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HBD @titlekrt ♥ ♥ I'm not a person who is good at expressing my feeling with words but I hope you can achieve all your dreams.... I can't event explain you worda just how much you giys impacted my life. You are my shining star 🌟 Thx you for being born thx you for being a part of my life @titlekrt #title #lbcforever #lovebychanceseries #boys #loveyou #titles

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"Dint a stu core teng sul a te"♥ #loveyou

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The most important part of the wedding planning process is creating a budget. 💸You want to get help from a professional (like us!🙋) because there are so many different things that come up throughout the wedding planning process that you may have not initially accounted for. at Scottsdale, Arizona

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Всем привет!)) Добро пожаловать на мою страничку🤗 Меня зовут Катя) мне 20 лет🌹 хочу начать наше знакомство с фактов о себе)) 1. Я учусь на олигофренопелагога (+ в комменты, кто не знает, что это за зверь такой😅) 2. Я очень люблю детей, особенно малюсеньких )) 3. Очень люблю обниматься))) 4. Пою, где только могу😅 5. Бывают случаи, когда на любое слово могу песню вспомнить😍😅 6. Есть любимый человек💎 7. В последнее время начала интересоваться НЛП техниками 8. Красивый маникюр повышает настроение на 1234467889%%%☝️💥🐼 9. Очень хочу машину, прям очень🌋🚘🚜😅 10. Разруливаю неразруливаемое😂😂даже если сама нарулила🙈😂😂 #приятнопознакомиться #welkome #Loveyou

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literally every time shawn is on the radio when i’m with friends or family or i talk with them about him my heart is beating so fast and i feel unbelievable proud to stan this man like is that normal?¿ also,,just saying 9 DAYS TIL I SEE HIM🥺

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I made this outline for the most beautiful person in the universe, Beren Saat. Beren, I love you up to heaven and back, you are always in my heart. I'm proud to be your fan♥️♥️♥️ You are my heart . berenn_saat berenn_saat berenn_saat berenn_saat #love #loveyourself #lover #loveislove #lovers #loves #loved #lovely #loveit #lovepuppies #loveme #lovequotes #loveu #lovebird #loveher #naturelovers #loveyou #lovedog #lovelive #loveya #lovehim #lovebirds #lovemusic #lovedogs #loveart #lovecat #lovecats #lovekittens #instalove #lovewins

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#Repost @jessicart.custom with @get_repost ・・・ Vous voyez Ce mec là ?! il est génial ! 😍😘🥰♥️ @oldany77 _______________________________ Mon chaton, Merci d’être toi mon amour et de me soutenir dans tout ce que j’entreprends, toujours ♥️ _______________________________ Mon meilleur ami, mon âme sœur, mon confident, mon futur mari, mon meilleur soutien et même mon meilleur photographe ! #instagramhusband Je t’aime d’amour ♥️ _______________________________ Et vous, est-ce que votre compagnon se tape vos séances photo ? 😂 - Bisous, bisous 😘 - - Jessic’art 🎀 - - - 👉🏻 Veste @zara __________________________________ #ootdmen #ootddrawing #fashiondrawings #outfitmen #outfittoday #drawings #dessin #dessindujour #illustrations #illustrators #artaccount #digitaldrawing #artistefrancais #artiste #artwork #loveyou #photographie #photog at Palais-Royal

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Happiest 56th to you Dad❤ Where do I even begin to express my heart for you. Thank you - for having me as your daughter. For being my rock in hard times and hand to hold in sad ones. For pushing me towards my dreams and goals. For celebrating the good times and my achievements with me. For guiding me spiritually and in life. For teaching me what hard work is, what diligence is, the importance of relations, and the necessity of love. Thank you for daily reminding me of my worth, my purpose - and that my beauty and good height comes from you🤦🏻‍♀️... For constantly praying for my well-being and future. For understanding me, my struggles, desires, hopes, and dreams. Thank you for being the person you are and the best dad a daughter could ask for. Thank you for striving to always be the best you can be- for yourself and for our family. You are the most God-fearing, humble and hardworking person I know. Thank you for being born, for having me and loving me unconditionally. I love you so much.. much more than I could ever express. Always & forever your little girl. Happy birthday Dad❤ You are my heart.

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Mal ne alte Freundin fotografiert, sieht Mega aus in Aquamarin, wer fragen zum Kostüm, Person, Einstellungen und Ort hat. Einfach private Mail. at Stade

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Heute ne alte Freundin fotografiert, Mega Ausstrahlung. Wer fragen zum Kostüm, Person, Einstellungen oder Ort hat, private Mail an mich ;) at Stade

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Federkopfschmuck mal etwas anders. at Stade