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‼️Last Minutе Оферта - резервирайте вашата празнична почивка на цени от 89 лв. на човек с допълнителна отстъпка от цената 10%! Офертата е валидна само до 26-ти април (петък)! ‼️‼️ Сега можеш да се насладиш на незабравими Великденски празници с нашата страхотна оферта! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Ето какво включва празничният пакет: 🌺 Великденски брънч на 28.04 от 12:00 до 16:00 часа 🌺 Богата закуска на блок маса 🌺 Късен чек аут при възможност 🌺 Ползване на нашия уелнес център с джакузи, парна баня, сауна, топли лежанки и фитнес 🌺 Комплимент в стаята - минерална вода, кафе и чай 🎈 За най-малките ни гости сме подготвили детска анимация на открито с боядисване на великденски яйца на 28.04. ⭐ Гостите ни получават и 10% отстъпка за масажи и терапии, както и за гурме вино дегустации. Деца от 0-10 години се настаняват безплатно! Деца от 10-13 години - 25 лв. на вечер! 👉 Вижте нашите празнични пакети тук: at Villa Sintica

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Asia, lebih tepatnya Tiongkok, mempunyai Tai’erzhuang! Kota berkanal yang dibangun pertama kali di zaman Dinasti Han ini memang dirancang sebagai tempat wisata. Dipenuhi banyak kuil tradisional, museum modern, dan kanal-kanal cantik, kota ini gampang dicapai karena lokasinya deket dengan Beijing. Wah, harus masuk daftar tempat liburan kamu selanjutnya, nih! . . . . #luxurytravel #luxuryworldtravel #witatour #witatourtravel #tour #holiday #travel #taierzhuang #beijing #china #asia #travelasia #ilovechina

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The Dimora Delle Balze is situated between Noto and Siracusa, two charming Sicilian cities. Make yourself at home in one of their 11 guest suites or embrace local culture with a cooking and pastry class. Photo by @roselladegori at Dimora Delle Balze

20 hours ago

First day in Rome! I walked a LOT of the city today, but I’m not even close to see everything! During a quite walking tour in the Park I found this beautiful monument for Asclepius , the god of medicine. Did you know that in the Greek mythology Asclepius had five daughters? They represent the hygiene, recuperation from illness, healing process, glow of good health and universal remedy. Rome is full of mysteries, don’t you think? I was amazed with the park and all the people around listening to music and having picnic with the family. You can even rent a boat; 20 minutes for 3€/person. Don’t you think this could be a beautiful place to have a date with someone special? at Temple of Asclepius

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FINLAND TIPS: April showers bring May flowers!💐Stepping out at the @kamphotel, my #luxuryhotel host in Helsinki.🇫🇮 #hotelpartner #hotelblogger . . HELSINKI: ✈️Another must do while visiting #Helsinki is to spend half a day on a walking tour of the city’s historical sites.🚶‍♀️I usually recommend doing this on your first full day in the city, to help orient yourself to the surroundings and to learn some of the fascinating history of the region. 🍎For instance, did you know that throughout history, #Finland was ruled by both Sweden and Russia?! 😮 Or that the Finnish language was not a written language until the 16th century?! ✏️ . After your walking tour, 💫head back to your royal room at the @kamphotel and sample some wine in the gorgeous hotel bar (loved by locals and tourists alike!) 🥂 . . . .📸 by @lighttravelsfaster . . . #ourfinland #visitfinland #hotelkamp #lighttravelsfaster #finnisharchitecture #finnishhistory #traveltips at Hotel Kämp

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Hermès Birkin 35 Ostrich 💗💗

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Bab Agnou was the entrance to the Kasbah in the south Medina of Marrakech.. One of the most beautiful nineteen doors of the fortified old city. Gorgeous,isnt it? . Come with us to cross it. more info:📲contacto@unikmaroctours com .

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“Sono pesante, lo dico a me stesso Troppo romantico e prima o poi casco Ma me ne sbatto di tutta sta gente Che non da peso alle cose importanti Che poi l'amore se in fondo ci pensi È l'unico appiglio in un mondo di mostri E tu lo descrivi in un modo pazzesco Tu lo rinchiudi in un solo tuo gesto Mi piacerebbe lanciarti nel cielo Vedere il tuo corpo che pian piano sale Collocarti nel posto più giusto La stella più fragile dell'universo.” . . #travelguide #traveladdicted #worldexplorer #earthfocus #couplegoals #bestcity #london #viagem #viajarepreciso #neverseenbefore #igtravel #travelmore #design #luxuryworldtravel #tourism #welcome #placeoftheworld #postcardsfromtheworld #mine #love at Tower Bridge

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One of the most visited and most beautiful fountains ever! A legend says, if you throw a coin in the Trevi Fountains you’ll return to Rome. Every year about 1,5 million euros can be taken from the water! By pay attention! It’s forbidden 🚫 to take the money yourself, so if you see something sparkling in the water just let it in there, so the one who threw it has a chance to come back to this amazing city ! Have you ever been to Rome and threw a coin yourself? at Fontana Di Trevi-Roma

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Chrysoprase bead from Marlborough Queensland Australia. Marlborough produces the world's finest chrysoprase, a semi-precious gem once much admired by Alexander the Great and Cleopatra. The small but high-grade deposit is regarded as the most valuable Chrysoprase in the world.⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #stayandwander #openmyworld #wanderoften #beautifuldestinations #heavenonearth #traveltheworld #luxuryworldtravel #travelinggram #traveladdict #speachlessplaces #prettylittleiiinspo #sidewalkerdaily #bloggersau #livecolourfully #thehappynow #tropicaladdicted #darlingescapes #curatedlife #photosinbetween #lovelysquares #makeitblissful #discoverunder5k #seeaustralia #wonderful_places #luxuryworldtraveler #rockchest #islandlife #beachesnresorts #pieceofaustralia #handcrafted⁣ ⁣

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Paket hemat untuk liburan akhir pekan Anda. Pesan sekarang juga untuk berlayar diatas kapal pesiar mewah dari Royal Caribbean dan termasuk tiket pesawat dengan Singapore Airlines. Cashback hingga Rp700.000,-* dan Cicilan 0% 3 & 6 bulan dengan Kartu Kredit BCA, Citi, digibank, HSBC dan UOB. Hubungi kami segera dan travel consultant terbaik kami siap melayani Anda. _____________________ For More Information : Jl. Balikpapan No. 5, Jakarta Pusat 10160 +6221 2312338 *term&condition apply . . . . . #luxurytravel #luxuryworldtravel #witatour #witatourtravel #holiday #travel #tour #promotour #cruise #cruising #asia #royalcaribbean #singapore #malaysia #asiacruise #voyageroftheseas

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Segera dapatkan promo WITA Anniversary Cashback Rp380.000,- untuk pembelian tiket internasional ke seluruh destinasi favorit melalui Spesial untuk libur Lebaran tiket ke Bali PP hanya Rp2.520.000,-. Tunggu apalagi? Hanya berlaku sampai dengan tanggal 30 April 2019. Hubungi kami segera dan travel consultant terbaik kami siap melayani Anda. . . . . . #luxurytravel #luxuryworldtravel #witatour #witatourtravel #holiday #travel #tour #indonesia #package #promopackage #bali #balitour #tourbali #tanahlot #kutabali #sanurbeach #bca #discount

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Haven't been posting much in the last month or so. (I've been so absent, that I had people messaging me to make sure I was still alive 😂 love you guys) @therotatinglens and I rented an apartment in #ChiangMai and have been in full on work mode. 💻 But this month we're taking a vacation! (from the vacation we were already on lol) - I'm still gonna be working, but its definitely time for some fun in the sun ☀️🌴 Any guesses where we're headed next? at Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Hermès Kelly 28 Epsom 💗💗💗

2 days ago

Just arrived in La Bella Italia! Today I’ll be just walking around to see the neighborhood. Tomorrow I’ll start with the whole tourist life! ⠀⠀ Keep watching the stories to see more of this beautiful city! at Burano, Veneto, Italy

2 days ago

Algumas pessoas tentam se livrar dos problemas confiando em si mesmas, em sua capacidade própria e acham que com pensamento positivo" e força de vontade, tudo se resolve. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Outros buscam esconder a realidade debaixo do tapete, mostrando que tudo está bem. Há também aqueles que vão em busca de um novo amor, um novo emprego, melhoram a aparência, fazem viagens, novas amizades, tudo para que o vazio do coração seja preenchido. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Mas há um grupo de pessoas, que diante das lutas e aflições, se lembram imediatamente dos braços de DEUS. Sabem que precisam ser fortes para poder resistir, mas não buscam se reerguer sozinhas, pois entenderam que somente Deus pode restaurar e curar a raiz dos problemas. . at Dubai, United Arab Emitates

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Toute l’équipe de Terminal Neige - Totem vous remercie pour ce superbe hiver ❣️ at Terminal Neige - Totem

2 days ago

Happy #traveltuesday ! This week's #travel will focus on highlighting some tips and tricks for when you visit #spain! First city that is a MUST see is #barcelona, which has TONS of great architecture and monuments to explore... one of which is the famous #casabatlló, which is central to downtown #barcelonaspain and was designed by the famous #AntoniGaudí #photooftheday #beautiful #picoftheday #inspiration #eurotrip #travelphotography #travelholic #travelguide #luxuryworldtravel #eurovacation #flightdeals #travelherenext #traveladdicts #barcelonalife #barcelonacitylife #dreamtospain #barcelonalifestyle #flightguru #lifeinbarcelona #followme #motivation #art #amazing

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Poussez le petit portail niché aux creux de la végétation luxuriante et découvrez votre coin de paradis 🌴 at Villa Marie Saint-Barth

2 days ago

Excited about the next two weeks in Rome! I hope to see a lot of new things and show you guys as much as I can! ⠀⠀ Leave in the comments what would you like to see and hear about Rome! 💕🇮🇹 🍕 at San Marco Square Venice Italy

2 days ago

Family Trip to New York... Amazing!!! We loved New York and it’s sights. Our first international travel with our beautiful daughter 😊

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Segera dapatkan promo WITA Anniversary Cashback Rp380.000,- untuk pembelian tiket internasional ke seluruh destinasi favorit melalui Spesial untuk libur Lebaran tiket ke Bali PP hanya Rp2.520.000,-. Tunggu apalagi? Hanya berlaku sampai dengan tanggal 30 April 2019. Hubungi kami segera dan travel consultant terbaik kami siap melayani Anda. ___________________ Informasi lebih lanjut : Jl. Balikpapan No. 5, Jakarta Pusat 10160 +6221 2312338 *terms & conditions apply #luxurytravel #luxuryworldtravel #witatour #witatourtravel #travelfair #holiday #travel #promoticket #ticketpromo #holidaytreats #booknow #cashback #anniversarywitatour #witatour38th #voucher #bigcashback

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Mitic Cafe Hafa this past week.. more beautiful and peaceful each day...almost a century. Talking with friends as Beatles or Rolling stones did once here..regarding the strait.💙💙💙 . Look whole pics in our stories today, are better!! . More info about our north tours in Morocco in bio🔝🔝 . 📩 .

9 days ago

#Rabat yesterday.. Stop in a good place to eat... . .

13 days ago

Final day of our journey, #Essaouira. Windy to enjoy kytesurfers. Tomorrow #casablanca to visit the big mosque and go to the airport . .

15 days ago

The trip continued until #Marrakech, to spend 3 days visiting iconic places like the #koutoubia, shopping, eating in sublime restaurants, or playing golf. We visited the golf near the city (in our story)

20 days ago

Dunes of Erg chebbi #moroccan #sahara. Now. So beauty always. Inspiring.💙💛 . If you want to come and live it, DM us. .