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5 days ago

I’m always looking for books to read to my girls that will empower and inspire them. Not only do I hope to raise them to be happy, smart, confident girls but also to be respectful, empathetic and kind to everyone they meet. Have you read any good books for girls lately? at Toronto, Ontario

2 months ago

I received the best gift from @amirainwonderland 🙋🏻‍♀️. Feminist baby likes pink and blue. . 진짜 딸 아이를 키우는 엄마들에게 강추하는 책. 정말 뜻깊은 책 선물. 심지어 영국에서 건너온 책. 안그래도 런던 느낌 그리운데. - Thank you so much 👶🏻. - #황금돼지띠맘 #육아도서 #추천 #창작동화 #lorynbrantz #fordaughter #20190703

2 months ago

Where do students even learn this bad habit? Read the books, love the books, if they get dirty, wrecked, or lost that’s perfectly fine but don’t you dare do this!! @lorynbrantz

2 months ago

. 페미니즘 조기교육😂 요즘 엄마들이 대부분 그렇겠지만 나도 성평등에 관심이 많고 찰이도 떡이도 평등하게 키우고 싶다. 핑크도 블루도 좋다는 내용이 있다는 것만으로도 난 이책을 사랑한다! 남자용도 조만간 살 예정..! (출판사가 디즈니인건 좀 아이러니하다 ..ㅋㅋ) . 글밥은 1~2문장으로 매우 쉽고 색감이 쨍해서 애들이 집중을 잘한다. 최근에 드는 생각은 찰이가 아기나오는 책을 좋어하는것 같다. . 알라딘에 책의 내용이 일부 적혀있길래 긁어왔다. Feminist Baby likes pink and blue. Sometimes she'll throw up on you! Feminist Baby chooses what to wear and if you don't like it she doesn't care! . . #페미니스트베이비 #feministbaby #LorynBrantz #DisneyPr #로린브란츠 #유아그림책 #페미니스트그림책 #아기그림책 #책육아 #그림책육아 #찰떡이독서 #7개월아기

2 months ago

Does light black count..? 😄 . . Credit @lorynbrantz

3 months ago

Next Saturday we'll be back at the Strand reading Harvey, the Child Mime and then playing and singing along to the book at our free Storytime event! Come join us! at Strand Book Store

3 months ago

Camilla was NOT feeling nap time! She just wanted to finish reading her book. 🤣

4 months ago

#boardbooks for the baby and toddler set on #worldbookday 💖 WOKE BABY (2019) author @mobrowne dedicates the book “to those raising and teaching our babies to stay woke and to rise.” Illustrated by @tedikuma WOKE BABY is for ages 0-3; for kids 4-8, HANDS UP! (2019) by Breanna McDaniel is a great book exploring the same themes of justice, activism, and empowerment. 💖 FEMINIST BABY FINDS HER VOICE! (2018) by @lorynbrantz is a follow-up to Brantz’s FEMINIST BABY. “Equal rights and toys for all!”

5 months ago

We were super excited to see @lorynbrantz add a book about feminism for boys to the #feministbaby collection. It’s awesome to see other authors and illustrators adding to the conversation, depicting boys with interests such as playing with dolls and emotions such as crying. ⁣ ⁣ Boys need to see themselves represented this way to help combat a culture that tells them these human things are not for them. ⁣ ⁣ We all deserve gender equality... Feminism is for everyone!⁣ ⁣ #feminismisforboys #feministboy #hesafeministtoo #feministbaby #feminismisforeveryone #lorynbrantz #feministbook #kidfeminist #minifeminist #raisingfeminists #motherofboys #raisingboys #father #mother #boys #feminismforall #equalityforall #genderstereotypes #weshouldallbefeminists #kidsbooks #babybooks #boardbooks #babylit #feministdad at Portland, Oregon

5 months ago

It’s never too early to Introduce a kid to ideas surrounding feminism, activism, gender or other tough but important subjects! We have an awesome special topics section that spans all sort of considerations for all sorts of families. Some are serious and some are fun! ✨💡🌼 🌈 . . . #wokebaby #woke #baby #feminist #feministbaby #gender #genderstudies #specialtopics #childrensbooks #startemyoung #areyouaboyorareyouagirl #mahoganybrown #theodoretayloriii #lorynbrantz #sarahsavage #foxfisher

5 months ago

Feminist Baby By Loryn Brantz “We have to raise our kids with their eyes wide open,” Brantz told TIME on Thursday. The 31-year-old said she wrote and illustrated Feminist Baby to introduce the idea of feminism early on, encourage children to become “liberal and progressive thinkers,” and squash the negative connotations surrounding the expanding worldwide women’s movement. “They’re not going to take away all the nuances and important parts of feminism necessarily, but it’s important just to have it be in their vocabulary and part of their life rather than discovering it when they’re older,” she said. “It’s so that they’re aware of feminism and see it as a good thing and not a bad thing.” #feministbaby #lorynbrantz #childrensbook #feministbook #teachingfeminism #feminism #TIME #feminist #thegreentoadbookstore #independentbookstore #independentbookshop #bookshop #books #feministbooks #oneonta #books

5 months ago

Petition to have movie producers insist on a panel of book fans when creating adaptations 🙏 . . What movies have ruined your favourite books? Or what ones do you think were done well? . . 📸 Loryn Brantz

5 months ago

Hi, my name is Alix and my mom has a headache tonight so I went to get pizza with Daddy! Mommy might regret writing this to sound as if I am the one typing but that is something that can be edited later if need be. I like to go on walks and explore outside with my Nana Debi and Ampaw. I like rocks, a LOT, and collect them where ever I go. I can already throw a ball right at someone to catch, so my Auntie Mikal thinks I will play softball just like her. I still need to figure out how to catch, tho! I love to swing high at the park and I go on even the big slides all by myself. I am not afraid to approach other children and say "hi;" I really want to play with all the big girls. My favorite books are "Vampire Pets" (I call it "Pie") and "Feminist Baby." Not to brag, but I quoted that book when I removed my own pants in the living room the other day: "Feminist baby says no to pants." My mom can't hear too well so she heard something like, "Fnist bebe sz NO 2 pnts," but she and Dad knew what I meant. My favorite show is still "Curious George." I helped Ampaw plant calendula flowers in his garden cuz I love to help! Grandma D takes me to Starbucks and I get my very own "bucks cocoa." I am getting so big, now I wear size 2T clothing and size 6 shoes. I am practicing choosing from two options -- Mommy lets me pick my clothes and my snacks this way. Should I have my mommy post more stuff from my POV, or is she a weirdo? Jk, we all know she is a weirdo. #lorynbrantz #feministbaby #stayweird #mommylife #juniorrockhound #futureballplayer #22monthsold #starbuckscocoa #toddlertastic #latergram

5 months ago

Well this really hit home for me 😂 Anyone else? Via @lorynbrantz