from players to parents and coaches also. The future is bright at Crunch Time. Enlist your kids in the ARMY today. 👏👏👏 #SALUTE #3peat #tripplecrown #hattrick #itsFUNoverhere #MakingHistory #HardWorkPaysOff #ARMYSTRONG🐜 #WeGoingNational #BewareoftheAnts

5 hours ago

Friday 15th March, the day 1,400,000+ youth across the globe stood up and demanded their leaders protect their futures. We made history on Friday- there was a strike on every single continent. Over 120 countries took part. It was big last time, how much bigger can we make it next time? This can’t be a one time thing. This has to be continuous. Our future and the future of all living beings must be the priority, because we all have our dependancy on the earth in common. We’re fundraising to ensure we can continue to dedicate as much time and energy as possible to this, please pledge your support, the link is in the bio. - We’ve shared quite a few photos of the UK and London strike but none of the international. There are so many amazing pictures, we’ve collected together a few of our favourites. Tag us in yours! - #fridaysforfuture #climateemergency #anthropocene #youth #power #gretathunberg #action #strike #youthstrike4climate #extinctionrebellion #ukscn #thereisnoplanetb #thisiswhatdemocracylookslike #global #makinghistory #proud #voice #demand #future

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. Be optimistic! Always look on the bright side of life. No matter how long your list of negative things gets, the positive always wins. When you are in a situation when you feel like you are angry, sad, unhappy, lost,etc. try and think about all the good things in your life, they will definitely outweigh all the negative emotions. We can make of our experiences what we choose. We can focus on the traffic snarls while travelling to work, or we can smile because we have a job to go to and a car to carry us there. We can be angry because the washing machine broke down, or grateful that we've been free, for a while, of the laundromat hassle. Every experience offers us an opportunity to respond, and our response is always a reflection of our emotions. . FASTYLEASIA . . www. #talentmanagement #production #branding #eventplanner #marketingstrategy #musicproducer #movieproducer #creativework #businessconsultant #legalwork #marketresearch #publicrelations #unlockyourpersona #bealegend #makinghistory #personalbranding #strategies #marketingstrategies #roadtohollywood2020 at Pavilion KL

8 hours ago

⚠️ THIS FRIDAY DFW All-Pro Wrestling Academy Women's Division makes their debut, which you can thank Lou Gotti Sterrett for! If you're smart you'll not only attend, you'll evolve... Though I sincerely doubt your ability to achieve such a feat. 😂 🎟️ TICKETS: https://Dallas 🎟️ Until then you #VileCreatures need to OPEN your ears, DROP your ego, and remove your head from your rear. (if that's even possible for you) You disgust me and here's why: #UnlockYourReality #ArcaneWarfare #AllEyesOnUs #DFWAllProWomen #MakingHistory #FEB22 #prowrestlingislife #prowrestler #indywrestling #independentwrestling #wwenxt #womenswrestling #AEW #AllEliteWrestling #occultist #druid #anubis #magick #esotericwisdom

9 hours ago

Now the weekends over and back to reality. It’s been a pleasure and honour to say the least to have been on the journey and seeing the brother @the_warrior_rongokeene mahi hard and prep for Arnolds 2019. Not only was it an eye opener but seeing what goes on behind the scenes. All the hard mahi, dedication and effort even when the bros been broken. It’s not just as easy as just lifting heavy weights but everything else, all the small fine detail we don’t see. With the courage and heart of a champ to carry on and smash through with all the goals on the list to tick off on top of everything else with whānau life, mahi and mahi after mahi. Not only does he carry his whānau and friends with him but also his Māoritanga and everyone of Aotearoa to one of the highest platforms in the world. To top it off got to meet some of the strongest men in the world and also met the legend himself @schwarzenegger and made history by doing the haka to him and for our fallen extended whānau back in Christchurch. It all wouldn’t have happened without you and the whānau. So for that I’m thankful and grateful, thank you to you Ange the whānau the team for allowing me to be apart and taking me along the journey it’s been nothing short of amazing!!! I’m going to finish this off with a whakatauki or Māori proverb you live by. Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi engari, he toa takitini. Success is not the work of one but the work of many! @the_warrior_rongokeene @j.dmedia @warrickbrant @schwarzenegger @arnoldsports #thewarrior #whānau #kiakahachristchurch #māori #strongmanjourney #roadtoarnolds #arnoldsaustralia2019 #arnoldschwarzenegger #makinghistory #grateful #gratitude #blessed

10 hours ago

#SXSW was a success man! A real networking opportunity if you’ve never been. Thank you to all my new followers and all the talented people I met this weekend. Shit was amazing. Don’t kno why it took me so long to be apart of this. Thank you to errebody who been riding with me from jump! I can’t wait to keep making history with y’all. This journey been a real blessing! ✔️✔️ 📸 @money_hustlin_ 💪🏾💪🏾 at Austin, Texas

12 hours ago

Today's RIIL Girls Final of the Credit Union Basketball Championships marked the first time in the modern era that an all-female crew officiated the RIIL girls state championship game. Pictured from L-to-R: Kristin Quinn, Rachel Fleming & Jeannie Records #CUBC2019 #makinghistory at The Ryan Center

13 hours ago

🐂 UnBULLievaBULLy excited & grateful to announce that @TheBullsOfDurham living history book project has been awarded one of the @DurhamNC150 grants under the category of History & Education. . Grants in the History & Education category are sponsored by the @ajffoundation. Thank y’all. . Excited to meet the other 35 awardees & learn more about what they do. Every day is a great day to meet someone new (to you) in Durham! . Still can't BULLieve it. Feels incrediBULL. This grant will help us pay for half of the 1st print of #TheBullsOfDurham, launching April 10th, 2019, Durham's EXACT 150th. This is everything we've been working towards since August 2nd, 2016. . This book is a collaboration of over 200 Durham community members. It definitely takes a village y'all. There's no other village I'd rather be a part of & no other village who could have pulled this off! . From day 1 I've said that this is Durham's book, I'm just the human lucky enough to be the medium. And I'll say that again on the 919th day when WE launch this book. . Grateful for this #DurhamNC150 grant. And like all things Durham, it's timing was divine. This project has officially cost twice what I paid for all 4 of my college degrees combined. Yowza! 17% has been via sponsorship & the other 83% has been straight outta my paycheck, Bull Love Mugs, mini books & other goodies. Now y'all know why I'm out here hustling Bull Love Mugs & "Welcome to the Bull City" mini books. #BoutThatMugLife #IDoItAllForMyCity . Someday I'll break down the whole adventure, lessons learned, all the kismet moments, the challenges, the heroes, the villains, oh, & the writing process. But for today, in this moment, all I want to share is my unconditional love of Durm & gratitude for the Durham 150 grant & EVERYONE who has helped along the way. . Thank y'all for BULLieving in me & this wild idea. . Thank you. Ma'emnoon. Gracias. Merci. Danke. Arigato. . Special thanks to @CheerwineAndDine for the photo. Who knew getting this grant would give me magical floating logo powers? Also, thanks for being a true friend Arturo. I appreciate you mucho. . Love. Faith. Gratitude. Durham. ♥️Sheila Amir at Durham, North Carolina

14 hours ago

Drew some of my artist friends, @nocturnesshadow @ombird, for an art trade 😍🤣 swipe for the comparison !!! Loving how they turned out ! Go check out their pages because they are so talented in their own way !!!! ❤️ Plus @nocturnesshadow and I are both graduating this semester from the Art Therapy program (we will be the program's first graduating class 👍👏) @tylerschoolofart #makinghistory #sketch #drawing #portraits #portrait #pencildrawing #cartoondrawing #caricature #realistic #portraiture #sketchbook #artwork #arttrade #arttradesopen #artist #artistsoninstagram at Tyler School of Art, Temple University

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🤷🏻‍♀️You know if you wanna be remembered for doing great things and making HISTORY😌 😤You gotta work...Because all the accomplishments and appreciations wouldn't just come😬😬 Remember another name for hard effort, is MIRACLE....😉 🤔As times passes by, growth comes....change comes,and your efforts start paying off...I never said it was easy, but at least try!!!! If your dreams do not scare you, then they're not BIG enough....People will call you 😜 or discouraged you, but you know what you want and where you are heading 😏You Just Follow Your Dreams and Let God Perfect His Plans....So don't be afraid to dream....because it really go a long way in helping you accomplish your goals, if only you work hard and trust God!!!😌😌😌 #model #career #goals #dream #power #stars #makinghistory #legend #black

14 hours ago

Really breaking barriers trying to be legend like Wallace Scott he was the first one this is his words and it’s very true "It's easy to go play basketball," he says. "All you need is a basketball. It's easy to go play football; all you need is a football and some buddies. You can't go play racing, and if you don't have a cultural lineage to racing, it's very, very difficult." #wendellscott #racing #makinghistory

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Which song is better? Ronald Reagan Era or Black Boy Fly? ➖➖➖➖➖ 🔴 Follow (@k.dot_j.cole__) Me for more J. Cole & Kendrick Pics, News & Vids ➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🔴 Double Tap & comment 🐐 if you love J. Cole & Kendrick💯 and if you wanna become a member of the KDOT.COLE Gang💯🔥🔥💯 ➖➖➖➖➖➖ #kendrick #performance #damn #untititled08 #success #makinghistory #jcole #makingmoves #4yeo #goat #dreamville #tde #newyork #hiphoplegend #djscottlarock #kingsbridge #hiphopculture #dj #makingmoves #peace  #winning #streetphotography  #official #savehiphop #dope #respect #philly #diesel #callingme #goodvibes

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‘I swear to you… that I, a soldier of the Homeland, faithful son of the Polish nation, will not abandon you. I swear to you that I will always follow this road, the road… which has led me to the sea. I will guard you, I will not hesitate to shed my blood for the Fatherland… You will remain Polish forever.’ . ~ Oath printed in Polish Army newspaper ‘Zwyciezymy’ . We have previously covered Poland’s 1920 ‘marriage to the sea’. On this day in 1945, Poland was remarried to its Baltic Sea. Historian Hieronim Kroczynski writes: . ‘In early 1945, the First Polish Army… reached Pomerania, the ancient land of the Piasts, which was to become Polish again. During the Pomeranian Operation, as our units approached the sea, Polish soldiers remembered the historic 1920 Wedding to the Sea. The 1945 ceremony took place in a war situation, as until the end of the war, the 10km-wide strip of coast was officially regarded as frontline… In the spirit of the 1920 tradition, rings were thrown into the water, & oaths of allegiance to the sea were sworn by the participants. Furthermore, in several cases flags of military units were dipped in water…’ . The most significant ceremony took place in Kołobrzeg on 18 March, immediately after the Polish First Army had pushed out the Germans. At 4pm, some 300 soldiers of the 7th Regiment stood at the Port of Kołobrzeg by the ruins of a lighthouse, freshly blown up by German engineers, & after a Catholic service the Polish flag was raised while an orchestra played the Polish national anthem. Colonel Piotr Jaroszewicz then delivered a speech, telling his men: . ‘Remember this day, as it is history. Future generations will talk about this event with respect, like we talk about our great ancestors. You are creating history, like once it was created by Bolesław Chrobry & Bolesław Krzywousty.’ . The ring was thrown into the sea by Corporal Franciszek Niewidziajlo, who concluded ‘We have come here, to the Sea, after a hard & bloody effort. We see that our effort has not been wasted. We swear that we will never leave you. By throwing this ring into your waves, I am marrying you, because you have always been & will always be ours.’ at Kołobrzeg

17 hours ago

☘️ Thank you Saint Patrick for driving the snakes out of our land 💚 #bestpal at Camden Town

18 hours ago

The beautiful men of Haus of De La Blanca @haus_delablanca Familia international voguing performance group. ❤ 🇵🇷 🇩🇴 About last night Father @juliandelablanca & Emperor Son @ayy_dio_mio at Soul Summit 💥 #soulsummit #brooklynmusic #delablanca4life #itsafamilyafair #slaydelablanca #afrolatino #puertorican #dominican #latino #luz #dekalbstage #dancerslife #oldway #performance #voguing #ballroomcommunity #familia #culture #makinghistory #posefx #salsa 💃 #brooklyn #house #deephouse #housemusic #voguerslife #pride at Dekalb Stage