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Work in progress. #lurch

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40 years RIP

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Just Fester, Lurch, and Thing hanging out with some dynamite. I was watching the Addams Family and decided to doodle them. I also drew Morticia but it wasn't as good as these guys. #theaddamsfamily #lambocalypse #unclefester #lurch

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Meet Lurch! Newest member of @nickszoo6059 flock! He's in his twenties and a rescue! Zack is not thrilled about me loving on him

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"...they always make fellows like me the big dumb galoot, the oaf who doesn't know anything, who trips over himself. We are apparently idiots, all big men. You end up never leading anybody to anything. You end up holding people, while the boss hits them in the face -- scratching your head a lot wondering where all your marbles went. Well, that kind of thing doesn't appeal to me at all. I used to think that's how it was and I would do it, but I won't do it anymore. I turn down everything that comes along like that." . #HappyDeathDay to Ted Cassidy! (July 31, 1932 -- Pittsburgh, PA - January 16, 1979 -- St. Vincent's Medical Center, 2131 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA) Theodore Crawford Cassidy was raised in West Virginia & started 3rd grade at the age of 6. At 11 years old, he was on the high school football & basketball teams, having already grown to 6'1" by then. Ted earned his degree in speech & drama from Stetson University then moved to Dallas, TX with his new wife and got work as a radio DJ. He also appeared as Creech, the creature from outer space on the WFAA Channel 8 segment "Dialing for Dollars" of Ed Hogan's Afternoon Movies. Ted was among the first to interview eyewitnesses to JFK's assassination. Famous for playing butler Lurch and "helping hand" Thing on The Addams Family, Ted also appeared as Injun Joe on NBC's The New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn & he had guest spots on The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Star Trek, Mannix, Daniel Boone, and The Beverly Hillbillies amongst others. He also did voicework on cartoons & acted in films. His 1965 record The Lurch was a hit! Early in January 1979, Ted was admitted to St. Vincent's Medical Center where he underwent surgery to remove a cardiac tumor. Several days later, while recovering at home, he experienced complications & was readmitted to the hospital where he passed away at age 46. His ashes were...are...may be buried in the backyard of 21858 De La Luz Ave. in Woodland Hills. Apparently, the family left the urn in the ground when they sold the house, only to come back & find them missing. It's a mystery!

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My brothers called me Lurch (Antony from The Royle Family) when I was younger on account of my unkempt appearance, so it was a pleasure to meet my namesake Ralf Little after his excellent performance at @theatrebath in God of Carnage (which was brilliant)! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ #RalfLittle #theroylefamily #theatreroyalbath #stagedoor #onstage #amandaabbington #myarse #thisisbath #visitbath #lurch #antonyroyle #myarse #twopintsoflagerandapacketofcrisps #godofcarnage #theatreproduction #carnage #yasminareza #middleclassproblems at Theatre Royal Bath