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Hay muchos regalos de 14 de Febrero!!! Pero que mejor que regalar una memoria cómo está !!! Una mirada una sonrisa que veas en una foto queda para siempre!!! Súper se os recomiendo! son @inlimineproductions !!! Su trabajo es espectacular!!! Les estaré poniendo más !!! Síganlos 👉🏻 @inlimineproductions 🗣 @inlimineproductions #loveudad #mylove #lovehim #tolove #loveher #lov #loveubro #lovers #lovemybf #inlove #lovelyday #love4love #lovley #freelove #loveme #nolove #lovemydad #iloveme #lover #lovemygf #loveusis #love #gutlover #loveumom #uloveme #loveall #loveyoutoo #loveu2 #lomemymom

5 hours ago

“Marry a man that will take better care of you than I will.” Soooo what my sweet Daddy would have said. Or I’m sure he said something like that at some point💜 Even though time passes, the sting of loss can still be a sharp stab in the heart. My mind has been so busy on other things lately that I haven’t truly had a chance to sit and remember him, today I did, and my heart is better for it. at Sip Stir Coffee House - Highland Village

8 hours ago

My dad is the best! Let me tell ya! He snuggles me sooo good and grows a scratchy pad on his head for me to nuzzle on and everything! Hes the best! I love my dad! Dad, dad, dad.... have i told you about my dad and how much i love him though?! I could go on and on.... @samriverslb 😂😂😻😻 #daddysboy #lovemydad #sphynx

13 hours ago

✨We grew up hearing from our dad that he was not raising his daughters for marriage. He taught us from a very young age to be independent, go-getter girls! I thought a lot about him today and the things he used to say, and still does, like “the mother is the loving authority in a family” or “the woman brings the light”. He also never walked passed us without giving us that look that meant we should not sit or stand with a bent looking spine and shoulders, which has done wonders for my posture but most importantly it has created two strong women with inquisitive and imaginative minds. Our mother is a woman with a heart of gold and also has taught us a lot about inner-strength but the reason I mentioned dad in particular is because coming from a male, affirmations like these were very empowering growing up in the 90’s. It is our responsibility to create a positive impact in today’s society with our children and with each other. I hope men and women realise more their own significance in the world without underestimating or undervaluing each other. #lovemydad #entrepreneurialwomen #lovemysister #strongwomen #empowering

15 hours ago

Follow 👉@babies_awesome 👈 . . 🤗It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father.😘

16 hours ago

Setiap orang punya mimpi, Dan kita butuh mencapai mimpi itu, sudah pasti ada kerikil didalam mencapainya, sekarang pilihan Kita ,Kita mau instan atau dengan cara menggapai dengan usaha Kita, instan tidak akan pernah membuahkan hasil murni di akhirnya! Contoh kamu malu dengan keadaan keluargamu, malu punya keluarga miskin, atau punya orang tua Yang punya kekurangan, jadi memilih untuk Hal instan dimana menyakitkan orang tua Kita. Bukan itu Yang Kita butuh, akhirnya akan menyakitkan Dan menyakitkan orangtua Kita.berjalanlah selayaknya siapa kamu, Dari Mana asalmu, banggalah pada keadaanmu ,keadaan orangtuamu.siapa Yang tulus menyayangi Kita,mengajari Kita berjalan, bayar semua kebutuhan Kita. I just want to say let's learn more to love daddy and our mom. They are really best angel's ,God sent them to save our life. Bermimpilah untuk kebahagiaan orangtua Kita sudah pasti Kita akan bahagia juga. Love you so much daddy, and mom too, you're my breath ,my life my everything ❤️❤️❤️kekurangan mu jadi kelebihanmu bahkan kamu tidak punya kekurangan selama aku hidup ,thanks for all papah😘😘😘😍😍❤️(edisi super kangen papah❤️❤️) #daddydaughter #missyou #lovemydad at Lake Toba Sumatera Island

18 hours ago

Walaupun kamu itu lebih ke muka cina . tp alis kamu itu tetep ke india ka..mata kamu walaupun sipit tapi masih tetap seperti india . walaupun ga bnyk kamu mirip akung tp ttep kamu masih ada ikut ke akung . bulunya pun ikut ke akung . pasti akung senang ngeliat kakak kania dri sana . karena akung seneng punya cucu perempuan . akung cuman bisa liat cucu perempuan hanya sampe kk khalisa aja . tp semoga akung ikut senang ngeliat kehadiran kk kania di dunia ya sayang . akung yg sllu nunggu ibu bsa nikah tp ga sampai . semoga akung selalu lindungin kania dari jauh ya . semoga senang disurga ya kung.. #lovemydad #sayangayah

18 hours ago

I love reading with Atticus. He taught me so much about the world. #lovemydad #forever

18 hours ago

This blue light filter is live saver. #lovemydad